Fetch Valuable Insights at Fingertips with HR MIS Reports

May it be hustle free single-click reports or easy customization in a paper-free world, Pocket HRMS got you covered

Quick MIS Reports

Quick MIS Reports

With our software, you can create HR MIS report with ease. Based on cloud technology our software helps the HR department to get leave management information in the comprehensive report. With the pocket HRMS system, you can customise MIS reports by using the drag and drop feature to get all information related to the project or operations in a single report. This enables employees to get any report in your company seamlessly and do not have to waste a number of days in excel based reporting.

Hub for all MIS Reports

Our MIS reporting module is one of the most desired tools for all your human resource reporting needs. It is a system where an HR person can share all the important updates and information to the departments within minutes. HR MIS reports of employees data such as recruitment, attendance, expense management of an organization and FnF settlement can be extracted by the HR department and do not need to get help from an IT person. This saves a lot of time for HR people and makes tasks easier.

Hub for all MIS Reports
Real-time Reporting

Real-time Reporting

Our automated time tracking module allows you to get real-time HR MIS report for attendance. It synchronizes biometric data to get accurate and latest data in HR MIS reports and makes the job of HR easy by getting rid of multiple excel sheets for the same MIS report. For HR it becomes to get a new MIS report with a real-time database. When it is a time of a decision in the organization these real-time MIS reports can help to inspect various aspects give valuable insights for the growth of productivity.

Back Your Decisions With Powerful Analytics

MIS Report for HR

The system generated MIS (management information system) report helps the HR team keep a note of the pulse of the company. HR MIS report does a good job of identifying strengths and weaknesses in the performance metrics. HR MIS reports are one of the most valuable assets of HR management. Having this MIS HR report tool help to note any particular leave behaviour of an employee in the company. That information and analytics will lead to informed decisions and new policies in your company.

Instant Reports

Pocket HRMS makes a reporting job seamless with our one-click HR MIS reports. And the most helpful feature for HR is the job of exporting these HR MIS reports quickly. Human resource management does not need to juggle information in thousand excel files. There are many HR-related MIS reports that make tasks such as employee attendance regulation and timely payroll more efficient. If you are looking for a tool that gives instant and insightful HR MIS reports, Pocket HRMS is the right choice for you.

Higher Productivity

Automated HR MIS reports set a lot of time free from paperwork and improve efficiency. You don’t have to keep years of paper files just in case you will need to make a new report. HR can utilize the time saved from paperwork to implement some proclivity related initiatives. Pocket HRMS got you covered by saving all your important employee databases on the cloud and accessing them to make an HR MIS report instantly. The analytics helps to understand how and what can be done improve productivity further.

Empowers users to quickly extract information & generate HR MIS reports with just a few clicks. Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Benefits of HR MIS Reports

pocket hrms Save Time _ Cost

Quick Reporting

Pocket HRMS give you on-demand hassle-free HR MIS reports within a second and support fast reporting

pocket hrms Make HR Efficient

Single Platform MIS

With a centralised HR platform, you can extract any HR MIS report effortlessly for analysis with a click.

pocket hrms Error-free Payroll

Better Performance

The HR MIS reports keep track of employees work time and performance and help in better productivity management

pocket hrms Accurate Attendance

Better Decisions

The comprehensive HR MIS report makes analytics easy and management can make better-informed decisions.

pocket hrms Engaging Experience

Easy Customization

An HR MIS report can be customized to suit your business need with our easy drag and drop module effortlessly

pocket hrms High Portability

Go Paper-free

Now HR does not need to be consumed with paper files to maintain a database, Pocket HRMS automates the process

Frequently asked questions

It is a report that deals with data like potentiality, recruitment, salary information, attendance and employment details of an employee.
The HR MIS report contains information about the aspects of workforce performance that can be used to make better decisions for the productivity of a company.
Maintaining all the data manually and in excel is not just tedious but time-consuming. It has a risk of human error and data loss. A software like Pocket HRMS which is based on AI uses cloud storage, solves all these issues at once. Plus you get instant single-click reports and also easily customize them.

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