Attendance Management System

Attendance Management with Facial Recognition and Geo-tagging

Introduce your employees to a robust attendance management system that makes their attendance punching exciting.

attendance management system
Online Attendance System

Smooth Attendance Management Solution

Simplified HR Management System with Real-time Attendance

Completely Automated Attendance Process with Geo-tracking & Geo-fencing

smHRty IDentify

You can use the smart app on your tablet for kiosk-based attendance capture, which provides touchless biometric authentication.

Robust biometric features enable employees to mark their attendance anytime they require.

Contactless attendance with the help of facial recognition-based attendance capture using the smartphone app.

What Is The Attendance Management System?

An attendance management system is an essential feature of HRMS software that precisely tracks time for attendance, breaks, time off, and clocking in and out. This prevents any error in a record and makes attendance management precise and efficient.


The system automates your attendance, so the data should be available to the HR department in real time for the payroll software

Attendance software

Accurate Attendance Data for Simplified Payroll

Fullproof Attendance Management with Flexible User-friendly Settings

Smooth Attendance Management for tracking employees' attendance effectively

Remote Attendance

Using your mobile phone, mark attendance remotely with an automated attendance system for employees utilizing a GPS-tracking sensor.

  • Geo-tagging: Tag employee location while marking attendance

  • Geo-fencing: Create a virtual fence around the employee

Track your remote employee location in real-time for enhanced transparency in location data

Online attendance management system
attendance leave management system

Real-time Attendance Dashboard

On-time Report Generation with Errorless Attendance Processing

Mobile accessible Attendance management solution with advanced ESS, HRMS payroll, and leave management system

On-duty & WFH Integration

Enhanced flexibility to set ‘on-duty’ attendance for manual on-site remote work or a ‘work-from-home’ setup to ensure accurate attendance.

Regularize attendance in case of unexpected hardware failure or human errors by updating the data with the manager’s approval.

Calculate overtime automatically based on pre-defined company rules, which can be changed by the administrator whenever required.

Product Brochure

Get in-depth information on the HRMS software with the most intuitive Attendance Management System in India.

Top Functions of Attendance Management System

Here are the top 9 functions of integrating the Attendance Management System software in the HRMS solution.

Attendance Management Software

Stay compliant with updated labour laws and regulations.



Schedule employee shift arrangements efficiently.

Reporting &

Automated report generation with detailed analysis of attendance data


Calculate and track extra hours for employees.


Record employees' punch-in and out automatically


Remote access for on-the-go clock-ins, leave requests, and approvals


Robust data security and privacy with multiple encryption techniques


Geo-tracking and biometrics integration for improved accuracy


Provide employees control over leave requests & approvals.


What HRs think of Pocket HRMS

“We have been using Pocket HRMS Software for a year and are very happy with our choice. Excellent service support.”


Niranjana Neelakantan
HR Director, TESSOL

“The support team is highly admirable. Their professional and polite approach to our queries is simply excellent.”


Nishant Mahajan
Corporate GM-HR, EvolveBack

“Data monitoring & HR analytics are made easy by Pocket HRMS, it is upcoming the future of the HR industry”


Sonal Gangwani
HR Manager, Ignatiuz

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Quick Attendance Management Features

Pocket HRMS gives you & your employees the best experience through our attendance management system.

AI-Based Attendance System Guide and Overview

AI based Smart Attendance System

The Revolutionize attendance tracking with Pocket HRMS’ AI-powered Attendance Management System. 

Pocket HRMS Attendance Management Solution

Pocket HRMS Attendance Management Solution

Attendance & time tracking is the most crucial aspect for optimum employee management since it forms..

The presence of a biometric-based attendance management software polishes employees’ attendance marking experience. The biometric features ensure that the routine process of marking attendance is interactive and encouraging for the employees.


With Pocket HRMS, employees can enjoy advanced facial recognition-based attendance punching and selfie attendance during check-in and check-out. Besides, GPS tracking and GEO fencing features help capture accurate time facial data and the employee’s location as part of their attendance metadata. Overall, it leads to smooth payroll processing on time.


Some significant advantages of a biometrics-based attendance management system are:

  • Improved Data Accuracy

  • Time Theft Elimination

  • Morale Boost

  • Improved Accountability

  • Streamlined Payroll.

