15 Best HR Software in India 2024: Features & Pricing

Explore our curated selection of the top 15 HR software in India with features and pricing details.

Best HR Software in India

There are multiple HRMS software in India which provides excellent employee management features. Hence, finding the right one as per your requirements can be challenging.


Deploying a human resources management system would be the best option to help you manage your ever-growing workforce, especially if you are a small or medium business.


There are several factors to consider while searching for the ideal human resource software for your business, like scalability, flexibility, adaptability, hire-to-retire cost per employee, etc. Another critical factor is the deployment model; although companies generally opt for cloud-based systems, you should check with your team to understand whether that is the right path for implementing an HR software in your organization.

What is HR Software?

HR Software is a solution that automates most HR tasks to improve their overall efficiency. It automates almost all their administrative processes and streamlines their common tasks, leaving them with more time for other creative pursuits like improving employee engagement.


HR software is the ideal tool for the core HR team as it helps streamline various tasks such as hiring and recruitment, time and attendance management, employee management, payroll and compliances management, engagement, training and development, performance management, rewards and recognition, project management, ess portal, generating reports, as well as efficiently managing their exit process.

List of Top 15 HR Software in India

We have curated a list of the best HR software for employee management in India for start-ups to medium organizations.

The HR software mentioned above provide a good balance between features and cost, as most of them are deployed on the cloud, a desirable feature for most companies. Additionally, almost all of them have a dedicated employee self-service portal.


Some of them also provide the same functionalities on mobile platforms with the help of dedicated mobile apps. We’ve also put together a useful list of the best payroll software in India. This list provides information about the features and pricing of each software. You can access all this information in our article.


So, let us look at the 15 top HR software in India for managing employees. 

Pocket HRMS Software Dashboard

Pocket HRMS is an innovative AI-enabled cloud-based HR software platform. It comes with a dedicated ‘smHRt suite’ of enhancements that helps it go beyond a normal HRMS. Hence, it is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes, especially since it is highly scalable and customizable.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

The ideal choice for start-ups to medium-sized organizations to national-level companies.


Starts at ₹2495/month for 50 employees.

2. Bamboo HR

BambooHR Dashboard

BambooHR is a famous hire-to-tire solution for organizations that want to simplify their processes. This comprehensive solution has an intuitive user interface that provides a smooth user experience.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Mid-level companies to multi-national conglomerates.


Not Disclosed

3. Darwinbox

Darwinbox Dashboard

Darwinbox is a cutting-edge mobile-first HR suite, that ensures automation of day-to-day HR processes, simplifies HR interactions, and provides essential insights inputs of HR modules that efficiently help HR undertake their tasks.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Mid-tier business to large companies.


The pricing is available on request. Anyone can get pricing by sending a quote today.

4. Keka

KeKa Dashboard

Keka is one of the best HR software for employee management in India due to its pioneering approach to solving the problem of employee engagement. They have an easy-to-use interface and intuitive design for enhanced employee engagement.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Small to medium-sized organizations.


Starts at ₹6999/month for 100 employees and ₹60 per additional employee per month.

5. GreytHR

GreytHR Dashboard

GreytHR is another cloud-based HR software in India that provides its users of an intuitive experience and streamlined workflows.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Medium to large-sized organizations.


Starts at ₹3495/month for 50 employees.

6. HROne

HRone Dashboard

HROne is another significant core HR system provider that is a complete hire-to-retire solution. They have also developed the ‘Inbox-for-HR’ tool that makes employee management as intuitive as an email client.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Small to medium-sized businesses.


Not Disclosed

7. Razorpayx Payroll

Razorpayx Payroll Dashboard

RazorPayX Payroll is a payroll software that automates compliance and enables companies to distribute salaries to employees with just a few clicks. It provides tools like the TC calculator allowing employees to get pay stubs, and manage their leaves through a self-service interface.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Small and medium-sized companies.


Starts at ₹100/month per user

8. Zimyo

Zimyo Dashboard

Zimyo has targeted itself as an employee experience-enhancing tool. While they have all the core HR software modules, their focus is on enhancing employee experience using key features like an employee self-service portal, mobile app, etc.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses.


