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Simplify your employee management with automated HRMS system for hyper-enhanced efficiency.

HRMS Software

A Scalable HRMS for Simplified Employee Management and Streamlined HR Processes

Intuitive ESS Portal

Cost-effective Employee Management

Manage your employees effectively with in-depth overview utilizing Interactive Dashboard, Employee Timeline, and Custom Reporting

Automated Hire-to-Retire HR Operations

Streamline administrative tasks for comprehensive employee management and HR operations from onboarding to offboarding

Intuitive Employee Self-Service Portal

Role-based customizable ESS Portal with Interactive AI-based chatbot ‘smHRty’, virtually instant ‘smHRt searcHR’, and enhanced integrations

What is HRMS Software?

HRMS software is the system used by HR departments to efficiently manage their employees. It comes with multiple features such as recruitment and onboarding, secure data management, training, compliant payroll, attendance, leaves, performance, rewards, offboarding, help desk, analytics and reporting, etc.


Having intuitive software to undertake these tasks improves HR’s efficiency while also streamlining their tasks and improving their overall productivity. Having excellent HRMS software also helps improve employee engagement and job satisfaction, resulting in improved brand recognition as an employer.

Machine Learning-based smHRt Payroll

India’s only HRMS with machine learning-based smHRt Payroll, which learns your payroll process and highlights errors for you

Automated Compliance Handling

Fully automated handling of State-wise and Central Rules and Regulations for simplified taxes and regulatory compliance.

Income Tax and Returns Management

Forget taxes and avoid legal penalties with cloud-based HRMS Software that stays up to date with the latest regulatory changes automatically


smHRt Payroll processing
Remote Attendance

Facial Recognition-based Remote Attendance

Biometrics-based attendance from mobile app with geo-tracking and geo-fencing abilities for accurate foolproof employee attendance

Fully Customizable Leave Management

Multi-approval and rule-based leaves for complete leave flexibility and simplified leave management

In-depth Analytics with Custom Reporting

Template-based custom reporting and personalized real-time dashboard for gathering quick overview of company status

Ess portal mobile app

Experience the Convenience of Deploying Comprehensive
Cloud-based HRMS

Benefits of using the Best HRMS Software in India

Improved Data Security

Microsoft Azure-based cloud infrastructure for enterprise-grade security, enabling secure round-the-clock remote access

Efficient HR Operations

Save time and cost with improved efficiency for enabling enhanced employee engagement and effective HR processes

Improved Employee Engagement

Actively engage employees with role-based ESS portals, intuitive mobile apps, advanced AI-based HR chatbot smHRty, and more

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New-age HRMS for Modern Human Resource Management

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

Microsoft Azure-based cloud architecture providing enterprise-level data security, remote round-the-clock access to ensure easy accessibility, maintenance-free operation, and zero downtime.

Remote Access

Secure Database

Comprehensive solution which can be easily integrated with your favourite applications like WhatsApp, Xoxoday, Repute, Plum, clearTax, Tally, SageX3, and more.

In-depth Insights​

Fast & Efficient

In-depth real-time analytics combined with in-depth statutory reporting, customizable with intuitive templates, to provide a visual overview.

What HRs think of Pocket HRMS

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– Niranjana Neelakantan
HR Director, TESSOL

“The support team is highly admirable. Their professional and polite approach to our queries is simply excellent.”


– Nishant Mahajan
HR Manager, EvolveBack

“Data monitoring & HR analytics are made easy by Pocket HRMS, it is upcoming the future of the HR industry”


– Sonal Gangwani
HR Manager, Ignatiuz

Resources for HR and People leaders

What is HRMS? How is it Cost-Effective?

HRMS Software is a new-age HR technology that  automates all crucial HR tasks.

Is it time for HR to look beyond spreadsheets?

HR Spreadsheets

Still in love with spreadsheets? Download this ebook to look beyond spreadsheets.

Benefits Of Implementing AI In HR

Artificial Intelligence In HR Industry

Here are the benefits of implementing AI In HR, represented in infographic format.


