What is an Applicant Tracking System? [15+ Benefits & Features]

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Applicant Tracking System
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What is Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is software for the recruitment and hiring process of Human resources. It aims to simplify the complex hiring process, from screening resumes to onboarding new hires.


The hiring process has always been a piled-up task especially when it comes to screening suitable resumes to fill the vacant position in the company. Finding appropriate candidates, and scheduling interviews when there are massive applications is tedious and complicated.


Recruitment is basically of two types namely direct recruitment, which involves directly hiring candidates from job portals and social media. The other is the passive recruitment process which signifies the referral of candidates from the persisting employees of the organization.


Passive candidates are employed but are open to job opportunities. They are mostly hired after a reference is given by any personnel from the organization.


To abridge the hectic task of recruitment, Applicant tracking system software is used which smoothens the process of hiring by utilizing its exceptional features to screen significant job seekers whose resume specifications match the vacancies requirements of the company.


After which interview scheduling of the shortlisted candidates is arranged and notifications are sent to respective hiring managers liable to conduct the interview session.


In a new-age era where accelerated pace is the trend in organizations, ATS catalyzes speeding up the process of hiring and increasing the productivity of the company.



Automation in Applicant Tracking System work as a boost to the recruitment management system. It not only simplifies the hiring process but also synchronizes it systematically eliminating manual errors.


AI in ATS includes the following benefits:


1. Smart Screening

The application of AI in ATS facilitates smart screening of resumes. Million job seekers apply on job boards for a post and screening every resume manually is taxing and engaging.


AI automates the screening process by resume parsing, which systematically sorts the resumes according to the job needs.


It also saves time for HR to be productive in socially engaging employees and prioritize other important HR processes.


With AI in Applicant tracking systems, the work of the recruiting teams gets simplified and organized. The complexities are purged and the most qualified candidates’ resumes get shortlisted whose experiences and qualifications match the job descriptions.


2. New Media Integrations

New media signifies digital media specifically the online portal and sites like LinkedIn, job portals, etc.


Modern-age job applicants prefer new social media platforms to seek jobs. AI in applicant tracking systems enables integrations of the companies with job portals and other job posting sites.


Posting jobs on social media platforms invites larger participation of job seekers and the smart screening filters out the top candidates suitable for the vacancies.


Unlike traditional newspaper job postings, multiple job boards provide a versatile platform to both job seekers and the HR teams to seek relevant jobs and candidates matching the criteria.


3. Effective Sourcing Candidates

Candidate sourcing is the process of hiring befitting and qualified candidates who possess the required education, qualification, and experience required for the posts.


AI in ATS enables resume parsing which extracts and analyses the candidate database in the resume and sorts it in a synchronized way.


Resume parsing gives insight to the hiring and recruiting teams about the details of the candidate journey of the job seekers to source candidates accordingly.


Effective sourcing of qualified candidates results in effective hiring and the entire recruitment process gets streamlined.


This refines the best candidates to fit in the vacancies thereby reducing the time involved in dossier documents of applicants.


4. Convenient Interview Scheduling and Communication

Interview scheduling has always been a tedious task for the hiring team. AI in applicant tracking software automates the scheduling process and sends the mail to interview prospects.


It checks on the hiring personnel schedule and fixes the date and time in accordance and sends an automated email to the shortlisted candidates about the date and time of the job interview.


It simplifies the scheduling process especially when the number of shortlisted candidates for interview is numerous.


AI in ATS also reverts mail to the applicants who have applied for jobs and answers queries of the candidates, which positively impact the reputation of the company.


Faster and open communication purges the complexities and miscommunications that occur due to a lack of conversation between the HR department and qualified candidate.


5. Automated Job Posting

AI in ATS enables automated posting of job description and vacancies. It transforms the manual job description posting procedures to digitalize automated posting, increasing the reach of the post to the maximum audience depending on the job description, location, and other relevant factors.


