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What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software is a system that automates the entire process of payroll. It is an all-in-one solution to manage payroll and ensure that it complies with the tax and financial regulations. It simplifies payroll processing by automating employee taxes calculations, their monthly inputs for payroll processing, leave calculations and other related tasks.

Pocket HRMS, is the best online payroll software. It is user-friendly as it integrates leave and attendance to automate payroll and compliance. It also incorporates artificial intelligence to smartly perform payroll calculations and make necessary adjustments as and when required. The best payroll software need to reduce the workload for the HR department by automating payroll-related processes for your business, and that is exactly what Pocket HRMS does, so your HR can redirect their time in developing other initiatives for your employees!

Enhanced Cloud Security

Being a cloud-based HR payroll software, Pocket HRMS takes automated regular backups to ensure that the employee database and payroll process information is safe on the cloud. It also ensures that the data is available only to those with proper credentials with usage access restrictions.

Additionally, our cloud database is protected with military-grade 256-bit encryption algorithms as any leak due to security lapses might be catastrophic to your business. With cloud-based access, the secure database is available to you at your fingertips at any time of the day from anywhere. You are also able to access it from any device with an internet browser, thereby making your payroll data secure, yet easily accessible.
Enhanced Cloud Security
Selective Multi employee payroll

Selective & Multi-employee Payroll

Being one of the most flexible payroll software, Pocket HRMS provides selective as well as multi-employee payroll options. You can process payroll of a selected number of employees, a specific category of employees or even a single employee if you wish so. Having this flexibility helps our payroll software to cater to all payroll requirements of a company.

If you require a further specialized solution, we are happy to customize Pocket HRMS for your needs. Since companies are moving towards the hybrid work structure, having the flexibility of processing payroll as per the company requirements ensures that your HR need not worry about keeping tabs on payroll processing.

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Automate Statutory Compliance

Pocket HRMS remains abreast of the latest developments in statutory compliances. Hence, our payroll management solution is updated as and when any new amendments or updates are published by the government or the income tax department.

Since our payroll software takes care of statutory compliance, your HR team can repurpose their valuable time to undertake other productive tasks. This feature is especially beneficial for small business as they require all the assistance they can get, especially in payroll-related concerns. It also helps you to learn more about the statutory updates right from the ‘update’ widget on the dashboard.
Automate Statutory Compliances
Paysheet Lock Feature

Paysheet Lock Feature

The paysheet lock feature help you understand that the paysheets have been finalized and no further changes are required. It saves their valuable time as they need not cross-verify the details again.

Having the paysheet lock feature also helps avoid unnecessary changes to paysheet once it is finalized by the HR payroll department. It allows you to run payroll without bothering about human errors in payroll management process. With paysheet lock feature, your payroll remains safe as secure since abrupt changes cannot be performed on it without unlocking

Tackle the Payroll woes of your Business with Pocket HRMS

Payslip Designer

Pocket HRMS also provides a simple yet feature-packed payslip designer to help you develop a payslip design in no time. In a matter of a few clicks, you can create and use a payslip design for your company with our payslip designer. Since our payslip designer uses HTML, you would also be able to create or edit templates in no time. We have also provided you with some templates to make the process easier. With the help of these templates, you can also create different payslips for different usage.

Payslip Designer
Stop Payment Option

Stop Payment Option

There are scenarios where payroll needs to be stopped for an employee or a group of employees. Hence, our payroll software provides this option to ensure that your money is safe and secure in your hands. With Pocket HRMS’ stop payment option, your payments can be stopped as long as the payment details are not forwarded to the bank.

Quicker Big Data Processing

Being a highly scalable payroll and HRMS software, Pocket HRMS is capable of big data processing in a matter of minutes. No matter the size of your company, our payroll software can easily process your existing database while ensuring data integrity.

Irrespective of the data size and complexity, Pocket HRMS is able to make use of the data and ensure that it remains intact for further usage. It is also able to process the data in the background as it is being uploaded into the payroll software. This helps you in multitasking and avoid wasting time by waiting for the upload to finish.
Big Data Processing
Monthly Input Muster

Monthly Input and Muster Roll Wizard

Due to a wider variety of employees working at a company, monthly inputs are a must-have for any company. With the help of monthly inputs, one can provide the additional details required to run payroll per month such as bonuses and other incentives, overtime, leave encashments, etc.

Pocket HRMS also has the Muster Roll Wizard to provide the muster roll related inputs for processing payroll and providing salaries via direct deposit. This wizard helps you undertake all the relevant tasks by taking the muster roll into account.

Accurate Cloud-based Payroll Software automates Payroll for Error-free Computations. Check out our payroll software for accountant feature and all the other core features.

Benefits Of Payroll Software

Time saving


It significantly brings down the time spent on mundane tasks, which can be used for other strategic activities.

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

The automated system streamlines the company's HR activities, improving their productivity and employee satisfaction.

Error free Payroll

Error-free Payroll

The payroll process and compliance are automated with no manual errors. Payroll System ensures timely payment and improves our employees' trust.