Pocket HRMS is a comprehensive time and attendance management software. It automates every task related to attendance, helping you efficiently complete them.


Here are the following points why one should choose Pocket HRMS!


Selfie Attendance

Employees can clock in and out by capturing selfies.


ESS Portal

Employees mark attendance, generate on-duty/overtime requests, etc.


Real-time Data Management

Managers can analyze real-time data and make timely decisions for seamless HRMS Payroll Software Management.


Full-proof Automation

The attendance management software comes with automation features that lead to data accuracy.


Data Security

Employees can enjoy high-end data security through role-based access controls and data encryption.


Remote Access

Company staff can punch their attendance irrespective of location. And management can keep track of remote employees.

Yes, there are remote attendance tracking options in Pocket HRMS. We provide a GPS tracking or GEO fencing feature that helps you monitor your employees’ whereabouts at specific intervals, ensuring their combined work hours, leaves, break duration, etc.

Pocket HRMS provides a one-stop solution for any unforeseen circumstances. Let’s discuss the topic with examples,

If hardware fails, employees can manually raise attendance regularization requests through the Pocket HRMS ESS portal mobile application. Once the manager gets the notification, he can approve or reject them as required. The same thing manager will perform if employees forget to punch in/out and check-in/out at the wrong time. Due to such corrective mechanisms, employee attendance remains updated with the correct data.


Such features in Pocket HRMS ensure that the employees stay updated about attendance details, making the jobs of HR and administrators easier for salary computations every cycle.

What Is The Attendance Management System?

Attendance management system tracks employee attendance during office hours and records employee working hours using punching cards, biometric assistance, fingerprint scanners, retina scanners, selfie attendance, and more. The data is usually stored in the attendance management software or cloud-based spreadsheet.


Indeed, the Online Attendance System is an application comprising a set of methods of regulating employee attendance, analyzing employee breaks and time off, and coordinating with the HRMS attendance system to share and extract accurate employee data. The software could be cloud-based or system-based. ‍With the system’s assistance, HR can track real-time data and timely access to payroll.


The Global Employee attendance management software market is not just growing, but, according to a study by Transparency Market Research, it’s estimated to grow significantly from 2023 to 2029. In 2023, the initial market growth was 3.2 billion, with a CAGR of 9.5 %. The ultimate target is US$5.85 billion by 2030. This promising growth is driven by the mass integration of employee attendance software for accurate and efficient time tracking and management systems in organizations of all sizes and types.

Top 5 Importance Of Attendance Management System

1. Accurate Attendance Data


Integrating with an employee self-service portal, ERP platform, and payroll software, an attendance management system comes with numerous features that assist employees in controlling their punch in/out, leave analysis, work hours, payroll analysis, etc. On the other hand, employers get real-time, accurate employee attendance data for further payroll processing.


Additionally, organizations can maintain a track of attendance-related laws and policies and implement them within the workplace.


2. Real-time Tracking


Integrating this software ensures the employers’ real-time tracking facilities within the organization. It introduces features like GPS or GEO tagging, enabling employees to mark their attendance anytime. On the other hand, with the assistance of real-time tracking facilities, employees receive accurate employee attendance data for the suitable payroll processing.


Additionally, with the help of GEO fencing, employers can track employee attendance no sooner than they are within office premises.


3. Effortless Attendance Capture


With the assistance of the attendance software, employees can mark their attendance through biometric scanners and RFID cards or by capturing daily selfies during check-in and check-out times. Due to outstanding automation techniques, employees and employers must not attend manual intervention. It leads to accurate and real-time data management.


Moreover, the system is mobile-friendly, allowing employees to clock in and out using their mobile application. Users can use GPS and GEO tracking features to analyze location monitoring and overall work hours.


An attendance system can save time, eliminate the need for manual record-keeping, and ensure compliance with labour regulations. It ultimately improves operational efficiency and payroll accuracy.


4. Payroll Error Avoidance


An attendance management system can smoothly calculate employees’ daily work hours, their leave analysis, on duty, and overtime calculation by eliminating the risk of human error associated with manual data entry or paper-based systems. The system ensures data accuracy and real-time data handling, leading to smoother payroll processes and improved employee job satisfaction.


Additionally, the attendance system ensures accurate tracking of attendance-related laws and policies, such as overtime rules and leave entitlements, further minimizing payroll discrepancies.


