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Why should you select Pocket HRMS?

In one word – it’s ‘Intelligent’. Artificial Intelligence is the lifeline of Pocket HRMS and you will be able to harness its diverse skillset in making your HR department smart and efficient. With the help of our esteemed clientele, our AI has been able to ‘learn’ and adapt itself to become the best ally for your HR. Our advanced global search ‘smHRt searcHR’ makes use of machine learning to get results almost instantaneously as well as help you undertake mundane activities at a higher rate of efficiency with zero errors.

With a robust payroll manager comprised of customized payslip generation and automated statutory compliance, forget your payroll woes. We have already started integrating Pocket HRMS with other popular software like Tally, Sage X3, Sage 300cloud, etc. to ensure that you have the most seamless experience. Combining this advanced system with a modern touchless attendance 360 system equipped with facial recognition, geotagging and geofencing, you get the most powerful toolset at your disposal for employee engagement!

Smart Virtual HR – smHRty

Having an HR chatbot on your phone is like having dedicated HR personnel at your side 24/7. You can communicate with it in all major Indian languages and it will utilize AI and machine learning to understand your query and provide accurate relevant results. This feature helps redirect the common employee queries to the chatbot, thus saving HR from repeatedly answering the same doubts and queries, which eats up almost 40% of their usual working hours.

smHRty also proves to be your HR’s best ally by not only answering the employee queries but also by providing instant search results for the HR. It uses our proprietary ‘smHRt searcHR’ algorithm which scours your database and provides query suggestions as soon as you start typing!

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24/7 Cloud Computing Power

Cloud computing used to be a buzzword for Silicon Valley giants and there is a major reason for that: 24/7 availability. Your business need not stop while your employees rest. Similarly, your HR need not stop functioning once your business hours are over. With the robust cloud connectivity provided by Microsoft Azure, your data is not only available with the correct credentials but the advanced security and military-grade encryption ensure that it is not usable to hackers in case of a data leak due to human errors.

Cloud computing also helps in keeping up to date with the statutory changes as well as other major software enhancement updates. Gone are the days when having to change any module of your HRMS meant that you need to send downtime emails to everyone in the office. Our software always remains updated with the help of smart backend technology. Moreover, it can be accessed by you anywhere in the world; you simply need access to a web browser!

Intuitive ESS Portal & Mobile App

Employee engagement plays a crucial role in modern HR practices. Having an intuitive Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal goes a long way in keeping your employee engaged since they can seek help whenever they require it. You will be able to provide all the information your employees require about their employment as well as ensure that their details are updated via this portal. Pocket HRMS even has the provision to enter the employees’ vaccination details which helps you in making your workplace safer for everyone.

All the features mentioned until now is available at your fingertips with the help of the Pocket HRMS Mobile app. It is available on both Android and iOS so that you can stay connected with your employees even when they are not at the office. The ease of access provided by our app is incomparable to the desktop experience as the employees would be able to directly talk with smHRty, your virtual HR and get all the information while also being able to request for leaves, check payslips or update their details right from their smartphone!
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