Attendance Management System

Attendance Management with
Facial Recognition and Geo-tagging

Treat your employees to a robust attendance management system that
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Attendance Management System

Experience Cloud-based Attendance
Management of the Future

Geo Tagging

Hybrid Attendance

Multiple options for attendance such as manual, app-based, kiosk-based, facial recognition, and geo-location for enhanced flexibility.

Biometric Integration

Integrate with existing biometric hardware or use your employee’s smartphones for obtaining accurate attendance.

Geo-tagging, Geo-fencing, Geo-tracking

  • Geo-tagging: Tag employee location while marking attendance

  • Geo-fencing: Create a virtual fence around the employee

  • Geo-tracking: Track your remote employee location in real-time

What is Attendance Management System?

An attendance management system is software that tracks the working hours of employees. It does precise time tracking for attendance, breaks, the time off taken, clock in and clock out, by your employee. It prevents any type of error in a record. It makes your attendance management precise and efficient.

In a good attendance management system, your employees can mark their time and attendance in the mobile app. The software automates your attendance management, so the data should be available to the HR department in real-time to do the precise payroll and your employees should be compensated for their time.

smHRty IDentify

Use the smart app on your tablet for kiosk-based attendance capture, which provides touchless biometric authentication.

Remote Attendance

Capture attendance remotely with dedicated smartphone app utilizing the GPS sensors of the employees’ mobile phones.

Facial Recognition

Contactless attendance with the help of facial recognition-based attendance capture using the smartphone app.

Facial Recognition
On-duty and WFH Integration​

On-duty & WFH Integration

Enhanced flexibility to set ‘on-duty’ attendance for manual on-site remote work or a ‘work-from-home’ setup to ensure accurate attendance.

Attendance Regularization

Regularize attendance in case of unexpected hardware failure or human errors by updating the data with the manager’s approval.

Rule-based Overtime Calculation

Calculate overtime automatically based on pre-defined company rules, which can be changed by the administrator whenever required.

Employee Self Service Portal

Make Attendance Management Effortless with an Automated Comprehensive System

Flexible Attendance Management Software that adapts
to your Company's Requirements

Multiple Shifts Scheduling

Configure employee shifts and week-offs based on company policies and specific timings to ensure complete flexibility.

Custom Approval Workflow

Define custom workflows for approval from managers, HRs, and administrators, to enable enhanced transparency.

Shift Management
by Manager

Managers can define and manage employee shifts to ensure 100% attendance flexibility and in-depth shift management.

Rule-based Attendance

Additional options to create custom rules for late-coming, leaving early, and over-time calculation based on employee category and designation.

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Multiple Reports

Multiple Reports

Generate custom periodic reports by choosing each parameter and defining the date range for the report to ensure accurate, in-depth reporting.

Timely Notifications

Timely Notifications

On-time notifications ensure that the managers can approve or reject applications, and the employees are notified of them instantly.

Roster Management

Roster Management

Develop and manage attendance rosters for improved efficiency in employee attendance while providing minimal inputs.

What HRs think of Pocket HRMS

“We have been using Pocket HRMS Software for a year and are very happy with our choice. Excellent service support.”


– Niranjana Neelakantan
HR Director, TESSOL

“The support team is highly admirable. Their professional and polite approach to our queries is simply excellent.”


– Nishant Mahajan
HR Manager, EvolveBack

“Data monitoring & HR analytics are made easy by Pocket HRMS, it is upcoming the future of the HR industry”


– Sonal Gangwani
HR Manager, Ignatiuz

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Quick Attendance Management Features

Pocket HRMS gives you & your employees the best experience through our attendance management system.

Benefits of Having an Attendance Management System

Benefits of Having an Attendance Management System

A cloud-based attendance system is particularly relevant in 2021 when the global Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll…

Pocket HRMS Attendance Management Solution

Pocket HRMS Attendance Management Solution

Attendance & time tracking is the most crucial aspect for optimum employee management since it forms..


An Attendance Management System should keep track of employee attendance. It accurately tracks the daily working hours, late comings, overtime, login time, logout time, and other factors related to employee time and attendance in real-time.


To undertake these tasks efficiently, the features of attendance management systems should have multiple characteristics such as a robust database, efficient modules, biometrics integration and preferably, access to the internet for remote attendance. Modern attendance management systems like Pocket HRMS are deployed on the cloud to ensure that each feature is baked into the system.


The attendance management software also helps prevent attendance malpractices like buddy-punching with the help of foolproof biometric toolsfacial recognition, fingerprint sensors, and more. Additionally, the managers can observe real-time attendance data at a glance and inform the upper management about the company’s daily productivity.

Similarly, managers can generate various attendance reports to understand the vibe of the employees concerning their working hours. They can understand frequent late-coming employees and have a word with them to understand their concerns. They can also understand whether employees are facing issues with their attendance and optimize their systems to streamline the process better.

