Choose a plan that is best for you

Multi-Leave Calendar with intuitive display

Comp-off calculations

User defined Leave Credit process

Robust multiple leave configurations

Custom validations
Selfie Attendance with AI Face Recognition

Automated Multi Shift Management

Real Time Geo Tracking

Mixed mode attendance

Roster Management

Flexiwork & Flexitime Ready

Custom attendance rules

Overtime with customization

Multi location custom policies

Geo Tagging & Fencing

Biometric Integration

API Biometric Integration

Multiple salary configurations

Reports and dashboards

Loan and Advance Module

Downloadable Playslips

Payroll JV Integration

Formula Builder

customizable pay structure

Payslip designer

Statutory Compliant

Payslip Lock

Goals and feedback


360 Performance Appraisal

Multi-level Structure compatibility

Configure multiple stages of appraisal

Custom Parameters, KRAs, KPIs

Gather Feedback Insights

Ratings and Comments

Import and Export Data

Job posting on career page

Interview And Selection Process

Report Generation

Posting and Sourcing on job Portals and Social sites

Store Candidates data


Job Creation with multi-level approval matrix

Company Website Integrable

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Candidate Profile Portal

Document with approval facility

Configurable Interview assessment Form

Offer Management

Digital Self-onboarding

Configurable jobs & candidate cards

Naukri Integration*

Resume Parsing

Basic Self Onboarding

Tax Projection

Organizational Chart or hierarchy


Visualized Dashboards

Batch Approval Optimized

AI Chatbot Oriented

Receive notifications and engage all employees simultaneously




Multiple project mapping

Client master

Tasks and sub task management

Track project status


Assign team members

Raise tickets

Priority levels

Assign Agents

TAT oriented charts

Reminders and Notifications

Ticket timeline

Link similar tickets

Share feedback


Travel Itinerary

Request Bookings

Create Bookings

Document attachments

Booking History

Expense invoice integrated

Multi-approval compatible

Create and conduct comprehensive surveys

Editable and reusable templates

Powerful configuration tools at your disposal

Multi-platform access

Company wide employee engagement

Engage external stakeholders

Visual result insights in real-time




Old & New Tax Regime Compatible

Tax Calculator for employees

eTDS Generation

Controlled tax processing



Employee Profiles

Document Management

Visual HR Analytics

MIS Reports

Interactive Dashboards

Centralized Employee Master

Documents storage facility

Bulk data interaction

Self-employee doc management

Policy Management with employee acknowledgment

User defined field in Employee Master

Custom Reports

Pivot Fields

Report Designer

Asset management


Overcome COVID-19 at your workplace

smHRty IDentify

smHRt searcHR


Payslip & Form 16 Download

Apply & Approve Leaves

Selfie Punch – In/Out

Add, manage, and approve Expenses

Apply & Approve Leaves

Plan, upload, and manage Traveldesk

Projects with Timesheets


₹ 2495 /month


₹ 3995/month


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