There are several types of HRMS software based on their core functionality. For example, some would be multi-purpose HRMS systems that can handle every task related to employee management, while there are others which can handle a certain aspect of employee management, like recruitment or performance. Based on such classification, we can have several types of HRMS software, such as:


  • Recruitment Software

  • Onboarding System

  • Application Tracking Software

  • Employee Scheduling System

  • Time and Attendance Software

  • Benefits Administration System

  • Payroll Software

  • Human Capital Management Software

  • Employee Performance System

  • Employee Engagement Software

  • Compliance Handling System

  • Data Management Software

  • Analytics and Reporting System.

The cost of HRMS systems depends on the modules that you deploy in your company. Since almost all HRMS software is modular in nature, you can choose the modules that you wish to deploy in your business while implementing the system. Additionally, the overall cost of the HRMS platform also depends on the customizations applied to it and the new modules developed for an organization by the software vendor.


However, we should also help you understand that the cost is justified by the various benefits provided by the software in the long run. Having a simplified easy-to-use HRMS software enables the HR personnel to manage and engage your most significant asset – employees – effectively, aiding you in increased business productivity and long-term success.

There are multiple factors which improve employee performance in an organization. Some of the most relevant ones are:


  • Increased Knowledge and skillset augmented with training

  • Clear setting of goals and expectations by the management

  • Motivation and incentives in the form of rewards and recognition

  • Providing essential tools and resources to undertake daily tasks

  • Improved morale and inclusive ethical work culture


Deploying HR Management Software enables you to enhance each of these factors in the company, while also enabling you to monitor the changes in real time. HRMS modules like training, performance management, human capital management, rewards and recognition, and surveys help observe such changes practically, and make necessary changes as required. Hence, a human resources management system improves employee performance by providing HR with the necessary tools to monitor and improve their performance over time.

The top 5 popular HRMS in India are as follows:


1)  Pocket HRMS


Pocket HRMS is a comprehensive user-friendly AI-based HRMS solution that streamlines employee management and actively engages them with numerous enhanced features. Being a cloud-based system, it is highly flexible and scalable, making it ideal for start-ups and medium businesses.


Pocket HRMS has several noteworthy features including the interactive virtual HR chatbot ‘smHRty’, machine learning-based ‘smHRt Payroll’, customized template-based reporting, custom dashboards, geolocation and geofencing-based attendance, an intuitive mobile app, and more. It utilizes advanced modern technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, facial recognition, cloud architecture, and more to help HR teams manage their employees effectively.


2) Bamboo HR


Bamboo HR is a complete HRMS suite of HR utilities that enables you to manage employee data and gather valuable insights while streamlining the daily HR operations in the company. It has multiple modules to support the HR in undertaking their daily activities such as finding and hiring the right talent, processing payroll, tracking attendance, and more.


Bamboo HR also provides enhanced integrations with other common company software to provide seamless transfer of data between the programs. They have a dedicated hub for the management of employee data, which can be transformed into insightful reports to help HR and management with data-backed decision-making.


3) GreytHR


GreytHR is a cloud-based HR platform that enables HR management to support their staff members by automating most of their clerical tasks. It enables them to provide their employees with the best services by improving their productivity and enabling streamlined management of their data.


It also helps in keeping complete compliance with the statutory rules and regulations which promotes transparency and helps save time and money. It provides numerous features such as payroll management, leave management, attendance management, performance management, employee portal and mobile app. As a result, it enables enhanced automation with a centralized database, enhanced employee self service portal and Bella, the friendly chatbot.


4) Keka


Keka is an advanced HRMS platform that automates various HR and employee-related tasks. It frees HR from having to repeatedly perform the same clerical tasks by streamlining these tasks using an HRMS, which adapts to the organization. Keka HR provides various modules to handle the HR processes, such as people data and advanced analytics, payroll and expenses tracking, performance and company culture, hiring and onboarding, and others.


Being a modern HRMS, Keka HR also comes with project timesheets, time and attendance tracking systems, performance management, automated workflow handling, and more, to provide effortless employee management. As a result, it boosts employee productivity, and drives business growth, resulting in the overall development of the company.


