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Declutter your HR and redefine employee experience with smHRty

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Our HR chatbot quickly answers common employee questions

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It saves your HRs time and lets them focus on other key duties

Keeps your staff engaged

The bot helps you reach your salary slips, or any document on demand

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smHRty in self-service portals brings your HR closer to you

HR assistance

HR assistance

Yes, our friendly HR chatbot 'smHRty' is all set to drive human resources management and employee engagement for your business. HR bot helps you with almost every common HR-related query. Most of the queries that employees shoot at your human resource department will be answered by smHRty in a seamless manner. Most importantly, our chatbot can perform various HR related mundane tasks like fetching employee data, conducting surveys, disbursing employee payslips, showing tax deductions or explaining company policies.

Drive employee engagement to new height with “smHRty” an intelligent HR Chatbot and free up your HR from mundane admin tasks. Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Tech-oriented HR management

Employees simply need to type and send their messages to the HR bot just as they would do with a human. Our friendly HR bot will then decode the message with the use of intelligent language processing technology to fetch the needed solution. smHRty uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to self-learn and update itself over time to serve your employees in a much better way.

Tech-oriented HR management
Chatbot HR - smHRty

Chatbot HR - smHRty

smHRty was conceptualized and conceived keeping in mind the burden of human resource folks when managing cumbersome admin work on a daily basis. The prime objective of our HR chatbot is to free up your HR crew from tedious admin work and let them focus on other crucial tasks that require human touch. We all know that HR folks are tied up dealing with routine tasks that prevent them from partaking in management decisions. smHRty would liberate your human resource professionals from the burdensome admin chores. In fact, employees can easily check their leave details in leave management module of ESS portal without bothering HR team.

Workforce engagement

Employees are the most important asset for a business. 'smHRty' can be very effective when it comes to engaging and retaining them (employees). smHRty is capable of attending each and every query of employees thus, saving your efforts and time. Henceforth chatbot in HR takes employee engagement to an another level.

Workforce engagement

AI-powered HR Chatbot Guide

Employees shoot many queries to the human resource department on a regular basis and answering each and every question of staff is time-consuming and tedious for HR people. Employees always expect the human resource department to resolve their queries with accurate details on time. In such scenario, leverage machine intelligence and save HR personnel from performing repetitive tasks.

Considering the impact of AI-powered tools in our professional and personal lives, HR chatbot is the new technology that is gaining popularity in the human resource world. Often, HR people spend a lot of time in performing the routine, mundane activities thwarting them from being engaged in other critical responsibilities. So, let’s explore how HR chatbot on its way to becoming the next big thing for HR!

Top benefits of HR chatbot in HR industry

We have to accept the fact that AI is emerging as one of the key elements that drive people management and businesses like never before. Now, HR duties are also responsible to drive results for businesses, so it is better to harness such advanced technologies like HR Chatbot to increase productivity and efficiency of the human resource department. If you want to be available for your staff, then installing AI powered chatbot is must.

  • Automation of repetitive functionalities makes HR more productive
  • Take employee experience and human resource management to the next level
  • Hiring processes become more human with AI technology
  • teractive training platform makes learning easy and interesting

The technology performs HR tasks seamlessly and also helps your staff with each aspect of their employment. So, instead of recruiting new employees, make use of automation technologies to create a more successful workforce. After all, ‘employee experience’ is always a key element for business success.

HR chatbot based on artificial intelligence technique is making the human resource industry a lot smarter. AI is not only transforming personal lives, but professional lives also. Hence, such tools are turning into smart HR assistants to help them work in a faster and smarter manner. Implementing such technical advancement in businesses helps companies to reach impressive organizational success.

The adoption of AI technology witnesses a huge surge in businesses these days. Organizations invest in chatbots to simulate human conversations to help human resource people recruit top talent, answer various employee queries, etc. From leave enquiry to payslips, this AI-powered human resource assistant can easily help with all common HR related queries that employees shoot to the HR department.

Today, companies understand the potential of AI technology and its ability to improve complex activities of HR such as talent acquisition, employee experience and talent development. In addition, significant investment in HR chatbot helps businesses leverage AI technology in a faster way. With this move, employers can expect highly efficient, organized and productive human resource teams in the near future.

Companies’ open approach to harness the power of AI technology impacts human resource functions and employee experience in a positive way. HR chatbot can answer employees’ queries in no time, thanks to machine learning technology! In fact, this is one of the technologies which are predicted to become even more important in coming years.