Automated job posting expands the visibility of vacancies as it concinnate the requirement details of job opening and specifies the key features required for job description which as result enhances the scope of hiring the most qualified candidate.


Posting job ads regarding job openings holds significance as they exhibit the brand image of the company. Automated job postings omit the risk of manual error possessed during manual job posting processes.


6. Integration with HR Software

Integrating your Applicant Tracking System with your HRMS software can help automate your recruitment and onboarding processes. Streamlining these processes saves time, reduces errors, and improves the overall candidate experience.


Recruitment processes start from screening resumes to onboarding employees. Applicant tracking system ( ATS) with AI streamlines the entire hiring process.


In addition, the integration can help manage the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting to onboarding, performance management, and offboarding. This can help to stay organized, save time, and make better decisions based on data insights.


Integration with HR tools smoothens the candidate journey of the recruitment teams and improves the overall standards of the organization.


7. Secured Data Protection

Data protection is a major concern for most job seekers in today’s contemporized world. Sharing personal data has become a concerned fact for job seekers as they become vulnerable to data theft and AI in ATS software serves as the ultimate solution to safeguard data.


AI-powered security features can help identify potential vulnerabilities and threats, alerting to any suspicious activity in real time.


AI can also help with data encryption, ensuring that sensitive information like candidate data, resumes, and personal information remains secure.


Furthermore, AI can help automate data compliance, ensuring the meeting of any regulatory requirements around data security, privacy, and protection. With AI-assisted data compliance, one can more easily manage risks associated with data breaches, and avoid any potential penalties or legal issues.


Overall, integrating your Applicant Tracking System with AI can help improve the overall security of your data and protect sensitive information from cyber threats.


8. Eliminates Biasness & Enables Diversified Hiring

The use of AI in applicant tracking systems can greatly benefit the hiring process by enabling diversified hiring.


By analyzing resumes and other job descriptions to applications, AI can help eliminate bias in the hiring process and ensure that a diverse range of candidates are considered for open positions.


Additionally, AI can help streamline the screening process by quickly identifying top candidates based on job requirements, allowing recruiters to focus their efforts on the most qualified individuals. This can result in a more efficient and effective hiring process that leads to a more diverse workforce.


9. Easy & Quick Process

AI in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can make the work of recruiters and HR professionals much easier.


By automating many of the labor-intensive tasks of the hiring process, such as resume screening and candidate communication, AI can help recruiters save time and focus their efforts on other high-value tasks.


AI can help identify the most qualified candidates based on specific job requirements, making the selection process more efficient and effective. This can ultimately lead to a faster and more successful hiring process for organizations.


Later learning the details of AI in Applicant tracking systems let us understand the features of how applicant tracking systems work well.


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Features of Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Applicant tracking systems have diversified and distinctive features to streamline the recruiting process and enhance the HR workflow of hiring.


ATS software is one stop solution starting from the resume screening for shortlisting top talent to Onboarding top candidates. some of its features include:


▸Automated Tracking

one of the significant features of the applicant tracking system is automated applicant tracking systems work in which the entire recruiting process works digitally without human intervention.


To hire top talent and talents, every step of tracking and hiring is carved to perfection using programmed commands combined with AI to achieve an errorless digital hiring experience.


The automated tracking feature serves as a boon to HR departments and recruitment agencies as it not only simplifies the process of hiring but also enhances the job-seeking experience of candidates.


Automation in tracking job applicants also widens the reachability of posts vastly which provides recruitment agencies and HR with numerous options and opportunities to hire top candidates for the organization.


▸Transparent Communication

After shortlisting candidates, ATS software sends mail, mentioning the date and venue of the interview to the preferable applicants whose education, qualification, and experiences align with the company’s requirements.


The recruiting software also reverts to query mail of applicants which results in enhancement of transparency in communication and surge the candidate relationship management.


Further, the company image glorifies due to better and more concise communication. It allures fresh and best talents to apply for the vacancies thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of a company in long run.


