Payroll Software in Hyderabad

Meet the best payroll software in Hyderabad
Pocket HRMS is a leading HR software in Hyderabad.
Meet the best payroll software in Hyderabad
Pocket HRMS is a leading HR software in Hyderabad.

Your quest for the best payroll software in Hyderabad ends!

Hyderabad popularly known as Cyberabad is growing hub for millennials with the recent surge in tech infrastructure and developments. It is home to some of the industry giants making it a hot-favourite city for employment and livelihood. Keeping in mind the tech boom and the inflating need for better employee management systems, we present Pocket HRMS, a trusted name for HR software in Hyderabad. A ‘hire-to-retire’ HR solution, Pocket HRMS manages employee on-boarding, performance appraisal, attendance, time, full and final settlement and a lot more.

Smarter timesheet management

It is a good thing to see an increasing number of businesses embracing flexible work timings, which on the other hand is taking a huge toll on the lives of HR departments making them sluggish and inefficient. Pocket HRMS is one such HR software in Hyderabad that addresses this concern.

Pocket HRMS automates the entire cumbersome process of tracking attendance and time saving a great deal of time and efforts for the HR. Being a cloud based payroll software in Hyderabad, your HR get easy access to all the critical employee data on the go and from anywhere, anytime.

Manage leave requests at a click

We fully understand and respect the fact that employees at times need some time off from their responsibilities be it due to some illness or a vacation. Also, today’s cutthroat competition world requires businesses and employees to put in extra efforts in the form of extended work hours. This makes it crucial for the HR personnel to keep a track of leaves taken by employees and hours worked extra for redundant-free payroll calculations.

Pocket HRMS offers automated leave management module, which makes leave management a cakewalk for the HR. No need to maintain heaps of spreadsheets and timesheet for leave tracking, as Pocket HRMS makes leave management a child’s play.

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