5) DarwinBox


Darwinbox is another excellent HRMS platform that can vastly improve overall HR efficiency. To accomplish this goal, it uses multiple modules such as workforce management with time and attendance management, helpdesk management, remote workforce management, payroll and expense management, travel and expenses management, recruitment and onboarding, and more.


Additionally, Darwinbox also ensures employee engagement with innovative modules that help improve their engagement rates with periodic employment surveys, pulse surveys, rewards and recognition, 360-degree feedback, a dedicated talent development portal, etc. It also provides several MIS and audit-ready reports with visual analytics and dashboards for gathering in-depth insights.

Pocket HRMS is one of the best free HR software in India since it provides you with a free trial of 15 days. During the free trial, you can check out every feature of the system and connect with the team to understand how they can customize it to better suit your company’s business operations. Being a highly modular cloud-based system, Pocket HRMS also scales according to your business growth, enabling further optimized returns on your investment.


Deploying Pocket HRMS in your organization provides you with multiple benefits such as increased human resources efficiency, reduced operational costs, time savings, improved morale of employees, enhanced retention, avoidance of manual errors, improved attendance accuracy, simplified salary processing and compliance, enhanced data security and integrity, as well as enhanced analytics.

What are The Benefits of HRMS Software?

There are numerous benefits of deploying HRMS software in your organization, such as:

1. Improved Efficiency


Since the HRMS software takes care of all administrative tasks of an organization, it improves the efficiency of the HR management multiple times. Similarly, using dedicated HR software also ensures that you always have easy access to company and employee data, making it extremely easy to fetch any kind of information from an accurate database.

2. Reduced Costs


Another significant benefit of HRMS software is that it can reduce multiple kinds of costs associated with employee management, such as hiring expenses, rewards and recognition, among others. The HR and management can generate intuitive reports and understand which aspects of employee management are losing them money, while optimizing the tactics used for effective retention, thereby saving the hiring costs.

3. Enhanced Employee Morale


With effective employee management, your staff will understand the effort you put in to manage and take care of them effectively. Additionally, with the right data, you will be able to reward the performers and upskill the ones who are underperforming. Additionally, you can also strategize enhanced tactics to actively engage them with the help of analytics. Such strategies will ensure long-term commitment to the organization and improve overall employee morale in the company.


4. Improved Retention


As we discussed above, HR Management software provides enhanced data on employees and the company, resulting in data-backed decisions, which ensures employee engagement. Engaged employees also stay with their company for longer, making them an asset to the organization. Effective employee retention also results in improved productivity as the employees understand that their company values their efforts.

5. Reduced Manual Errors


Having employee and company data at your fingertips ensures enhanced data accuracy since you can verify the same at any time. The HRMS software makes this process easier by providing access to the company database from any smart device that is connected to the internet. It results in reduced manual errors since the data is accessible only to authorized users and is kept in secure databases.

6. Accurate Attendance


Another common issue in companies is the inaccuracies in the attendance information since it is usually stored in physical registers. Problems like buddy punching became rampant with their usage. Hence, dedicated HRMS software is necessary to ensure completely accurate attendance data since the data is effectively abstracted from the personnel.

7. Simplified Salary Processing


HRMS software also streamlined the process of collecting the necessary working hours data, calculating the employees’ payroll according to this data and the regulatory compliances, as well as disbursing it on time to maintain employee trust and satisfaction. With HRMS solutions, the HR management simply needs to provide the monthly input, while the system takes care of the rest of payroll processing, resulting in quicker and 100% accurate payroll disbursals every time.

8. Automated Compliance


Having an effective HRMS solution with enhanced payroll features will also enable automated compliance handling since it is a part of processing the employee payroll. A good HRMS solution will stay updated with the latest changes in the necessary statutory compliances, company HR policies, and all regulations to ensure that the company abides by the numerous central and state laws while paying its staff.

9. Improved Data Security


Since the HRMS solution stores critical company and employee information, it saves this data using secure encryption algorithms to ensure that it stays secure. Modern systems also provide role-based access to enable another level of data abstraction for enhanced data security. Such measures ensure that the data remains secure in the database, while those who have access to it cannot tamper with it since the system will also log their changes.

