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Enjoy the Convenience of Automatic Interview Scheduling

Automated Interview Scheduling Software

Hire more Efficiently and Speed Up Recruitment

Schedule Interviews

Schedule Interviews

Schedule interviews with the ability to automatically share the links with the candidate with emails based on templates.

Advanced Job Tracking

Track jobs with candidates and job filters across different stages and gather recruitment overview.

Online Interviews

Schedule online interviews easily with Google Calendar or Zoom without shuffling between software.

What is Interview Scheduling Software?

The interview scheduling software helps the recruitment team to schedule interviews easily by streamlining the whole process from start to finish. The software helps in coordinating between different teams by checking the available time slots, scheduling and tracking interviews, engaging the candidate, providing handy interview scorecard templates, and more.


The software can automate and streamline most of the repetitive clerical tasks such as sharing assessment scores, providing easier approval or rejection choices, sending interview reminders, etc. With the help of interview scheduling software, the hiring team can automate such administrative tasks to find the right candidates, thereby freeing them to undertake the hiring tasks and improve their efficiency.

Simplified Meetings

Easily schedule online meetings by inputting only the time & date, and sharing the custom meeting link.

Open Communication

Handy templates that provide the right emotion while communicating with candidates.

Secure & Compliant

Enterprise-grade security with 100% compliance with all regulatory laws to avoid legal hassles.

Simplified Meetings
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Experience The Best Interview Scheduling Software that Engages Candidates!

Understand the Leaving Employee's Pulse with
Offboarding Software

Bulk Import

Quickly create a talent pool by bulk importing candidates into the recruitment software.

Share Candidates

Share candidates via emails to discuss their credentials with other teams and stakeholders.

API Integration

Integration based on API with the Naukri job portal for easier job listings and added visibility.

Online Interview Form

Share online interview forms for an easier understanding of the expectations of candidates.

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Accelerate your Interview Scheduling with Pocket HRMS Interview Scheduling Software

Email Templates​

Email Templates

Handy email templates with the right tone of communication for warm candidates.

Paperless On-boarding

Paperless On-boarding

Avoid the hassle of keeping physical files by making your onboarding paperless.

Online Documentation

Online Documentation

Improve your candidate experience with the convenience of online documentation.

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Interview scheduling software provides the necessary tools to schedule candidate interviews efficiently. It streamlines the whole hiring process, making it easier to coordinate between different teams.

It helps in checking for available time slots, scheduling interviews, applicant tracking, easy scoring, allowing candidates to self-schedule, and more. Hence, it is a must-have tool in any recruiter’s arsenal to tackle the ever-growing talent pool and find the ideal candidates and prospects for the open positions in the company.

Your interview scheduling software can also provide you with multiple options to contact a candidate back and forth to engage them effectively and keep them warm throughout the hiring process. You can also communicate with the candidate using easy tools provided by the software to ensure enhanced brand recollection among your talent pool. Hence, it effectively reduces the time and effort required in applicant tracking and handling candidates, increasing the overall efficiency of the hiring process.

The best way to schedule interviews is through the use of dedicated interview scheduling software as it helps streamline the entire process.


The interview scheduling software has multiple options to automate several tasks related to back-and-forth interview scheduling such as allocating the right time slots for your interview, sending interview invites to candidates to self-schedule the interviews, providing handy templates for different scenarios, providing scorecards for interview evaluations, and more.


Due to the multitude of options provided by interview scheduling software, the recruiters can re-allocate the time spend on undertaking administrative tasks into undertaking other productive work such as shortlisting the candidates, budgeting the hiring rounds, developing interviews in bulk using blueprints, and scheduling insightful interview report generation, synchronizing with Google Calendar, and more.

AI or Artificial Intelligence can surely help in scheduling interviews back and forth. It is currently being used in many interview scheduling software to reschedule interviews with calendar intelligently, cut down interview costs, in terms of time, effort, and money, and gather meaningful inferences from candidate resumes.

AI and Machine Learning (ML) have become an essential part of interview scheduling software as their usage is making the daily life of recruiters easier.

You can also use AI and ML to understand whether a candidate is an ideal fit for a vacant position. As a result, you can understand whether to proceed with their interviews or avoid calling them for the interviews.

Having a helping hand in this process provides you with a reinforced logical explanation for avoiding such candidates, improving the efficiency of the overall interview process.

There are various factors you can consider while selecting the best interview scheduling software, such as:


1. Implementation

The software should be easy to implement with limited to no disruption in the daily activities of the hiring managers. You need to have the option to bulk import previous recruitment data to ensure complete digitalization of the process.


2. Learning Curve

The software should also be easy to learn as the recruiters will already be bogged down by multiple systems. Hence, it should be intuitive, while requiring limited to no training for easy understanding of the user interface.


3. Integrations

Since it is meant to schedule interviews primarily, the software should be easy to integrate with other recruitment and hiring tools such as a CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) or ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for real-time access.


4. Automation

Since automation is the primary task of the system, it should be able to effectively reduce the time and effort taken to schedule interviews. In this modern age of AI and ML, it should provide simplified workflows and enhanced suggestions to automate the interview scheduling process.


5. Support

The software service provider should also provide multiple options to contact them if you want to ask any queries or issues. The provider should provide email, chat, phone as well as online user manuals as a means of supporting their software.


6. Pricing

Since modern interview scheduling software is usually provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service), it should be reasonably priced by considering the multiple features that provides. Additionally, the pricing should be flexible, which is kept considering the scalability and flexibility of the system.

You can enjoy several benefits of using a dedicated interview scheduling software when compared to the legacy manual methods, such as:

➔ Allocate Resources Intelligently

The software provides an overview of the time and effort required in handling the recruitment tasks allocated to it. It helps understand the resources required in undertaking it and hence, the recruitment team can allocate the resources saved in automating administrative tasks to other productive tasks.

➔ Provide Self-service Options

The employee self-service portal options provided by the software will further reduce the time spent communicating with the candidate. With the help of mobile on-the-go portals in the form of apps, the system can ask the candidates to self-schedule interviews, upload their documents, enquire about their interview scheduling process, and undertake other tasks without having to disturb your team.

➔ Improve Transparency

The software also provides easy visibility of the recruitment process to ensure that your team and other stakeholders have the right access. It helps maintain a level of abstraction that is impossible with traditional manual methods.

➔ Reduce Conflicts

Due to the enhanced transparency provided by the system, you can reduce the chances of conflicts and hiring issues. Additionally, it can also avoid the chances of schedule conflicts as the system warns the users if there is a conflict of schedules.

Additional Features:


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