Performance Management System

Track your employee performance with 540-degree feedback for remarkable performance management

What is Performance Management System

Most people think of an annual appraisal when they come across the term performance management. Employee management is much more than that and appraisals are just part of it. Performance management is not done once a year but it is a continuous process. Performance management can be defined as a process of improving the performance of the company by aligning the goals of individuals, teams and departments to the strategic goals of the organization. In this continuous performance management process, planning is done to achieve these goals and also the assessment is performed to check the progress of performance in the direction of the organization goals. As the process is to make sure that goals and objectives should be achieved, it is also concerned about developing knowledge and skills in the individual and to raise their performance and making employees more capable to contribute more towards the individual and organization goals.


The performance management system is software that helps to manage a performance management process entirely. As a continuous process, this requires a lot of time and effort. The Pocket HRMS enables the key objective of tracking employee performance. It also helps to assess the employee progress, achieve goals, keep staff motivated and assist in training and skill development in order to enhance the individual performance.

Track Employee Performance

Tracking the performance of an employee has never been an easy task. It should be done regularly for effective performance management. There are different parameters according to the goals that the company want to achieve. This may cause some errors and definitely takes a lot of effort when done manually. With the help of performance management system companies can make sure that employee performance is been tracked regularly and accurately to get ideas about progress towards the goals.

A performance management system assists managers in a performance management process. It is important to make sure that the constituent elements of the company like individuals and teams have their goals properly aligned and are moving in the same direction. a performance management systems make it easy to understand and track the performance of the employee against the set performance metrics. As the tracking process can be easily automated in the Pocket HRMS.  


Employees are likely to stay in the organization longer when their efforts, their performance is being rewarded. For performance management, it is important that the managers keep track of performance accurately and employees do not feel that that is a bias. Performance management systems ensure that all the metrics are followed properly and make it easy to identify and reward desired performance. The system also helps to identify areas of improvement to improve in future.

Get 540 Degree Feedback

There should be proper feedback and that is what makes the performance management process fruitful. As now and then the course of performance of employees can be corrected to the desired direction. The sooner the managers can deliver the feedback the better it is for employees to correct and improve their performance. The best performance management system is one that enables you to give employees real-time feedback on their performance on a constant basis and with ease.

Pocket HRMS is a performance management system, it ensures your reviews and feedback on the performance of the employees, easy to be analysed, effective and compiled. Making it simple for managers and employees to understand what is expected from them in a performance management process. The performance management processes and development plans are done continuously for each employee as feedback makes it better to understand the gaps between the performance and the expectations. Performance review everyone a view in their own performance at the stage.  


A performance management system provides tools for performance review such as 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees as well as 540 degrees within the organization. That gives you a clear view of the overall performance towards goals and objectives. This opens doors for holistic feedback and unbiased performance appraisal and rewards making your performance management trustworthy.

Track Employee Performance Management Seamlessly

Best Talent Management Software

There is a need to have the right talent management in the organization to assist the performance management process. In fact, to raise the performance of the organization it is important to get the employees with the right skills in the workforce. This involves the development of necessary skills in the present employees as well. This talent management is an essential part of performance management processes. Skilled staff is a part that builds a strong foundation for the company output.

Pocket HRMS is a performance management system that takes care of all your talent management need. We can not deny the fact that the quality of output of the entire firm depends on the collective quality of output by the employees. Our talent management software ensures that human resource management always gets the right set of talent on board. So the set of their skills and values are aligned with the values, goals and objectives of the organization ensuring better performance from the talent.  


Talent management also helps employees understand how to excel in their careers and provide them opportunities. It removes obstacles in employee’s growth in the organization. Our Talent management software can be used by the HR team and the manager. It helps you to make sure that all employees are having the right skill set to help your organization grow and achieve the organizational goals.

Performance Appraisal at Ease

Performance appraisal is an important part of the performance management processes at a workplace. For effective performance management, we need to be able to bring ease in the management of performance reviews. Thus, we need performance management systems that can give the right performance reviews to every employee. This has to be according to metrics of employee performance and expected performance of the employee from the alignment towards goals and much more.