Implementing a dedicated attendance management system should provide you with several advantages. The most significant benefit of this system is that you can have real-time tracking capabilities of your employee’s whereabouts. Similarly, you can avoid bulky attendance registers by favouring online paperless attendance. It also cuts down the resulting paper trail and helps maintain an environmental responsibility.


Another significant advantage of an attendance software is getting accurate, reliable data. With the help of an online system, you can eliminate the time and cost spent on rectifying human errors and focus on improving productivity and efficiency instead. Moreover, having an automated system helps improve workflow management for your employees.


An online attendance management system can also help in cost savings by streamlining attendance-related tasks. Issues like absenteeism, proxy attendance, etc., can be tackled head-on with the help of a robust system. Additionally, with accurate data, you can avoid any payroll errors, which proves to be a cost saver in the long term.


Furthermore, since the employees enjoy the benefits of self-service options such as surveys, payslips, requests, etc., it helps them stay engaged with their company for longer. It is an added advantage for the company on top of all the benefits mentioned above.

Having a biometrics-based attendance management software vastly improves the attendance marking experience of the employees. It helps make the routine process of marking their attendance interactive and exciting for the employee. With Pocket HRMS, you also get the added benefit of touchless attendance thanks to our advanced facial recognition-based attendance punching system, which can also be integrated with other biometrics hardware.


Additionally, it curbs malpractices such as buddy-punching and wrong time entries. The system captures accurate time, facial data and the employee’s location as part of their attendance metadata. Due to error-free data, the employees can also be provided with the correct salaries without manually calculating their wages based on their working hours.


A biometric attendance management system also ensures that you have accurate tamper-proof data. Data accuracy helps the HR, managers, and administrators save time which could have been spent on cross-verifying the numbers manually in the case of traditional systems.


Some significant advantages of a biometrics-based attendance management system are:

  • Improved Data Accuracy

  • Time Theft Elimination

  • Morale Boost

  • Improved Accountability

  • Streamlined Payroll

There are multiple issues with the traditional manual attendance tracking methods. The primary problem is that the legacy time and attendance management system is manual and, hence, is prone to human errors. It is easy to make mistakes while entering the attendance data manually.


Another significant issue is the rampant malpractices which plague the companies when it comes to manual attendance of the employees. Time theft and buddy-punching are examples of how some employees misuse their legacy systems to gain undue advantage. Similarly, overtime punching without working and coming late and punching normal time is also commonplace.


Manual attendance tracking is a time-consuming process. It takes time to go through the attendance records of each employee, verify the time entered, and process the salary manually based on it. If there are any errors in the final amount after the calculations, the employees would also be after their HR to resolve the issue, further taking up their time.


Manual systems also require more paperwork for record-keeping and compliance. They are also inconvenient to keep as they take up more space and are problematic to retrieve whenever needed. All these problems compound to make manual attendance tracking a very cumbersome process.

Pocket HRMS provides a comprehensive time and attendance management system which helps you undertake every task related to attendance with utmost efficiency with the help of automation. Your employees can punch in their daily attendance using facial biometrics and location, check their attendance data, and request corrections if required. This process makes the mundane task of marking their attendance interactive and helps engage your employees.


Similarly, you can check their daily attendance, approve their correction and on-duty requests, generate attendance reports, set custom overtime and late-coming rules, and much more. You can also have custom approval workflows, shifts managed by managers, rule-based attendance, different shifts for different kinds of employees, and timely notifications. You can also enjoy the advanced roster management capabilities of this system.

The most significant benefit of having remote attendance is that your employees can punch in their attendance, irrespective of location. This option proves especially useful for the employees working off-site who require a robust solution to punch in their daily attendance. Additionally, you can ensure that your employees are at the right location at the right time due to the location capture feature of our attendance software.


Another major benefit of having a remote attendance management system is that the managers can keep track of their desk-less employees who are constantly on the move, in real-time. Pocket HRMS comes with a geo-tracking feature that helps you monitor your employees’ whereabouts at specific intervals ensuring that they undertake their tasks as expected. This feature helps avoid time theft and improves the productivity of the workforce.

Pocket HRMS is a ‘robust’ solution that takes care of any unforeseen circumstances. For example, in case of hardware failures, employees can manually raise an attendance regularization request through their ESS Portal or mobile app. Once their manager approves it, it corrects the attendance entry for that day. The same can be done in cases where the employee forgets to punch in their attendance or punches it at the wrong time.


Due to such corrective mechanisms, the employees’ attendance remains updated with the correct data. The system also provides a handy ‘Annual Attendance Summary’ page, which shows the annual attendance data and lets you know of any irregularities in it. Additionally, your employees can register requests for regularization of their attendance right from the dedicated Pocket HRMS mobile app. The manager gets a notification about the same, and they can approve or reject it as required. The employee will also be notified of the rejection or approval from the app. Such features ensure that the employees stay updated about the attendance details, making the job of the HR and administrators easier for salary computations every cycle.

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