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HRMS Software
Pocket HRMS Dashboard showing current financial year, active employee count and age distribution pie chart

What is HRMS Software?

HRMS (Human Resource Management Software) is a modern software that automates HR Management processes like recruitment, onboarding, payroll processing, training, employee information management, employee attendance and offboarding etc. It eliminates manual efforts involved in HR processes, makes them error-free, and saves time for employee engagement.

The human resource management software helps in managing all of their human resource management functions efficiently without errors. Hence, it increases the overall efficiency and productivity of your business. The HR Management system also enables easy and secure access to the employee database, thereby reducing the time and effort required to manage it efficiently.


A major advantage of deploying Pocket HRMS is that it is cost-effective. Being the best human resource management software in India, It has been developed by keeping scalability and customizability in mind. Since it can be deployed by businesses of any size, it can scale as per the increasing business complexity of your company.

Pocket HRMS is also one of the most customizable HR suite; hence, you can opt for only those modules that you require while deploying it for your organization. Later on, you can select some of the new modules as and when required with the expansion and progress of your business.
HRMS Dashboard showing HR letters such as resignation acceptance, confirmation letter, bonafide letter, location transfer letter, and test letter
HR Dashboard showing employee statistics of sachin, harish, and vinoth kumar

Enhanced Staff Management

We provide a variety of options when it comes to human resources management for the company. Our human resources management system helps in automating your HR management tasks such as payroll management, talent management, attendance management, and more. It helps in improving your HR efficiency and reducing manual errors.


It also helps in safeguarding the employee database by ensuring authorized access and data integrity. The HCM software helps in effectively managing your employees by ensuring that their employment-related data is available on their fingertips at any time. It even helps to manage the recruitment by incorporating an applicant tracking system.

Step into The Future of HR Management!

HR Dashboard showing joining list reports

Timely Updates and Reminders

Our HR management software provides notifications for any new updates as well as reminders for any pending actions. Since the upcoming events widget is on the dashboard itself, your employees would be able to view all upcoming events as soon as they log in to the system. The dashboard also contains the updates and releases widgets to help HR understand any new statutory updates.


Our HRIS software also provides timely reminders to the employees, supervisors and HRs to complete their tasks on time. Important tasks such as leave approvals, on-duty approvals as well as attendance regularization need to be undertaken on time to ensure on-time salary disbursal. Hence, reminders prove to be a crucial component for the right HR software.

Comprehensive Reports

Our human resource management system generates comprehensive as well as custom reports for easy understanding of the real time data. Using these intelligent HR MIS reports, HRs and managers can understand the current status of the company processes and take necessary action to better these processes.

Using the comprehensive reporting module of Pocket HRMS, you will be able to customize your reports right from the date range to individual columns required for their visual representation. Having this flexibility helps you in gaining valuable insights into your organization.

HRMS Dashboard showing reports such as active and inactive employees, last payroll run, employee absent and present report, and employee count chart
Pocket HRMS Dashboard showing invalid punches, un-punches, leave statistics and employee chatting with smHRty chatbot about salary slip details

Interactive Interface

Our HRMS software comes with an interactive easy to use interface to help you maximize efficiency. You can fully customize the dashboard that you view right after login, to view the charts and figures that you are most concerned with. You can add the widgets that you wish to keep and remove the ones that you don’t require while also rearranging them as per your convenience.

We have also introduced our AI-based HR chatbot ‘smHRty’ to enhance the interactivity of the interface. Instead of having to go through the menus, you can simply ask smHRty your query and it will provide you the relevant information in no time. Having this option greatly reduces the time and effort required in using the HCM software.

Employee Self Service

Employee self-service is an essential part of HR system. Having the option to view and edit their details helps the employees to avoid contacting their HR for simple things. Using the employee self-service portal, the employees would be able to view and download their payslips, view their loan and income tax information, as well as view the different HR policies.

The ESS portal also helps the employees in requesting leaves and attendance regularization, viewing different reports, viewing and editing their information in the system and managing their profile without the need for HR intervention.

Employee self-service portal of Sandip Raina showing attendance statistics, the last salary processed, holidays, and leave details
Pocket HRMS Dashboard showing location-wise employee count, last payroll run, today's employee absent, financial year, and age distribution pie chart

Build Employer Branding

Human capital management systems help in building your employer branding as it helps in improving the employees’ engagement rate with the company. The right HR Software would be the difference between employees cursing your company and praising your business. Hence, it is vital to choose an HR solution that is able to help you keep them engaged with your enterprise.

It helps in improving employee engagement by providing an smHRt virtual HR in the form of an AI-based chatbot ‘smHRty’. smHRty is able to process normal language queries and provide relevant results as well as undertake certain tasks on behalf of the employee. Such a kind of interactivity is what helps keep the employees engaged with the organization.

A cloud-based HRMS solution acts as an efficient point of contact for all the core HR functionalities. Check out all these core features

Benefits of HR Management Software

employee Retention

Employee Retention

Our HRIS software provides a superior experience by streamlining and automating the HR processes to ensure employee retention.

remote access

Remote Access

The cloud-based system can be accessed from anywhere at any time, improving the accessibility and security for HR.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

It gives power to the employees to access and edit their data right at their fingertips, thereby improving engagement.

Legal Compliance​

Legal Compliance

All the taxation and other compliances are automated to avoid manual errors and delays along with automatic updates as per the regulation updates.

Accurate Attendance​

Accurate Attendance

Attendance and leaves are automatically captured by the system, ensuring precise payroll with automated overtime calculations.

Data Security

Data Security

With 256-bit encryption, your employee database remains safe on the cloud along with well-defined access and usage rights.

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Human capital management transforms traditional human resource tasks like recruitment, payroll and performance management. The HRM software helps you to focus on bringing in more value from a perspective of managing human capital through talent management, better engagement and higher productivity.

An HRMS based on the cloud can be accessed remotely as well as at any time, which is not the case with a premise-based HRMS. Additionally, it can be accessed on any smart device with an internet browser without the need for providing dedicated hardware. Similarly, one need not spend money on costly servers and their maintenance. All of these factors help in reducing the associated costs as well as ensuring the smooth functioning of the system. Hence, cloud-based HRMS is always better than a premise-based system.

Yes, we have developed an easy to use Pocket HRMS mobile app for helping the employees and managers access their ESS portal right from their mobile phones. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms and since it is available in the respective stores, it remains updated with the latest developments.

Pocket HRMS is a highly customizable and scalable system. Hence, even if you are a startup, you can deploy Pocket HRMS by paying only for the modules that you are using. Later on, you can add some of the other modules to enhance the functionality of overall system, ensuring that it scales as per your company’s growth. Additionally, due to fixed monthly charges, you can better manage your software budget. All of these reasons make Pocket HRMS ideal for especially smaller businesses and startups.

Employee performance management is a continuous process. Pocket HRMS helps in tracking the performance of an employee and generates a comprehensive report, which is unbiased since no human intervention happens in its generation. As a result, their contributions can be accurately evaluated and the right rewards can be handed out, thereby ensuring that they keep up their performance.

You need to start evaluating your requirements and make a list of the same. Once you have a list, find out the best HR management system in the market. However, the best HRMS software might not be the right HRMS for your business. Hence, you need to check with them to understand whether they customize their system as per your business requirements.

Additional Features:


• Payroll Software   •   ESS Portal   •   Leave management

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