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Attendance Management
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Attendance and time tracking is the most crucial aspect for optimum employee management since it forms the crux for several HR related activities such as payroll, HR administration, etc. HR personnel is often baffled with the cumbersome and tedious task of tracking time and attendance apart from dealing with various other HR related chores as well.


Nevertheless, gone are the days of tracking attendance of employees manually, as with the advent of cloud-based payroll solution, the entire process can be automated saving a great deal of money, time, and frustration for HR personnel.


Pocket HRMS helps businesses, especially SMEs, to manage employee time and attendance tracking efficiently. Further, the employee self-service feature offered by Pocket HRMS empowers employees to record their working hours as well as allows them to access and update their details, check balance leaves, request for leaves and payslips, etc. from mobile.


Attendance Management Simplified with Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS offers a fully cloud based employee management system that makes time and attendance tracking a cakewalk to help HR personnel process payroll accurately and seamlessly.


We know how daunting it is for a company especially it’s HR personnel to process payroll without an automated employee attendance management. In fact, it is quite challenging to process payroll accurately in the absence of robust payroll software.


Pocket HRMS’s cloud-based and intuitive attendance and time management feature alleviates the tedious chore of tracking and maintaining employee attendance. Smart time tracking empowers HR personnel in your company to manage labor expenses efficiently and boosts productivity across the HR department.


Getting rid of manual attendance tracking is undoubtedly an excellent move to promote adherence and compliance to constantly evolving HR policies.


What more! With the smart blend of Pocket HRMS’s automated leave management and employee self service feature, tracking leaves and leave requests is no more a hassle.  Thus, the result is accurate payroll processing with zero redundancies.


Pocket HRMS supports seamless integration with biometric devices, cards swipe access and other existing attendance and time tracking systems as well.


Imagine the pains and costs incurred as well as time consumed to process, compute, manage and gather attendance and time data and then boiling down all for payroll processing. Help your HR personnel shun these pains by providing them with a fully automated and cloud based time and attendance management software and help them boost efficiency and process payroll in a quick manner.


Last but not the least, mistakes in salary calculations are sure to irk your employees resulting in dissatisfaction and hampered productivity at work. Whereas, accurate and timely payroll processing and attendance tracking increase employee satisfaction levels across your company. So it certainly is the need of the hour to have a cloud-based payroll software for intelligent time and attendance tracking as well as management.


To know more about how Pocket HRMS can simplify attendance management for your businesses alleviating the worries of your HR department effortlessly, feel free to give us a shout out at Twitter or Facebook.


You can also write to us at to schedule a free and customized consultation of Pocket HRMS and get a tinge of how it can simplify payroll and HR management for your business.


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