Take a look on how AI-powered HR Chatbot supports HR activities:

Today’s generation of employees looks beyond paychecks while selecting a company and hence, it is essential to enhance the employee experience through such technologies. Companies must adopt advanced technologies which will boost overall employee experience and it is easy for human resource professionals also to manage ‘hire to retire’ lifecycle of employees.

This conversation AI platform has turning out to be a game-changer for businesses to build trust among their staff towards organizations. Also, it helps human resource teams to get rid of paper-based work and resolves employee queries in no time. Better employee experience is essential to retain top talent and companies can improve the employee experience with the right technologies.

  • Allow HR people to focus on other important HR activities that needs a higher degree of human touch
  • Answers some of the frequently asked questions by employees with ease
  • Performs various routine human resource activities
  • Gather employee data easily and accurately
  • Explain company policies and train new recruits
  • Conduct employee surveys to collect feedback

How smHRty works?

Employees can send their messages or queries to HR Chatbot, ‘smHRty’, just the way they do to humans. Then, our friendly HR bot decodes the message using language processing technology to fetch the required solution and then respond accordingly. This intelligent AI-powered chatbot serve as a first level virtual HR assistant for employees.

Features of AI-powered HR chatbot, ‘smHRty’, of Pocket HRMS:

  • Drive employee engagement and HR management for your business
  • Answers common employee questions quickly
  • Saves HRs time and allow them to focus on other important duties
  • Help employees reach their salary slips or other document on demand
  • Bring HR and your staff closer

How smHRty works?

The dynamics of the human resource sector are undergoing tremendous changes due to evolving business ecosystem. Hence, it is a right time that companies must embrace the technological advances to make their business future ready. HR Chatbot works like an extended hand for the human resource team that manages all first level enquiries and interactions.

Our HR chatbot uses machine learning technology and Artificial Intelligence to learn and update itself with time so that it can serve your employees in a better way. The main objective of smHRty is to free up human resource folks from cumbersome admin work so that they get time to focus on other important activities that need human touch.

This interactive chatbot works like a human and makes it approachable for your HR team and employees. SmHRty helps employees with various queries, be it tax details, personal details, payslips or leave balance. Our interactive module of HR software integrates well with other HRMS system and can be customized easily depending on the HR department’s requirements.

Our smHRty is a fresh breeze for human resource professionals, especially while performing on-boarding of new employees. It explains company policies, define company expectations and job roles to new joinees. This tool supports employers to build a better-augmented workspace and reduce the workload of HR managers. By using HR chatbot, HR people can also get detailed insights of employee performance in no time.

Our HR Chabot is very effective in engaging and retaining good talent in the company. It is capable of attending every question of employees, thus the tool saves time and efforts of human resource professionals. Declutter your HR Team with smHRty, your virtual HR assistant, and bestow them with sufficient time to concentrate on other strategic chores.

These tools are the best support for your human resource department as it handles the majority of HR tasks, from new recruits to explaining company policies. Today, such chatbot is turning out to be the most preferred tool for successful employee management.

Due to advancement in artificial intelligence for people management, robots are sharing responsibilities of humans that require less manual work. Bots automate a whole lot of tedious duties for human resource people and shape the future of human capital management. Along with empowering HR personnel, Pocket HRMS prime focus is to sustain as the ideal pick-me-up solution when it comes to cloud HR domain.

We help HR departments of our clients flourish with advanced technologies and user-friendly HR chatbot. We address the pain point of human resource management with our built-in modules and intelligent HR chatbot to manage regular HR activities. Investing in AI technology is a smart decision as it enhances the complete cycle of the employee experience.

Set the tone of employee experience from the beginning by selecting the right AI powered HR bot and connect with your workforce for better productivity! Even if it helps employees and human resource teams, but it impacts the whole workplace in a positive way. The tool gives freedom to employees to get the necessary information related to salary, leaves, company policies, etc. in no time and without approaching human resource people.

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To know more about how AI-powered HR chatbot can support your human resource team, contact us now. You can also write to us at sales@sagesoftware.co.in or just SMS sage to 56767 to avail 15-day free trial of Pocket HRMS. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get latest updates about Pocket HRMS.

Pocket HRMS also has a wide range of built-in modules such as ESS portal, payroll software, attendance management system and many more for all industry types. Book a free demo of this budget-friendly HR software as it is all set to take care of your everyday HR activities. Let’s get ready to transform the future of people management!

So why wait? “smHRty” is charged up and prepped to assist you!

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