Transparency in communication with candidates also helps in eliminating miscommunications and complexities by strengthening candidate engagement and the candidate relationship management itself.


▸Resume Parsing

Resume Parsing is the automated storage and organization of resumes of applicants that are converted to a structured set of information that can be accessed, stored, and used at the time of requirements.


It is an automated way that reduces manual dependency to sort resumes as per the needs of the company.


screening the qualifications and details of candidates from the resumes as per the vacancy needs is not only a tedious job but also grasps a lot of time.


Through this feature, the applicant tracking system screens the most relevant resumes and condenses them as per requirements.



One of the imperative features that distinct the best applicant tracking and system is cost-effectiveness. Automation in the hiring process makes the recruitment process reasonable by eliminating labor-oriented tasks.


Lesser involvement of labor cuts the cost of associating with recruitment agencies for hiring and also reduces the hire charge of candidate sourcing which results in effective cost management.


In addition, the recruitment software also does the job at a faster pace and saves time for hiring managers to invest in other high priorities tasks resulting in the enhancement of productivity and profitability.


Integration of tracking systems with HCM software eases the onboarding processes of new hires and improves the costs of the recruitment process vividly.


▸Integration and Customization

Integration of an applicant tracking system with different job boards is a vital feature in which information about the job opening is conveyed to a larger audience through multiple job portals on the job board.


Job postings consisting of job descriptions are automated and posted by ATS software on different sites to make it visible to numerous job seekers and grasp the best out of rest.


Applicant tracking software customizes the requirements of the hiring managers and jots down the details on the job sites to give a clear insight into the company’s requirements.


It annihilates the entanglement of candidates seeking a job to get a piece of detailed information on the job openings and decide in accordance whether to apply or not.



The applicant tracking system works accurately in viewing the curriculum vitae of applicants and sorting the best candidates for further proceedings in the recruitment process.


Automation in ATS software enables it to scan numerous applications in sync and select the most relevant applications.


An increase in accuracy in return surges employee retention in long run and serves in growing profitability at an exponential rate.


Furthermore, a modern applicant tracking system with AI makes the very best applicant tracking software precise and quick thereby saving time for hiring managers and resources of the company.


▸Security and Privacy

When it comes to security, many modern applicant tracking systems use advanced encryption methods to ensure that sensitive data such as personal information and resumes of applicants are kept secure.


Additionally, it implements strict access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the data and prevents it from being widely available to all thereby reducing the risk of data misuse.


In terms of privacy, most applicant tracking systems comply with privacy regulations. This means that companies must be transparent about the data they collect, the data usage field, along with data usage duration, and applicants are required to give their explicit consent before their data is collected and processed.


Overall, applicant tracking systems are designed with security and privacy in mind to protect both the applicant’s sensitive information and the company’s reputation.


▸Analytics and Dashboards

One of the key features of an ATS is the analytics and dashboard feature. This feature allows recruiters and hiring managers to track recruitment metrics and get an insight into talent acquisition efforts.


The metrics like time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and applicant-to-hire ratios can be evaluated in ATS software. This data can help in analyzing the trend of the recruitment process followed, the performance of customer support team in the organization, and highlights the areas for improvement.


The dashboard provides a visual representation of this data, making it easy and quick to understand, in accordance. Data can be customized on the dashboard to focus on the metrics that are most important for the organization.


Overall, the analytics and dashboard feature is an important part of any ATS software. It can help optimize the recruitment process to paramount and helps to make better hiring decisions.


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One of the best and most convenient features of the applicant tracking system is it is designed to be user-friendly.


ATS software has enhanced features that can be executed easily and reduce manual efforts in screening applications, scheduling interviews, and more.


It also provides transparent communication and access to revert which makes it convenient to use. Besides, its cost-effectiveness feature accomplishes as pocket-friendly and lessens manual labor.