A performance management system is a tool that evaluates work done by employees. It plays important role in improving the performance of the organization. The right performance management system will give you better performance appraisal leading to efficient performance management. Performance reviews can be an important part of future productivity in the organization. They are not just indicators of the current performance but also paves way for future development plans.

Our employee performance management system recognizes employee efforts and dedication with transparency of pre-fed grading parameters, questions, and grading base. Pocket HRMS modules such as expense management, ESS portal and training management makes the cumbersome and tedious task of performance appraisal of employees more efficient,stress-free and much faster.

Automated Reminders

A performance management system has many things to be taken care of. Having good performance management systems can also be a reason for employee retention. As that management system improves the process by which performance is measured. To add efficiency to performance management we have an automated reminder system in the Pocket HRMS. This can help to improve employee performance as it ensures that there are no important events that they miss by mistake.

Nowadays there are so many activities that are going on in the organization simultaneously. This can get really difficult for managers and employees to keep track of. There has to be constant training and development of skills for the staff. Every job has a different skill set needs further every employee may not be lacking in all the skills and may need to work on a few and not the others. For employees managing these events and scheduling them right can get tricky very fast without timely reminders for the same.


With our performance management system, the manager and employees will get timely reminders on the regular basis. These reminders may be for events like training, meetings, birthdays and anniversaries so that employees can feel that they are important in a firm. Automated reminders also cut down the clutter and improve the performance of an employee. Raising the performance of a firm.

Get rid of spreadsheets with our performance appraisal system and motivate your employees by assessing their skillsets. Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Benefits of Performance Management System

Real-time Data

Real-time Data

Workforce development is done according to the needs of a skill set required to achieve organizational goals

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Increases employee engagement and gives insights in the present level of employee engagement in the firm

Real-time Feedback

Real-time Feedback

The automated system tracks the performance continuously and provides valuable feedback about current efforts



It keeps the employees motivated with skills and development as well as by recognizing their efforts toward goals

Better Workforce Planning

Better Workforce Planning

It helps to identify the strengths of an employee so the workforce can be better used at where they can give better performance

Boosts Morale

Boosts Morale

Pocket HRMS provide valuable and unbiased appraisals boosting employee morale by recognizing their hard work


A performance management system is a set of tools or software that helps to align the efforts of a workforce to the achievement of organizational goals. Effective performance management also helps in talent management for the specific needs of the company. It helps to get the right talent in the team during a process of recruitment as well as identify and develop these skills in the staff.

The main task of any performance management system is tracking the performance of employees so that the manager can get an idea of progress for their target. It is easy to understand that employees are the part that builds the company and the performance of employees is what translates into the output of the entire organization. So to make sure that employees get the desired results employees are well instructed and evaluated for their performance.

The performance management system makes the performance review simple and unbiased. With so many criteria involved and doing it continuously eats up a lot of time. Effective performance management saves both time and energy along with more accuracy of a database.

The overall goals and objectives of a company as to be broken down into smaller chunks such as various departments, internal teams as well as individual staff members. While this may seem easy on the face it gets very tedious and time-consuming to track performances. Performance management is a continuous process so the human resource team has to be constantly indulged in this work. Along with eating up time and effort this process when done manually will bring the possibility of errors.

A Performance management system automates this entire process and also gives valuable data that can be used for future planning. Being a cloud-based system Pocket HRMS gives faster processing and easy access to information. The AI technology not only eliminates the need of having multiple sheets to maintain all the employee data but also ensure that performance management remains error-free.

Apprisals are like feedback to the employee on the work they put in the company objective. This is an important part of performance management as this gives them an idea about what they are doing right and wrong. The appraisals also play an important part in the salary increment. The Pocket HRMS automates this process with accuracy. It also automates the implementation of the increment in the salary from the set date and HR do not need to keep stressing about keeping a track of these things.

The right appraisals also help to boost the employee morale to perform better in the future. An effective performance management system identifies strengths and areas of improvement. These insights can help to advance in career and keep the workforce motivated.


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