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Easy-to-use and powerful HR MIS reporting tool

Quick reporting

Enjoy on-demand, hassle-free and timely HR MIS reports

Single platform MIS

Easily extract all your reports through a centralized HR platform

Better decision

Automated and organized MIS reporting lets your HR make better decisions

Improved overall performance

Track, analyze and make better use of your time

Quick HR MIS Reports
pocket HRMS

Hassle-free & Quick MIS Reports

Our intelligent cloud based leave management software enables you to create MIS reports at the click of a button. It is easy to generate HR MIS reports by using drag & drop and customize report features with just a few clicks. This empowers users to quickly extract information & generate reports and eliminate the cumbersome manual HR reporting process.

Empowers users to quickly extract information & generate HR MIS reports with just a few clicks. Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Synchronized Real-time Reporting

Our automated time tracking module allows users to create real-time MIS reports. It enables to manage error-free and accurate attendance of employees by synchronizing biometric data. Real-time HR MIS report allows HR managers to inspect various aspects. It helps to get more insights and improve business processes.

Real-time Reporting
Unified Hub for all HR MIS Reports

Unified Hub for all HR MIS Reports

Our easy-to-use MIS reporting module allows HR people to share all major updates and important information to the departments in minutes without depending on IT folks. It allows managers and executives to easily extract HR MIS reports for various arenas such as recruitment, FnF settlement, attendance, expense management, etc. all through single point of contact.

MIS report for HR

The system generated MIS (management information system) report helps the HR team keep a note of pulse of organization and note down the key performing metrics and loopholes. MIS report for HR department is one of the most important assets for HR management. This helps them in taking well-informed and data-backed decisions.

MIS report for HR
Instant report generation

Instant report generation

One-click-to-reporting helps your HR officials to generate and export reports at the earliest for mandatory operations. Human resource management information system (HR MIS) contributes in many ways for an efficient and timely payroll. Say good-bye to last minute rush with Pocket HRMS.

Improved productivity

Automated HRIS reporting through our HRMS software reduces paperwork at the department. It puts an end to manual duties like record keeping and report collection. By making each hour count, HRIS enables you to build better strategies for effective performance focusing more of your time at high priority tasks thereby, improving overall productivity.

Improved productivity
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