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Get clutter-free and accurate employee expense management along with automated ROI reports

What is Expense Management Software

What is Expense Management Software?

Expense management software is a system that helped to track employee expenses. Along with the expense tracking, expense management software also helps in the reimbursement of the expenses to the employees. This process involves evaluating the submitted expense with the company’s policies for expense control.

This software helps your business to control and manage the expenditure of the firm and employees so the fund is well managed for the projects. Good software also allows employees to submit their detailed expenditures remotely from smartphones so they do not have to wait longer for the processing to begin.track that approvals

Intelligent Expense Management System

Make the expense management process paperless with our intelligent cloud-based expense management software, it does not need paper filing. All the expenditure of the employee like travel and other expense management like for hotels, food, fuel can be done seamlessly without any confusion or clutter in the entire process.

With this intelligent software, you can set multiple expenditure types for expense reporting such as travel, hotel, etc. with ease with just a click of a button. Pocket HRMS is the best to keep all employee expenses sorted and well managed for effortless expense reporting and getting clutter-free calculations.
Intelligent Expense Management System
Smart Deduction

Smart Deductions

With Pocket HRMS expense management software you can empower your employee for keeping expenses in control. With an expense management tool, it is easy to manage and get expense reports for all standard expenses like transport allowance and medical reimbursement as well as standard deductions.

It is software that makes the multi-tier approval which is common in managing business expenses a cakewalk. Your staff do not have to wait and track the process for weeks and months for this employee expense process to end to get it. Expense tracking software does smart deductions and ensures that there are no errors in the process.

Get Hustle Free Expense Management with Pocket HRMS

Paperless Expense Reporting

You can manage travel claims to the standard deduction and other employee expenses from the integrated travel and expense management software. You can also generate expense reports at any time and anywhere. You can manage expenses of all sizes and stay 100% in compliance with the software.

Your expense management no more needs to be stuck to paper applications and documentation in the world of habitual with a credit card and digitalization. Getting reimbursement for the expenses made for the work is important for your employees and our accounting software helps you deliver it quicker with our paperless process.
Paperless Expense Reporting
One-stop Claim Management

One-Stop Claim Management

If you have a different expense reporting system for tracking and processing your employee expenses then expense report management can be a huge task for the HR team. Different departments use different criteria and tools that can be time-consuming, confusing and prone to errors at the same time.

In Pocket HRMS expenses claims like medical expenses, reimbursements and travel expenses are the parts of single processing. Our one-stop claim management cut down a large part of a complicated process so your employee expense is handled with speed and accuracy with the centralized expense reporting.

Automated ROI Reporting

Preparing HR MIS reports on their returns on investment (ROI) for one of the most tedious jobs for organizations. If you rely on excel and do it manually this is a very complicated as well as time-consuming process. There are other important tasks that HR need to dedicate their time and efforts of your HR.

With the help of expense management software which is based on cloud technology, you can get auto-generated ROI expense reports. If you are looking for a tool that can manage employee expenses and also get you an accurate AI-based ROI report of your business, Pocket HRMS is the software your business needs.

Automated ROI Reporting


Having transparency in the management of the expenditure is important for employees as well as a business owners. With Pocket HRMS you can issue a business card upon integration. This card can be used for all types of transactions with an automated and streamlined transparent expense management system.

Through this, your employees can track all their reimbursement processes effortlessly. They also get to track that approvals for these claims too which avoid any discrepancies between them and the endorser. This provides much-needed transparency in the process and enhances the employee experience. Check out our performance management module.

Manage all your employee expenses under one roof and create expense report on the go! Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Benefits of Expense Management Software

pocket hrms Save Time _ Cost


With Pocket HRMS software you can make the entire process of expense management paper-free

pocket hrms Make HR Efficient

Multi-tier Approvals

Get the multi-tier approvals seamlessly and efficiently with the automated HRMS software

pocket hrms Error-free Payroll

Easy Expense Reporting

You can generate reports on a go with a click of a button. Say no to complications with the system

pocket hrms Accurate Attendance

Transparency in Management

The software keeps your employees updated about the processing of their claim and make it transparent

pocket hrms Engaging Experience

ROI Report

Our software provides the auto-generated ROI report increasing efficiency of the HR team

pocket hrms High Portability

One-stop Hub

All the claims for different types of expenses now can be processed in a single system avoiding the hustle

Frequently asked questions

Having good software to manage the expenses can save a lot of costs for the company. It makes the process effortless employees make them feel more empowered, valued and also builds trust for the company.

The tool brings transparency in the process where employees can submit their claims for reimbursement for various expenses. The system evaluates all the claims against appropriate related policies and budget limits making it a non-partial and efficient process. The employees can also track the status of their claims.

The software also saves costs directly by eliminating the possibility of duplicate or fraud claims. It also notifies the concerned person if such practice is identified. The automated comprehensive ROI report also helps businesses to plan their expenses better with meaningful insights.
Evaluating and approving the reimbursement claims in the company can be tiring. there are generally different sets of policies and limitations for every type of expense. Doing all of it manually need a lot of workforce and effort.

There is always a possibility of miscalculation or other errors when done manually which can cost the company extra money, dissatisfaction to employees and extra corrective work for the HR and accounting team. Pocket HRMS eliminate all this clutter and automates the process with better efficiency and lesser time. This also gets the extra time for the HR team which can be utilized for other important tasks.
When you have Pocket HRMS to manage your expenses there is no mixing up. There are different categories of expenses that make it simple to sort. The automated system also evaluates the claims for the policies in the firm to avoid any kind of fraud practice.

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