Being designed to minimize user’s effort in the recruitment and hiring process, the applicant tracking systems work on mobile phones and tablets making it more commodious and easy to use anywhere and anytime.


▸Flexible and Scalable

Scalability refers to the software’s ability to adapt to change as the organization’s recruitment strategy needs alterations. As the company grows, it will need to hire more people, and the applicant tracking system handles the increased workload with ease.


Customized feature of applicant tracking systems fits with the organization’s distinctive requirements and can be easily alterable as the recruitment process evolves. Additionally, it can handle a large volume of applicants without causing errors or crashing.


The flexibility in converting as per the requirements of the organization makes the ATS software distinctive, adaptable, and accessible.


Now, that we got a clear picture of the features of applicant tracking system, let us get a brief on the benefits it offers to recruiters and applicants.


Benefits of Applicant Tracking System to Recruiters

Applicant tracking systems are designed to empower recruiters by streamlining the candidate journey and balancing candidate relationship. Various pointers that highlight the advantages ATS software provides to recruiters include:


1. Amplifies Social Engagement for Hiring Managers

Tracking systems help in sorting most of the arduous work included in the hiring process which in return saves time for management to invest in social participation to enhance candidate engagement.


Besides, more social engagement yields achieving extensive knowledge of the work environment and exhibiting the areas required for the improvement of the customer success team.


ATS software smoothens the burdensome labor-oriented work involved in the hiring process by digitalizing the recruitment process.


The hiring process involves various works which demand manual intervention like:

  • Paperwork
  • Documentation of shortlisted candidates
  • Interview scheduling
  • Resume screening and more.


Applicant tracking systems automate the recruiting process and dissipate the manual labor involved.


2. Systematic and Smooth Hiring Process

The tracking system is one of the vital HR tools which smoothens the hiring process by automating the entire recruitment procedure and improving the quality of recruitment.


With the use of cut-edge technology, recruitment software digitalizes the screening and hiring process which as a result curls up top talent to fill in the vacancies.


The hiring teams also get benefitted from the organized database synced by the ATS software in accordance with the company’s protocol.


Systematic and synchronized candidate data not only helps in filtering qualified candidates but also stores a backup for recruiting teams to refer to in the future.


3. Candidate Relationship Management

The recruiting teams have additional responsibilities to maintain a benevolent company’s image in front of its audience.


applicant tracking systems give hassle-free recruitment and hiring process experience to job seekers and hence enhance the impression of the organization.


In traditional approaches, job seekers used to have a tough time throughout the hiring procedure which includes unsynchronized processes of interviews, no proper intimation of interview schedule, and more.


Candidate engagement in disorganized hiring procedure ultimately result in frustration and sketches negative impression on their thoughts about the organization.


In contrast, ATS software customizes and automates the recruitment process as per the company’s requirements and provides a streamlined, organized, and congenial experience to candidates.


4. Minimize Staff Turnover

A dynamic recruitment process increases the chances of hiring top talent. Starting from the initial resume screening, ATS software shortlists those resumes which have considerable relevance to the requirements of the company.


This in return minimizes biases and encourages the best talent to come into the main frame. When candidates’ interests and passion align with the job essentials, they tend to come up with productive deliverance.


As a result, job satisfaction gets established among the employees and the retention proportion goes on a hike.


Tracking systems serve as a valuable resource in strengthening the work personnel and enhancing the staff retention percentile.


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5. Escalate Employer Branding

Employer branding defines the company’s detailing like what it deals with (product/services) and what is its USP (unique selling point).


Employer branding serves as a competitive advantage in elevating the company’s image and attracting the best candidates to join the workforce.


ATS is one of the unique HR tools that benefit in hiking the reputation of the company by streamlining the hiring process and providing a hassle-free recruitment procedure to both employers and job seekers.


Retention of the prevailing employees too largely depends on the branding and productivity of the organization.


6. Economical Execution and Financial Growth

Applicant tracking systems have a feature of cost-effectiveness in which the expenses incurred in the process of recruitment are effectively managed due to the low-cost spending of the hiring process.