Not Disclosed

9. FactoHR

FactoHR Dashboard

FactoHR is mobile-first HR and payroll management software that ensures automated HR operations, engages and retains employee talent, and generates high performing work culture.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Small and medium-sized organizations.


Basic plan is at ₹2999 per month, with an additional fee of ₹20 for every extra employee.

10. Qandle

Qandle Dashboard

Qandle is a hire-to-retire HR platform with a user-friendly approach. They provide core HR software at a comparatively low price, with specialized tasks such as timesheet management, roster management, etc., requiring paid add-ons.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Start-ups to large enterprises.


Starts at ₹2450/month for 50 employees

11. Kredily

Kredily Dashboard

Kredily is a cloud-based human resources and payroll management software platform designed to simplify and streamline HR processes for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in India. It offers a range of modules to manage employee data, attendance, leave, payroll, compliance, performance, and more.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Small, medium, and large-sized organizations.


The Professional plan is ₹4999 per month for 100 employees with ₹40 per additional employee.

12. ZingHR

ZingHR Dashboard

ZingHR is one of the few significant core HR software, which provides smooth integration with biometric features that make login-logout easier for employees. Besides, it offers auto calculation and TDS calculation features to streamline HR practices.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Small, medium, and large-sized organizations.


Pricing starts at ₹7250 per month for 50 employees.

13. Zoho People

Zoho People Dashboard

Zoho People is a cloud-based HR management platform that improves employee experience to ensure enhanced employee engagement. Their primary goal is to develop the agility and effectiveness of the HR teams to help them handle their daily activities like performance management with the utmost efficacy.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Medium and large-sized organizations.


Starts at ₹48/month/user

14. SumHR

SumHR Dashboard

SumHR is one of the best cloud-based human resources management software designed to streamline and automate entire HR practices. It offers a range of special features like Zero Balance Account, Free Health Insurance benefits, On-Demand Advance Salary, along with helping organizations manage employee data, attendance, leave, payroll, performance, and more.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal for:

Small and medium businesses.


Starts at ₹ 49 per user/month, billed annually

15. Beehive HRMS

Beehive HRMS Dashboard

Beehive HRMS is a cloud-based software and works as a fully hosted solution on Microsoft Azure servers. It is an intuitive software solution that has task and timesheet management.

▸Key Features:

▸Ideal For:

Medium to large businesses.


Not Disclosed

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What are the Key Benefits of HR Software?

Benefits of HR software
Some of the benefits of deploying the best HR software for employee management in India are:

Major Features of the HR Software for Indian Businesses

The following features set the best HR software in India for your HR teams apart from the rest:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a part of the best business applications as the same applies to the best HR software. With the help of AI, the HR team can easily gather valuable insights based on their employee data. They can also use AI chatbots creatively to interact with their staff and answer their queries. It frees HR to undertake other productive tasks instead of having to repeatedly answer the same queries for different employees.

Enhanced Automation

HR software automates all the administrative tasks of the HR teams. As a result, it effectively reduces the time and effort spent on undertaking these repetitive clerical tasks. Due to such enhanced automation, HRs can reallocate their resources to undertaking other creative processes such as improving employee engagement, improving organizational productivity, etc.

Accurate Compliant Payroll

Payroll and compliance management is a constant concern for the HR department as they are required to manually input the working days and hours for each employee and calculate their salaries accurately. Moreover, they need to repeat this process every salary cycle. The payroll management module of the best HR software can undertake this task under HR supervision for processing accurate salaries every time, making it a highly efficient option for small businesses.

Mobile App Access

With the widespread use of mobile internet and smartphones, it makes sense for HR software to be mobile-friendly in nature. Hence, the best HR software in India has dedicated mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms, making this accessible anywhere at any time. Mobile app access also provides a simplified and easy-to-use interface for non-tech-savvy users of your business.