5. Reduced Administrative Work


This software introduces biometric attendance, mobile-based check-in/out, automated shift scheduling, and leave management system. Thus, the organization gets employee attendance-related data on or before time without manual intervention. Overall, it reduces the workload for company administrators.


Moreover, the management system introduces built-in reporting and different analytic tools, which provide insight into attendance trends, allowing managers to make informed decisions and address attendance issues proactively.

What Are The Features Of An Attendance Management System?

An online attendance system streamlines the process of monitoring and recording employee work hours, overtime, and breaks. It offers outstanding features that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.


Here are the following key features,


  • Punch-in/ out


An attendance system comes with numerous biometric features for marking attendance, such as fingerprints, retina scanners, or facial recognition to track employee attendance.


Employees can record their arrival and departure times by punching in/out, ensuring accurate tracking of work hours or on-duty duration and providing real-time data on employee attendance.


On the other hand, with the assistance of the system, HR doesn’t have to perform manual timekeeping. They just transfer the real-time data to payroll processing and analyze precise records for payroll and other compliance purposes.


  • Streamlined Payroll


Integrating the payroll module and the attendance software not only assists employers in transferring real-time attendance data for accurate payroll calculation but also eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, and saves payroll administrators time.


With work-tracking features and effective timesheet management, employers can track every minute of employee work activity to support hourly compensation and enable flexible payments.


Besides, payroll integration with the online attendance system provides insights into employee costs and helps organizations adhere to compliance regulations regarding wages and working hours.


  • Automated Communication


The attendance system ensures automated communication features that facilitate seamless communication between employees and management regarding attendance-related matters.


Additionally, with the assistance of the attendance management software, employees receive reminders about upcoming shifts, scheduled breaks, pending time-off requests, etc. Meanwhile, management receives notification of employee late arrivals, absences, overtime hours, etc.


Seamless communication features with this software enhance transparency, reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings, and foster accountability among all stakeholders.


  • Efficient ESS Integration


The employee attendance system integrates with the employee self-service portal, giving employees control over the system without any HR intervention. The ESS features introduce self-punch-in and punch-out features for the employees. They can also analyze their work hours and understand their leave details individually.


The attendance system integrated with the ESS portal introduces secure human resource management software that is effective for employees and profitable for human resources specialists.


  • Biometric Attendance


The staff attendance system introduces biometric attendance features within the HRMS software. This feature is essential for ensuring security and accuracy in tracking employee presence. Besides, it eliminates common problems like buddy punching and scope for proxy attendance by introducing fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scans, and more.


Integrating the biometric features within the software simplifies the administrative workflow and provides accurate data for payroll processing.


  • Report Generation


Due to integration with multiple high-end features, an attendance software provides quick and accurate reports on employee attendance, absenteeism, late arrivals, early departure, overtime hours, and other important matrices.


The attendance software ensures quick employee attendance data calculation, smooth attendance trend monitoring, automated report generation, etc. Real-time data access and reporting improve operational efficiency and support strategic planning and workforce management.


  • Integration with ERP Software


Integrating with the ERP software, the HRMS attendance introduces seamless employee data synchronization and smooth workflow integration across different departments. The ERP software with other essential business functions like payroll, Human Resources, and Finance.


Moreover, the ERP features facilitate the real-time access of attendance-related information for decision-making, reporting, and compliance purposes, enhancing overall operational efficiency and productivity.


A proper integration of the employee attendance software and the ERP software leads to better organizational decision-making and resource allocation.


  • Security & Compliance


An attendance system helps the organization comply with state and central labour laws and regulations within the HRMS software. It ensures robust safety and security by handling confidential personal and professional data. Attendance management is designed to secure sensitive information through robust access control, encryption, and secure data storage by preventing unauthorized data storage and breaches.


Aligning with the state and central labour law, the staff attendance system protects employee information and promotes a secure work environment.


  • Mobile Access


Cloud-based attendance management software for employees is easily accessible from any device. It can be downloaded and installed from any app store.


By accessing mobile, remote, and field workers, they can mark their attendance with the enabled geo-location tracking from any location at any time. Moreover, the features bring real-time updates and notifications to the outer station workers. With the assistance of the attendance system cloud application, remote employees can communicate smoothly and maintain accurate attendance records throughout the day.