ATS also contributes to employee retention which as result saves the revenue of the company from being exhausted by an increased staff turnover ratio.


It also makes the process of recruitment quicker which yields in saving time and investing the same in prioritized works thereby enlarging the profitability and productivity of the Organization.


Tracking software is a boon to organizations as it provides financial stability in terms of hiring personnel and proves to be a dark horse in the course of business.


7. Quick Processing

Recruitment of an organization at most times is conducted in urgency to fulfill vacancy created by an exiting employee.


Filling up the post becomes challenging for the organization especially when the process involves manual intervention.


The tracking software fastens up the recruitment procedure by automating the process using AI. This not only fills up the posts faster but also shortlists the best candidate to be suitable according to the company’s needs.


Quick processing benefits the company to save time and resources and invest the same in other prior work which needs greater importance to enhance the profitability of the business.


8. Quality Hiring of Qualified Candidates

One of the finest advantages of tracking systems is, they can be availed by companies hiring the best applicants out of a diversified audience.


ATS screens the resume as the job description, analysis the requirements of the company, and shortlists applicants in accordance.


The first filter in screening candidates’ resumes, removes the irrelevant applications and enhances the scope of assembling the most relevant applications of applicants whose resume mentions align with the company’s requirements.


This provides a vivid range of options for the management to hire from the best and can improve the efficiency of the workforce in the organization.


9. Collaboration and Integration Provision

ATS software provides the convenience to integrate with multiple job portals which increases the reachability of information about the vacancies and thus widens the scope of hiring efficient candidate sourcing.


It also enables collaboration with the official website of the organization wherein the internal employees get an insight into the vacancies prevailing in the concerned departments and can apply for promotions.


This not only benefits the organization in getting a platform to showcase its requirements but also empowers them to reach out to potential candidates both internally and externally.


This is a vital benefit to the organization as it is a foundation step in retaining employees and strengthening the process of recruitment.


10. Automation in Hiring

The greatest advantage that applicant tracking systems offer to the organization is by automating the entire process of recruitment.


Recruitment has always been a tedious job starting from posting jobs with comprehensible descriptions to onboarding selected candidates.


Automation in the process of hiring eases labor-oriented tasks and eliminates manual errors involved. It also lessens paperwork and provides a pleasing recruitment experience to job seekers.


It contributes to accelerating the pace of hiring procedures and synchronizes candidates’ data in a secure way which as result enhances the company’s branding.


Not only the employer or company gets benefitted from the applicant tracking systems but the employees and job seekers can too grasp advantages from it, which are jotted down in the following points:


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Benefits of ATS to Job Seekers and Employees

Job seekers are the candidates who cast about to find suitable jobs that match their expectations, qualification, and education standards.


Recruitment procedures in traditional approaches used to be infuriating for candidates and biases in hiring were the common tendency of most recruiters.


1. Unbiased Shortlisting

The tracking system facilitates automated resume screening with AI and eliminates human intervention in selecting resumes at their convenience.


This creates an unbiased platform for the applicants to get shortlisted according to their skills and qualifications rather than in reference plea.


Screening of resumes with AI soaks through the specifications mentioned in the resumes and filters out the relevant candidates from the non-relevant ones.


The long-established attribute to hiring employees through references was not only liquidates the opportunity to hire the best applicants but also increases the risk of staff turnover as the referred candidates in most times do not necessarily possess the skills required for the posts.


Tracking software serves as a boon to boost up quality hiring metrics and furnish a fair job opportunity platform for job applicants.


2. Liberation from Humiliation

In manual shortlisting, there prevail chances, where the candidate’s skill set, does not match the company’s needs.


Such situations end up humiliating the candidate during interviews as they would have little knowledge about the specifications required.


It also hampers their morale and discourages them from facing future challenges to tackle job interviews.