Intuitive Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal

Another major factor which enhances HR software’s utility is the implementation of dedicated intuitive ESS portals. These portals enable the employee to undertake several tasks such as requesting leaves, downloading payslips, and other employment-related tasks easily. Hence, the best HR software provides easy-to-use ESS portals with their HR software.

Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is another widely used technology in HR software. Machine learning can understand data patterns and highlight outliers, making them highly effective at undertaking payroll-related tasks. Machine Learning can also be used for predictive analytics, wherein the software would be able to make calculated predictions regarding important employee metrics.


To summarize, these are some of the best HR software in India. However, you should pick your HRMS wisely since its deployment directly affects your HR department and employees.


Hence, it would be best to weigh the pros and cons of each software before finalizing the ideal solution for your business. You should also opt for cloud-based HR software in India since it would help your HR and employees access their system from anywhere, anytime.


Similarly, you should also check whether the vendor is willing to provide you with a demo and customize their software as per your requirements. Having a scalable solution is also desirable as the system would be able to scale as per your increasing requirements as per the business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Based on the deployment method, there are three major types of HR Software:


Cloud-based HR Software:

The cloud-based HR software is hosted on the cloud, with the software vendor taking care of maintaining the software and updating it as per company requirements.


The organization pays a monthly or annual fee to the vendor to deploy and maintain it. As a result, the employees and the HR can access it from any smart device, making it very intuitive.


On-Premise HR Software:

The On-premise HR software uses dedicated hardware like servers which are developed and maintained within the company premises.


As a result, the company takes care of the deployment and maintenance of the hardware and software required for the smooth functioning of the HRMS.


Client-Server HR Software:

In the client-server HR software model, a third-party service provider maintains the hardware part, with the company taking care of developing and deploying the software.


Hence, it provides the accessibility of Cloud-based HR software with the extra security of On-premises HR software.

Choosing the best HRMS software in India for employee management is easier said than done due to the huge variety of HR software available in the market nowadays. Hence, one should check out all the features of the available software options in the market before choosing the final one.


Additionally, companies should also enquire whether the software vendor can customize their HR system as per your requirements.


 Some major considerations while choosing the perfect HR software for your company are:

  • Categorizing the required modules

  • Customizing the HR system as per your requirements

  • Checking for scalability and flexibility

  • Verifying compatible integrations

  • Clarifying the existing clientele

  • Validating the customer service options

  • Authenticating the tangible efficiency improvements.

Pocket HRMS is the best HRMS software in India with a comprehensive suite of modules and features that can transform your HR department’s operations by streamlining their daily administrative tasks while keeping your employees engaged with your organization.


Being a cloud-based system, it can easily adapt to your exact requirements and scale as per your organization’s growth. It also comes with advanced technologies like AI and ML to enable efficient management of staff and provide enhanced analytics.


Some of the advanced modules of Pocket HRMS include:

  • AI-based interactive chatbot – smHRty

  • Highly Flexible & Scalable Modular HRMS

  • smHRt Payroll with Automated Compliances

  • Geo-tagging & Geofencing Attendance

  • Intuitive ESS Portal

  • Android & iOS Mobile Apps

  • Custom Integrations

  • Military-grade Secure Database

  • In-depth Customizable Analytics

  • Advanced Performance Management

  • Engaging Talent Management

  • Super Data Wizard

  • Easy Exit Management

  • Expense Handling

  • Streamlined Travel & Helpdesk

Pocket HRMS is one of the best HR software for small businesses in India as it is an advanced AI-based solution, that can be scaled and modified according to your business needs.


Being a cloud-based solution, the system can be modified according to your company’s requirements, while the modular architecture ensures that you pay for only the features and modules that you require.


Additionally, the HRMS can scale according to your growing business requirements, thanks to the cloud architecture.


Small businesses also require a dedicated employee to take care of adherence to the various mandatory statutory regulations.


However, with the help of Pocket HRMS, you can automate the handling of regulations as the software stays abreast of the latest changes in the rules. As a result, it effectively helps you avoid hefty fines and late fees.


The order of software listed in the blog does not intend to rank software based on function, price or performance. The intent of the blog is to inform the readers about various available options to help them make an informed decision.

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