Features of Pocket HRMS:

Time tracking system
Automated Time Tracking

Work efficiently with automated time tracking system for attendance management, HRMS and payroll processing. Intelligent time tracking system allows easy timesheet management and biometric integration.

24/7 Access

Our centralized payroll hub provides 24X7 access to employee data including leaves, tax-sheets, pay-slips, reimbursements etc. The self service portal offers a smart chatbot to help employees with all the mundane HR related queries. It provides a highly personalized user experience by filtering out the data and helping you with online query resolution.

Employee management
HRMS Solution
Top-notch Data Integrity

Say goodbye to data-hacks and safeguard your company against data breach. Pocket HRMS provides you top-notch data integrity and ensures peerless data security. Your data will remain secured on Microsoft Azure platform.

Employee Self-Service

Motivate your employees to move a step ahead by facilitating them with employee self service portal and allow them to access payroll related information and another personal details on the go. Chat with our friendly HRMS bot for all your HR queries.

Employee Self-Service
HR MIS Report
User-defined Reports

Pocket HRMS provides you with number of standardized reporting modules. The modules include real-time analytics and pre-designed reports. You can define your own reports by customizing the user-defined reports.

Formula-based Earning & Deductions

Pocket payroll management system helps in managing error-free salary calculation and benefit calculations. The payroll app offers formula based earning/deduction components, 360° tax computation components and maintains employee payment details. It also facilitates pro-rata calculations for employees based on absenteeism.

payroll management system
HR chatbot
Let your HR focus on what matters the most!

Our friendly HR bot “smHRty” would drive employee engagement and human resources management to the next level. The bot would help with all things HR, when it comes to answering and responding to basic HR related queries. smHRty would free your HR folks to help them focus on other important and strategic chores.