10. Enhanced Analytics


A major feature of HRMS software is that it provides enhanced analytic capabilities for generating template-based customizable reports. Since the HRMS software contains the database of the company and its employees, the HR and management can access it anytime and gather meaningful insights. They can generate interactive reports to make data-backed decisions, which helps them justify any actions they take for the company and employee wellbeing.

What are The Key Functionalities of an Ideal HRMS System?

HRMS solutions need to fulfil certain criteria to justify their existence in a company’s ecosystem. To fulfil this task, they need to have a few key functions and modules which enable the HR and management to effectively manage their workforce.


These modules enhance the functionality of the HRMS software, streamlining the numerous tasks of the HR department. Some of the key functionalities of an ideal HRMS system include:


Recruitment & Onboarding


Effective recruitment is easier said than done since it consists of various variables. Recruitment is essential for any company since it is responsible for hiring talented staff, who work in the company to make it successful.


Hence, the recruitment module of human resource management system helps the HR management in undertaking all hiring-related tasks such as creating jobs and developing attractive job descriptions (JD) for them, sharing the JD online in various forums and social media, sourcing the candidates, and screening them effectively, scheduling interviews and finalizing the candidates that will be onboarded.


Payroll Processing


Another key feature of HRMS software is the automation of payroll processing. The HRMS solution will be able to simply take the monthly input from the HR and carry out the multi-step process of collating the necessary attendance and working hours data, calculating the employee salaries based on it, deducting the components to ensure compliance with the statutory rules and regulations, and disbursing the final amounts using the right form of payment to each employee on time accurately.


Attendance & Leave Management


The human resource management system also takes care of providing accurate attendance and leave data in an organization. Since this information is essential for accurate salary disbursals, deploying an HRMS system makes the process effortless for the HR teams. Using the software, the staff members can mark their daily attendance, as well as request leaves from their manager, which are approved by them via the system, enhancing the transparency of the process.


Performance Handling


Handling the performance of employees is also crucial as their productivity ensures the long-term success of the company. The human resource management system provides each employee’s performance information accurately using timesheets filled in by the employees and approved by their managers. Such a transparent process will also help reward the performers with appraisals and upskill the underperformers to enhance the company’s overall productivity.


Training & Development


Speaking of upskilling, companies can provide relevant training and development to their employees based on the data collated by the HRMS software. Having such a data-backed learning and development module helps in the effective upskilling and cross-skilling of staff based on their aptitude. It also provides the staff with an added incentive to stay with the company for longer, improving the overall retention rate. The HRMS also helps in providing interactive mobile-friendly training, saving you time and money in the process.

How to find The Right HRMS System for your Organization?

Finding the right HRMS is key to managing employee effectively and unlocking their true potential using data. Hence, it is essential to find the right HRMS that can streamline your company processes while also engaging your employees actively. Additionally, it should be intuitive enough to not hinder the normal functioning of the HR teams.


Hence, you should consider an HR software that can provide you with simplified operations while providing you with all information within a few clicks. It should also be scalable and customizable as per your changing business requirements. You should also check for the after-sales support of the software vendor while checking for the best HR software in India.


Additionally, you should check out the data systems used by the software vendor to store your employee data as it is the foundation of a robust HRMS. Moreover, it should also be able to generate custom reports. Furthermore, having the ability to integrate with other business software that you use in your company is essential.

What is The Future of Human Resources Management Software?

Since we are witnessing the rise of Generative AI or Gen AI, it is safe to assume that it will be a huge part of the HRMS software domain. Current AI-based HRMS software like Pocket HRMS will be able to integrate Gen AI-based solutions into their software enhancing their excellent portfolio of pioneering features and enabling further integrated management of employee information.


Gen AI will be a huge part of HR software with its usability being multifold. For example, future HR software would be able to write laser-focused job descriptions that help you find the right candidate. Innovations in machine learning and adaptive intelligence will further improve the predictive analytics of HRMS solutions, which would be able to predict whether an employee is planning to leave your company.


AI-based chatbots will also be a huge part of future HR software since they will be better integrated into the system and hence, these chatbots would be able to better understand the employee and undertake their tasks better.


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