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Tame Your Hiring And On-Boarding Costs With Pocket HRMS

Resume management

The ATS helps you parse best candidate by sorting method

Easy recruitment procedure

Recruitment system generates templates and letters automatically

Flexible procedure

It lets you customize entire hiring process according to your requirements

Notifications on fingers

The system notifies you about recruitment updates and alarms about any scheduled activities

Recruit at the speed of light!
pocket HRMS

Recruit at the speed of light!

Our software for recruitment eases the cumbersome on-boarding and hiring process for HR. The recruitment management system serves as a bulletin board for seamless recruitment and staffing, where HR personnel can create new jobs at the speed of light, schedule multiple interviews at one-go, manage candidate database at the click of a button and generate offer/confirmation letters on the run. Seamless integration with your company’s job portal web page along with multi-channel hiring is a bonus.

Eases the cumbersome on-boarding and hiring process for HR personnel. Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

More power to HR!

Our cloud based recruitment software automates the tedious paperwork involved in the hiring process thus, speeding up the process leaving HR with more time at hand. HR and hiring managers can use our recruitment management system to churn out interview/email templates at lightning speed, track job progress, schedule interviews, track interview timeline, etc.

More power to HR!
Streamlined hiring and on-boarding

Streamlined hiring and on-boarding

Our recruitment management system streamlines entire documentation pertaining to on-boarding and hiring of employees. The recruitment software comes with built-in employee referral module that paves way for quality and faster hiring. HR professionals can auto generate various paperwork pertaining to the hiring procedure such as employee code, offer letters, etc. with our recruiting software. Its training management software also plays an important role in smooth on-boarding of new joinees.

Recruitment and staffing software

Pocket HRMS along with its dedicated staffing management feature plays an important role in the improving staff quality and efficiency. It allows the human resource team to streamline their hiring and on-boarding process and brings HRs and employees (new joiners) on same page thereby, improving workforce retention and productivity. Now, save more time!

Recruitment and staffing software
Automated online recruitment software

Automated online recruitment software

Stay competitive in market with the online recruitment software. The automated hiring software lets you generate hiring templates and create job openings' templates with ease. Also, candidate follow-up is no more a hurdle. The automated cloud-supportive system then allows to attract best talent to your organization and create best staff thereafter.

Acquire talent with Pocket HRMS

The system brings automated applicant tracking and online recruitment on same page. This lets your HR know where each candidate is in the hiring process. Auto archive, templates, notifications, updates and every other mundane task is now a matter of second for your HR department. Pocket HRMS with its automated reporting, ATS, flexible procedure, resume shortlisting, etc. lets you conclude with talent acquisition easily. Payroll software of our HR solution is designed to support your HR personnel to retain talented employees by making error-free salary processing. Also, our employee Management system helps in managing your workforce effortlessly.

Acquire talent with Pocket HRMS

Recruitment Management System (RMS)

To understand the need of this software for your business, just ask any HR personnel about the most challenging activity that he/she needs to perform. Undoubtedly, the answer has to be searching and hiring right talents.

In today’s competitive industry, exploring the power of next-gen technologies and effective strategies has become an essential aspect of any recruiter’s life in order to attract top talents.

Before the dawn of the digital era, ‘classified advertisements’ used to be the only option to attract talents for businesses followed by handling heaps of paper-based applications flowing into the HR team. The human resource department then ought to screen all applications and finalize the right ones. Usually, this consumes lot of efforts and time of HR people.

Un-organized or poor hiring methods can result to hiring of incompetent candidates. It means if you fail to administer proper screening guidelines for potential applicants, then it may allow a candidate with objectionable criminal history to win employment further disrupting the work environment.

Companies need to understand that hiring process is the initial encounter of candidates with an employer and therefore, proper execution is very much needed. The applicant ought to feel elated on joining the company.

This is the era of cloud technique and businesses ought to keep up with the trending technology. As an HR, make your business ready for the future of recruitment trends for a smoother and faster hiring experience like never before. Strategize the hiring process for the same becomes necessary.

Top benefits of recruitment software:

  • It gives HR people an opportunity to recruit more quality hires.
  • This software predicts the recruitment speed to attract top talent.
  • It enhances overall candidate experience throughout the hiring process.
  • The software infuses diversity in your whole procedure.
  • Also, this module manages your hiring capacity in check.
  • With this automated solution, staff hiring becomes easier, faster and quicker.
  • Using smartphones or desktop, you can get access to the software from anywhere in the world and at any time through smartphones or desktop.
  • It generate easy HR templates, auto-scheduling interviews, tracking module, and streamlining on-boarding process.
  • The software also create a job ad, perform applicant tracking, resume parsing with bot integration, post-interview process.
  • By using this module, you can easily get rid of paperwork and tiresome manual duties.
  • You can manage hiring duties with limited budget as it cuts the costs involved in hiring, referrals, and on-boarding.

This cloud-based technology can help your businesses to boost engagement with its applicants, create brand awareness, attract top talents and improve hiring efficiency whilst keeping the budget under control.

In fact, if you want your business to found by right talents, then you must switch your recruitment endeavours to cloud-technology becomes mandatory. HR professionals must leverage such platforms to engage with potential applicants in real-time.

Successful HR managers and hiring experts know the importance of cloud-technology for hiring especially when it comes to create a job post and attract top talents for a designation you don’t understand. So, get the most out of our technology.

The hiring and on-boarding procedure makes the first impression of the employer. Also, this boosts your employee retention rate and overall employee turnover. This easy-to-customize software allows your HR people to create better experience and recruit top talents at one place. Now, its time to say goodbye to tedious tasks involved in hiring process and welcome digital way to support all HR activities!

Remember cloud-based recruitment management software is the future of hiring services. Click here to know how can our HR software help streamline your different HR activities, SMS SAGE to 56767 or you can also write a mail to Pocket HRMS team at sales@sagesoftware.co.in. For more such human resource management modules and articles, visit our blog here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is recruitment management system?

A recruitment management system is a set of modules to help you in staffing and recruitment operations automatically. The system helps you with easy hiring template generation, scheduling interviews, onboarding, etc. It ensures candidates stay connected throughout the hiring cycle.

How can we recruit employees using recruitment management system?

An online recruitment management software along with its in-built ATS (Applicant tracking system) and candidate relationship management makes the whole procedure effective and easier for the hiring cell. Right from creating jobs to scheduling interviews, recruitment software can be a useful asset.

How you can manage your recruitment process using software?

An intuitive software like recruitment management system provides a better horsepower and efficiency to your hiring process. The software provides a 360-degree view of the recruitment cycle. Manually operating the process could be tiresome. Whilst, the software helps you with its automated scheduling, report generation and applicant tracking abilities.

What are the importance & benefits of using recruitment management system?

Find the importance of recruitment management system below:

  • Enhanced recruiting process
  • Saved time
  • Streamlined screening and interview process
  • Improvised decisions
  • Better ROI

Benefits of recruitment management system are as follows:

  • Improved productivity
  • Better social reach
  • Automated operations
  • No more tedious tasks
  • Talent hiring
  • Flexible hiring
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