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HR MIS Reports

Valuable Insights at your Fingertips with Customizable HR MIS Reports.

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Gather a number of In-depth Insights into Employee Performance and Company Finances

Interactive Data Wizard​

Quick MIS Reporting

Streamlined HR MIS reporting tools for quickly customizing and generating MIS reports of your business and employee data.

Customizable Dashboard

Highly flexible visual human resource dashboard for having a graphical overview of the business and employee data in real-time.

Interactive Data Wizard

Advanced Data Wizard for generating and downloading the same types of reports with the help of handy templates.

What is the HR MIS report?

The system-generated MIS (Management Information System) report helps the HR department keep a note of the pulse of employees and the business. An HR MIS report does a good job of identifying strengths and weaknesses in the performance metrics. An HR MIS report is one of the most valuable assets of human resource management.

Handy Report Templates

Reusable template-based MIS Reports for ensuring consistency while quickly generating HR MIS reports.

Real-time Reporting

Ability to view company and employee data in real-time, enhancing overall efficiency of HR in reporting.

Statutory HR MIS Reports

Easy regulatory report templates to ensure complete compliance with statutory bodies and share data with them.

Real-time Reporting​
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Back Your Decisions with Powerful Analytics and HR MIS Reports

Benefits of using the Best MIS HR Report Software in India

Data-backed Decisions

The comprehensive HR MIS report makes analytics easy for the management to make better-informed decisions.

Instant Reporting

On-demand hassle-free HR MIS reports within seconds make reporting quick and easy for HR management.

Better Performance

HR MIS reports help keep track of employees' work for improved productivity and performance.

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Compliance Dashboard​

Compliance Dashboard

Month and state-wise compliance dashboard that provides you with a handy checklist of compliances with their last date.

Graphical Visualizations​

Graphical Visualizations

Visual data representation in the form of charts and graphs for easy understanding of employee data.

Easy Report Download

Easy Report Downloads

Download reports in Microsoft Excel, PDF or plain text format along with the option to download previously generated reports.

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HR MIS report provides a summarized view of the various essential business verticals which are required for proper functioning of an organization. Since ‘MIS Reports’ stands for ‘Management Information System Reports’, it is the term used for reports that provide an in-depth overview of the business. Hence, you can include multiple data such as the performance of the employees and various departments, sales summary, etc. which provides the management with a robust idea of the right business trajectory.

These reports contain a lot of information about various aspects of workforce performance that you can use to make better decisions for the success of a company. Similarly, you can highlight the areas of the business which require immediate attention using the report. It can also provide detailed insights into the finances of the business as well as the employee productivity. It also helps the management understand the efficiency of resource utilization throughout the organization and make necessary changes or to keep moving on the same path.

While the exact components of the HR MIS report vary from one report to another according to the business and primary reason for report generation, the major common components include:


People: It includes the users of the report such as the management and the HR department.


Data: It includes a lot of data collated and formatted into the report to provide usable information.


Business Processes: It includes the various procedures used for collecting and storing the data used for reporting.


Hardware: It includes the various physical materials used throughout the business for undertaking its daily business.


Software: Similar to the hardware, software includes the various software that is used throughout the business to accomplish the daily business tasks of the business.

According to their usage and data they provide, HR MIS Reports have different types that can be divided into several categories:


1. Summary MIS Report

The Summary Report collates all information from the other MIS report to provide the management with an overview of the business and its functioning, which includes its finances, workforce status, and more.


2. Sales MIS Report

The Sales Report includes an overview of the various products and services sold within a specific duration. It enables the management to understand various metrics related to the sales which helps them make necessary changes to achieve their sales target.


3. Profit MIS Report

The Profit Report includes various figures related to the profits generated by the business within a certain period. It helps the management understand the difference between the predicted profit and the actual figures and make relevant changes.


4. Inventory MIS Report

Inventory Report includes several information regarding the company inventory such as the raw materials, best-selling products and services, etc. It enables the management to reassess their requirements and optimize resource usage.


5. Accounting MIS Report

The Accounting Report includes various figures relevant to the accounting and finances department. It provides the management with in-depth insights into their company’s financial status.

The most important function of an HR MIS report is to provide data for the management to make informed decisions. To achieve this objective, the HR MIS report need to accomplish the following functions:


➔ Data Collation

With data collection mechanisms, the company can gather data from internal and external sources. It allows for smooth dataflow between various departments ensuring zero hinderance in the daily work while collecting data.


➔ Easy Information Access

MIS reports also provide easy centralized access to vital information about the company and its various departments. It enables efficient management of these departments to achieve organizational objectives.


➔ Workplace Collaboration

Since MIS reports collect data from various departments, it also allows for collaboration of the various teams to provide a collective approach towards ensuring organizational success.


➔ Performance Monitoring

HR MIS reports can also help in accurately monitoring employee performance, which also proves to be instrumental in managing their productivity efficiently. Having such information handy allows you to provide incentives to the performers and training to the under-performers.


➔ Future Projections

HR MIS reports can also be used to predict future projections using trend analysis. It enables the management to understand the current business trajectory and make necessary changes to enable long-term success.

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