  • Shift Management


The presence of shift planners within the employee attendance software is effective for companies that arrange a 24/7, remote, or fieldwork culture. Employers can create, edit, and assign shifts to individuals or groups based on marked attendance on custom criteria.


A shift planner helps employees view their assigned shifts, request changes or swaps, and review their upcoming schedules smoothly. On the other hand, employers analyze employee performance more accurately, minimize scheduling conflict, and maintain a positive work atmosphere, which leads to clarity and transparency in overall workforce management.

What Are The Benefits Of An Attendance Management System? 

Here are the top 5 benefits of using and integrating the attendance management system with the HRMS system. 


1. Data Accuracy


An online attendance management system welcomes an employee self-service portal and other automation features that provide errorless employee attendance data and relevant documents on time. It assures data accuracy by calculating work hours, tracking overtime, presenting employee-wise attendance details, and more.


Moreover, accurate on-time employee attendance data leads to real-time payroll processes and enhances company productivity.


2. Paperless Documentation


An online attendance management system eliminates paperwork and introduces paperless documentation and cloud-based attendance data storage by digitizing check-in/out on duty, request leaves, approvals, and related documentation and records.


Handling paperless documentation helps reduce paper consumption and associated costs and smoothly manage, store, and retrieve errorless data. Additionally, by transitioning to paperless documentation, organizations can enhance data security and streamline administrative tasks related to attendance management.


3. Increased Productivity


A successful organization requires maximum employee productivity with minimum error. An online attendance system integrated with the HRMS helps employers manage data errorlessly, process payroll seamlessly, and produce real-time administrative output without any manual intervention, enhancing employee engagement and productivity.


With the assistance of the system, employers need to continue with the repetitive administrative tasks daily. Instead, they can focus on business strategy and product development. Overall, it improves team efficiency and engagement and increases company profit.


4. Cost-effective


The staff attendance management system online comes with features like automation, self-service facilities, custom reporting, and more. Employers need not invest separately and must receive accurate employee administrative data on time without any manual intervention. 


With the assistance of the system, employers bring accuracy to HRMS payroll processing, thereby reducing the risk of errors and potential financial losses due to incorrect payments.


Besides, by receiving real-time visibility into employee attendance, the system enables proactive management of overtime and absenteeism, helping to control labour costs effectively.


5. Accurate Payroll Inputs


Manual attendance data collection, analysis, and payroll processing based on the data are challenging tasks that lead to payroll errors. Therefore, employees often need clarification while dealing with mismatched monthly payrolls. 


The time attendance management system for employees assists in accurate payroll processing by integrating raw attendance data into the payroll system. In the preliminary step, the system records employee real-time data on work hours, overtime hours, absences, and leaves and calculates the employees’ salaries accurately.


In a word, an online attendance system assists in maintaining payroll accuracy, complying with laws and policies, and paying employees on time.

How Do You Find The Right Attendance Management System For Your Organization?

Here, we share the top 7 factors for choosing the right attendance system for your workplace. Some key factors to consider are,


  • Features and Functionality


Before integrating your HRMS solution with attendance management software, reviewing the system’s features and functionality, such as time tracking, leave management, shift scheduling, reporting capabilities, and integration with other HR systems are essential.


  • Scalability


Rechecking the staff attendance system is also essential to ensure it is scalable for your organization. The system can scale according to your growth as the number of employees and locations increase.


  • Ease of Use


Intuitive navigation, simple branding, and simple workflows improve adoption and reduce training time. Employees will be excited to mark their attendance by clicking selfies or scanning fingerprints. 


  • Customization Options


Before integrating with the attendance software, review whether the system allows customization. The software features should align with your organization’s unique attendance policies, workflows, and reporting requirements.


  • Integration Capabilities


The attendance system should have robust integration capabilities so that you can easily integrate it into your existing HR solutions, such as payroll, leave, timesheet, and recruitment management.  


Right integration capabilities streamline data management and ensure data accuracy before random integration.


  • Mobile Accessibility


An attendance system should be mobile-accessible. Employees can use it to punch in/out, request time off, and view their attendance records from their smartphones or tablets anytime, as needed.  


  • Compliance and Security


According to labour laws and compliances, the company attendance policy should be updated regularly. So, verifying that the staff attendance system complies with relevant labour laws and regulations and provides robust security measures to protect sensitive attendance data is mandatory before purchasing.


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