Increased Engagement

With a user-friendly self-service portal, employees are more engaged with a better experience in HR-related activities and access to information.

High Portability

High Portability

With mobile app, the HRMS can be accessed anywhere, making it highly portable with flexibility of remote access.

Database Integrity

Database Integrity

With robust 256-bit database security, data integrity is no more a concern for payroll processing.

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Frequently asked questions

Payroll software has become a necessity in the modern age. Hence, companies of all sizes have started deploying payroll software to stay competitive in the digital world. Even if you are a startup, you will require payroll software to ensure that your employees are paid on time. They will also develop trust in your company and remain engaged for longer if you disburse their salaries on time.

Deploying payroll software also removes the burden of staying updated with the latest statutory changes. We will keep the software updated with the latest regulatory changes to ensure that you avoid hefty statutory fines, which will be catastrophic for the functioning of a startup.
Pocket HRMS is a highly scalable and customizable solution. Hence, you pay for only those modules that are being deployed for your organization. We provide customized payroll software to ensure that you get maximum returns from your investment with Pocket HRMS.

We have three different plans for organizations, Standard, Professional and Premium. You can view the details of these plans here. You can opt for the customized Premium plan if you want to deploy certain Pocket HRMS features.
Pocket HRMS payroll system provides a multitude of avenues for saving expenses. The automation provided in payroll processing saves the time and effort required for payroll calculations and maintenance of statutory compliances. Being a cloud-based system, it is maintained and updated by us, saving those costs too. Hence, Pocket HRMS is especially beneficial as a payroll software for a small business, that has a few personnel and limited resources, yet need to undertake payroll tasks.
Irrespective of the size of the company, full-service payroll processing eats up a lot of valuable time. It includes processing massive data such as your employees’ attendance, their working hours, various benefits they receive and taxes related to the various payroll components.

Automated payroll can take care of all these with precision and efficiency, so you can allocate other tasks to the HR department. Since payroll is an essential part of any company, it can be easily automated for you with dedicated human resources and payroll software.

What is payroll?

In simple words, payroll is any process of providing salary to employees and wages to part-timers based on their worked hours and decided pay. This is not so simple. Calculation of final pay to be paid requires several other calculations and data like leaves taken, remaining PLs, LOP, loan, compensations, appraisal, withholdings, etc.


Payroll involves the process to provide pay to your employees by the employer on agreed terms. There are 2 basic categories into pay:


  • Gross pay
  • Net pay


Net pay is the actual amount received by the employee after all deductions are made into gross pay.


Net pat = Gross Salary – Deductions


Steps included in the payroll management process:

A payroll manager needs to be attentive during the payroll management process. It requires proper planning and assistance to effectively perform without any error. There are always ongoing tasks, which need constant attention to everchanging amendments and withholdings. To learn easily, we have segregated the entire process into 4 major categories as below:


  1. Gathering employee information
  •  Bank information
  • Self-service portal
  • Addressing working policies and overtime rules
  • Timekeeping
  • Attendance management software
  • Administrator approval


  1. Withholdings and Taxes
  • Gross pay
  • Deductions
  • Net pay calculation


  1. Payments
  • Salary slips


  1. Tax filing & Reporting
  • IRS reporting


What is payroll management system?

Payroll software helps with payroll processing of the entire workforce in seconds. Yes, you heard it right. Payroll management software is capable of tracking and recordkeeping payroll and employee parameters like employee leaves, tax deductions, ESI calculation, etc.


From calculating the precise payroll amount to managing taxes, a payroll solution could help businesses function smoothly.


Also, the software generates payslips and important reports at a click. Employees can upload, access, and edit their personal details on the employee service i.e. ESS portal from their smartphones on the go. Also employees can apply leaves, salary details, and deductions when needed through their service portal.


4 Benefits of having a payroll management system


  • East detailed reporting
  • Time savior
  • Online payroll software
  • Compliance management


Easy detailed reporting

A good payroll system will facilitate this process seamlessly. This can be extremely valuable when you are looking to retrieve information for any queries related to these matters. The payroll software allows you to generate accurate payroll reports like monthly payslips or leave report of any employee.


Time savior

Since everything in a payroll management system is automated, you will be saving a lot of time. You don’t have to manually enter the information for every cycle. You set it up once and let the software handle the rest. The only thing you will probably do is new employee registration for every new hire.


Online payroll software

The online functionality of a cloud-based payroll system makes it an easy pick for any business. Instances like remote working bring challenges like remote workforce management and online payroll. A payroll software, whereas allows the HR manager to digitally collect the hour details of employees and keep the right data for payroll. Online payroll software promotes flexible working and easy management.


Compliance management

This refers to the legal framework your business must adhere to. As an employer, you are required to maintain various payroll and payment records of your employees. Every organization that hires employees and pays salaries must comply with the labor laws. By having a payroll process in place, you are automatically complying with the employment and labor laws in India.



Information is the key. The HRMS solution with an inbuilt payroll management system could bring the much-needed wave at the firm. No one knows your business better than you. Know the requirement and choose the right HR management solution for streamlined processes and cost-saving.

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