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What is Payroll Software?

It is a cloud-based payroll software that automates the entire payroll process. It is an all-in-one solution to manage the HR payroll and comply with tax and financial regulations. It simplifies the payroll process by automating tax, attendance, and payroll tasks. Hence, HR can utilize more productive tasks such as strategizing employee engagement activities.

Online Payroll Software is a business need today. Your payroll is also an essential ingredient for enhancing business reputation. The HR payroll software reduces the workload for the HR department while increasing efficiency at the same time. Being precise in the payroll also increases trust for your business from your employees.

The online payroll software for your business should also meet certain expectations from your employees, such as being user friendly, leave and attendance integration, automation and compliance, etc. Nowadays, the best payroll software solution also integrates artificial intelligence to smartly undertake the calculations and make the necessary adjustments as and when required. the entire notice period was not served, are deducted before arriving at the final full and final payment amount.

Choose Pocket HRMS Payroll Software

Pocket HRMS is an all-in-one online payroll management solution that allows payroll and statutory compliances to be automated. It provides an easy to use interface and an intuitive dashboard to get an overview of all the processes. It disburses the salaries into the designated accounts and ensures accurate payroll processing while maintaining compliance with all policies.

The HR payroll system should also have zero human interference for error-free processing. Additionally, a cloud-based payroll system makes it effortless to access from anywhere, anytime. HRs could generate insightful, valuable reports within a few seconds, anytime quickly. It increases both efficiency and accuracy of payroll management system significantly.

The normal deductions applicable to the salary are also applicable for the full and final settlement. Deductions such as professional tax, income tax, provident fund as well as any deduction in cases where the entire notice period was not served, are deducted before arriving at the final full and final payment amount.

Choose Pocket HRMS Payroll Software
The Best Payroll Software in India

The Best Payroll Software in India

Payroll management is much more than depositing your employees’ paychecks, though. Pocket HRMS streamlines multiple aspects of payroll processing such as recruitment, talent management, attendance and leaves management and workforce management. It ensures your business stays out of any legal trouble for payroll and compliance-related violations so that you can dedicate more time to other employee engagement initiatives.

The employees also access their payroll details using HR and payroll software. They can mark their attendance, apply for leaves, check the status for letting the employees know the details of different approvals and leave balances anytime. Along with it, the HR chatbot ‘smHRty’ gives virtual HR assistance to clear their basic queries instantly whenever they require assistance. These self-service features save plenty of productive time for the HR department.

Tackle Payroll woes with Pocket HRMS!

Compliance Management Made Easy

With Pocket HRMS, compliance management is not a cause for stress anymore. Along with the ability to run payroll processing, it also takes care of all the necessary tax deductions, including TDS, PF, ESI in payroll and insurance. It is a complete solution for removing the worries related to payroll processing, statutory compliance and tax filing.

The cloud HRMS software allows you to make all of this processing automated. This way, you can run payroll without delay or error on the set date. You don’t have to spend hours to make sure that everything is going right. Your tax payment will be made with precision while it allows you to focus on other employee empowerment strategies.

Failure to adhere to legal guidelines might prove costly in a form of considerable penalties to your organization. Hence, HR must remain updated about the statutory changes and make the necessary changes in the payroll as and when needed. On the contrary, with the help of a cloud payroll and HR software system like Pocket HRMS, they can leave their worries behind. As the software is deployed in a cloud, it is automatically updated with the latest developments in statutory compliances.
Compliance Management Made Easy
The eTDS Form 24Q Made Easy

The eTDS Form 24Q Made Easy

Pocket HRMS generates challan details for all three quarters and other reported incomes on the go. The eTDS Form 24Q quarterly along with Form 27 is developed quickly. It makes the process of generating and filing Form 24Q more straightforward and quick. All the calculations are done according to the latest updates with the TDS regulations.

You do not have to get bothered about changes in the payroll regulations. Pocket HRMS gets updated on the cloud whenever the government issues updates with the tax system, so you can always get accurate automated payroll calculations related to taxes, even when policy changes occur. This helps increase the HR department’s efficiency as there is no need to stay on top of compliance changes anymore, and the additional time can be utilized elsewhere. changes in policies.

Affordable for a Small Business

Pocket HRMS is an affordable and scalable system. It accommodates the needs of the business as it keeps on growing. It is simple to cater to all your payroll needs. What makes it affordable are the various subscriptions choices. The subscriptions can also be customized according to your business needs.

You pay per month or annually according to what you use. This method makes it more accessible to startups and small companies. The payroll solution is highly flexible and effortless to configure according to all businesses and verticals. Additionally, there are no hidden charges. It also accommodates the growing needs of your staff with ease. You can also add or remove the modules are per your requirement based on the changing needs of your business.

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Affordable for a Small Business
Robust Security with Cloud

Robust Security with Cloud

Safety of payroll and other employee data is among the top concerns for companies today. A premise-based system could lose a lot of data if the personnel in charge forgot to take regular backups. Being a cloud-based payroll software, Pocket HRMS takes automated and frequent backups to ensure that all the employee data and payroll process information is safe on the cloud and is available only to those with the proper credentials.