Automated tracking shortlists candidates from the initial phase using machine language authentication and wipe out the chances of humiliation caused due to non-relevance of required criteria of the organization in the interview session safeguarding their self-esteem.


3. Efficiency Enhancement

Tracking software automates the process of hiring wherein the flustering process of hiring streamlines and eases the experience of candidates.


‘First Impression Lasts Long’, the initial step becomes amiable for the applicants creating a rooted positive impression in their minds and hence encouraging them in achieving the best.


When the gloomy facts included in the recruitment procedures are wiped out by automation, an efficient work environment is created by enhancing productivity and boosting the job satisfaction of employees.


An efficient workforce can increase productivity to heights and tracking software works as a stimulant in agitating the pace of potency in employees.


4. Elevate Candidate Experience

An automated tracking system elevates the applicant’s experience by simplifying and digitalizing the recruitment flow.


Quicker processing of applications and organized scheduling of interviews with appropriate mentions about date, time, and venue levitate the involvement of applicants with rooted trust in the organization.


This not only uplifts the candidate’s experience but also constructs goodwill for the organization in the competitive market environ.


Irrespective of selection, an elevated experience in recruiting procedure of an organization creates a positive response which as result contributes to boosting employees’ spirit and morale.


5. Quality Deliverance

ATS software conceals the loops holes that diversely affect the recruitment procedure which as a result influences the productivity of candidates.


when the skill set of the candidate matches the criteria of the company’s needs the quality of deliverance goes on the rise.


Tracking software through its search engine optimization tracks appropriate applicants suitable for the position. With appropriate qualifications and traits, the chance of quality deliverance by the candidates enhances.


The optimization of candidate’s resumes in accordance with the needs of the hiring gives a lift to the productivity and enthusiasm of the job-seeking applicants.


6. Exterminate Distance Barrier

Tracking software eradicates the distance barrier that prevails when the job location is far from the candidate’s region.


Earlier during Pre – AI intervened times, candidates used to walk from door to door for submitting resumes within their geographical range or email the same to nearby companies.


Tracking software has drastically altered this method and exterminated the age-old method. It has enhanced the scope for candidates to apply for jobs from multiple job portals as per their suitability and not just limit themselves to a specific region.


Such HR tools have also benefitted candidates to take on a job based on job profile, job descriptions, and not just on the job location.


7. Saves Time

Time is the most precious element for everyone. ATS software increases the approximate probability of shortlisting candidates as per the company’s requirements which saves the time of applicants.


Candidates can effectively use their time in preparing for other interviews suitable for them and which match their expectancy and knowledge.


This as result hike the effectiveness and efficiency of candidates. They can utilize their term in productive ways which not only contribute to their personal growth but also to the company they get recruited in.


The unnecessary wandering and scrolling through different companies and their sites are eliminated by ATS software as it presents precise and condensed job opportunities as per the qualification and skills of candidates thus saving their precious time.


8. Boost Morale

When the candidates’ expectancy and convenience match the job requirements, it ultimately gives a boost to their enthusiasm and encourages them to be productive.


Besides, the tracking software also benefits candidates by saving time which is used by them in enhancing their knowledge and keeping them motivated.


A motivated candidate proves to be a productive asset for the business in the long run. So, ATS software circumlocutorily benefits both the organization and the employees.


ATS software in a roundabout way heightens the performances of both the candidates seeking jobs and the shortlisted ones by providing them with a streamlined process of recruitment and appropriate jobs as per their skills and knowledge.


Parameters to Be Considered Before Choosing ATS Software

ATS software can be a boon or a bane depending on various factors like finance, administration, and more.


To obtain the best applicant tracking system there are certain parameters to be considered. This would not only assist in acquiring the best software but also contributes to enhancing the productivity and profitability of any Organization.


To grasp more knowledge on the factors to be considered while getting ATS software, Let us take a look at the successive points below:


▸Checklist Preparation

The first and foremost factor to be considered during the selection of ATS software is preparing the checklist of the company’s requirements from the software.


A checklist helps in following an organized plan during the selection and gives an insight into the details considered while selecting the software.


Upon the checklist, the higher management can also make alterations as per the company’s requirements and need.


A checklist assists in eliminating complexities and gives a clear picture of the needs of the company along with the expected expenses to be incurred while getting it.


The checklist can contain the following:

  • The urgency of the requirement of software for the company.
  • Approximate Finance expected to be spent
  • Company’s requirements for the software
  • The current financial growth/ stagnancy/ declination.
  • Contrasts of the current procedure followed in the recruitment
  • Positive Changes are expected from the software and more.


▸Planning Budget

This is the vital parameter to be followed while picking up a convenient ATS software is planning the budget.


A company’s finance is the most important deciding factor for any purchases done. The financial growth or decline determines the idea of spending in a current or later scenario.


‘How much to spend?’ is a crucial decision to be determined considering the financial health of the organization along with the appropriate match of requirements to suit the needs of the company.


Planning a budget for ATS depends on multiple aspects such as:

  • The financial health of the company
  • Prevailing software flaws ( if any)
  • Expected gains from installation
  • Expected risks after installation and more.


▸Company size

The factor to decide on an appropriate ATS program vastly depends upon the size of the company. As the size of the company gives a judgment upon the staff required.


Like, for instance, a small-scale business’s staff range may cling from 5-99 employees whereas the range exceeds for medium range from 100-500, similarly, a large enterprise requires a vast workforce for its functioning.


ATS are customized according to the company’s needs and sizes, so while picking up the ATS application the company should take into consideration the size of its workforce and the approximate workforce to be added in the future.


This gives an understanding of the type of requirement from the application.


▸Privacy Standards

Another essential element to be taken into consideration while choosing ATS is ensuring compliance with privacy norms and standards to safeguard the personal contents of the candidates.


ATS screens the resumes of candidates using AI which exposes the applicants personal information to cyber theft, so it is vital for any ATS application to comply with the security standards to avoid cyber piracy.


▸Flexibility And Scalability

Businesses keep changing as per financial availability, prevailing circumstances, and more. The workforce of the company highly gets affected by the alterations made.


An organization should ensure that the software is scalable and flexible and can be customized according to their needs to avoid additional expenses in installing the software every time there is a change in workforce needs or reach.


This saves the organization’s budget to halt in the estimated range and does not outcast to overburden the financial health of the company.


▸Take a Demo

Last but not the least, Taking a demonstration of different ATS applications to get practical knowledge of which one suits the best for your Organization is a great idea to comply with.


There are various tracking of applicant software available in the market. It is crucial to decide on choosing the best that would comply with the company’s requirements as well as would be convenient for the organization’s usage.


Installing software is a one-time investment for most enterprises, especially middle and small businesses. Taking a demo gives a decent idea of the software and assists in deciding on the software and its specifications.



ATS software can have both pros and cons depending upon several factors of an organization. Following the parameters, while deciding on choosing convenient ATS is not only vital but also holds great significance in the productivity of a company.


The tracking system should be customizable to meet the requirements of demand when the business goes on a toss. May it be expanded geographical location or curbing workforce due to recession. It should comply with the alterations in accordance with the business metrics.


Getting appropriate software for screening candidates can boost the company’s productivity to heights and is beneficial in several ways:

  • Systematic Screening
  • Organized Recruitment
  • Convenient Usage
  • Extended reach to a larger audience
  • Quality Hiring
  • Elevate the candidate’s Experience
  • Quick hiring Procedure
  • Enhances Productivity and more


In contrast, picking up the wrong ATS application diversely affects the business:

  • Becomes a liability
  • Overburden the Company’s Budget
  • Messes the hiring procedure
  • Creates a bad impression in the mind of candidates, etc.


In conclusion, there should be a Cautious selection of software that will increase the overall productivity of the company and will serve as a boon for the Organization.

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