Our software’s data is protected with military-grade encryption algorithms. Having this kind of secure database is vital for your payroll, and related information as any leak due to human errors might be catastrophic to the company.

Hence, we take all the necessary precautions while handling each aspect of our client database to ensure that your data remains safe and secure 24/7 throughout the year. We also ensure that it is accessible at your fingertips with the proper credentials to help you to perform your tasks from anywhere, anytime.

Accurate Cloud-based Payroll Software automates Payroll for Error-free Computations. Check out all the other core features

Benefits of Payroll Software

pocket hrms Save Time _ Cost

Time saver

It significantly brings down the time spent on mundane tasks and makes more time available for strategic activities.

pocket hrms Make HR Efficient

Increase Efficiency

The automated system increases the efficiency of a company's HR activities. It reflects higher productivity and employee satisfaction.

pocket hrms Error-free Payroll

Error-free Payroll

The payroll gets done automatically with statutory deductions. It is processed as scheduled with no manual errors.

pocket hrms Accurate Attendance

Employee Engagement

With a user-friendly ESS portal employees are more engaged with a better experience in HR-related activities and access to information.

pocket hrms Engaging Experience

High Portability

With the mobile app, the HRMS can be accessed anywhere. Making it highly portable and giving remote availability.

pocket hrms High Portability

Accurate Attendance

In a payroll system, the face recognition feature makes sure that employee attendance is precise and transparent.

Frequently asked questions

Irrespective of the size of the company payroll process eats up time and is unavoidable. It includes processing massive data such as attendance, tracking working hours, various benefits that employees receive and tax processing.

Even for a small business, this is as complicated as the big ones. Automated payroll can take care of all these with precision and efficiency, so you can allocate other tasks to the HR department such as employee engagement, developing feedback surveys, etc. Since payroll is an essential part of any company, it can be easily automated with the help of dedicated human resource and payroll software.
Choosing payroll software for your company can be daunting due to the various modules required in making it work effortlessly. Hence, the first step in simplifying this process is to develop a set of software requirements after discussing the challenges faced by your HR department, especially related to payroll. You can also learn more about their issues by involving your accounts team to understand the essential features to be included in the software.

The next step is to research both online and offline for software that fulfils your requirements. There are multiple kinds of software available in India for different businesses of all sizes. Hence, look for the one that provides almost all of the features and contact their team to customize it as per your requirements while also nudging them to tweak their pricing as per your requirements.

A crucial point to consider is scalability as your company is bound to grow, and you can keep using the same payroll software if it is scalable as per the changing demands of the growing company. Additionally, consider a cloud-based software payroll software, as they remain up to date and can be accessed from anywhere using any device, at any time of the day.
Payroll has always been a crucial and complicated process, and the payroll software does much more than deposit correct salaries. Payroll management is not a simple obligation towards your employees. It also has legal aspects attached to it. Hence, ensuring it is done on time without any mistake is vital for any company, and a cloud-based payroll system is the better solution in this scenario.

It also provides automatic backups, so you do not worry about losing the data. Additionally, it is automatically updated with the latest updates in the statutory compliances; you can avoid spending time remaining on top of these changes. Cloud-based systems also have the additional advantage of being accessible from anywhere using any smart device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.
ESS portal is an employee self-service tool. In India, all your employees may not have laptops or computers. In this scenario, ESS portals give access to all the necessary employee self-service features with the help of a single app on smartphones. Employees can mark their attendance, apply for leaves and attendance regularization, and see the approval status inside the portal. They can also keep their work hours by marking entries of the time they start and stop working for better accuracy. The ESS portal also acts as a one-stop solution to access and edit their employment-related information and frees HR from repeatedly answering the same employee queries.
Payroll is not a simple process, and doing it manually takes time. It also requires an additional employee salary to do these calculations. HR person can instead handle payroll with a payroll management system and utilize their time in strategic planning. We need to do it on time to stay out of legal trouble.

Many people think that premise-based payroll software must be affordable for small businesses. In reality, payroll software based on the cloud is the better option. It saves many charges such as installation, maintenance and an additional person to ensure regular backups are done. Additionally, the data would remain secure as most of the vendors use algorithms to encrypt their client database. It makes Pocket HRMS the best payroll software for small budgets too.
Payroll software does a lot along with processing payroll. It does help in accurate attendance management and provides comprehensive reports for HR analytics. Employee analytics has already established itself as a powerful tool in the HR arsenal and payroll management software provides the most efficient way to gather and display this data.

It is easy to use and can be accessed remotely with a mobile app on smartphones. The payroll software makes it simple to get all the data related to leaves, working hours, overtime and policy compliance in one place. This information could be fetched with a few clicks when HR processes payroll. The employees get access to their data and make the changes. It also results in increased employee engagement.

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