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Timesheet management no more a hurdle!

Tailored time-sheets

Customize and set-up workflow with respect to your requirements

Remote working

Automated employee tracking lets you perform through remote locations as well


Generate and export timesheet reports anytime for accurate payroll process

Technology-oriented time-sheeting

Go digital with our modern age automated timesheet management system

Timesheets tailored
pocket HRMS

Timesheets tailored as per your business needs

The more organized a time tracking process is, the more accurate timesheets are. Our timesheet management software is easy to set up and use. Our employee timesheet software enables HR department to easily manage, track and record timesheets. It also allows you to customize the process workflow as per your business requirements.

Customize process workflow as per your business needs to easily manage, track and record timesheets. Check out core features of Pocket HRMS.

Flexible timesheet management software

Now timesheet management is not that hectic as it used to be earlier. HR professionals don’t need to hop amidst spreadsheets anymore. Our timesheet software allows you to access and submit timesheets from anywhere anytime. It even provides the flexibility to work from any location.

Flexible timesheet management system
Smart time tracking and timesheet reports

Smart time tracking and timesheet reports

Keep track of your employee work hours. Administer extra or less number of hours they have worked and pay them accordingly. Our timesheet software empowers you to generate timesheet reports easily. Let the timesheet management be for any project, our web based timesheet software makes it simple to track, manage and map all of them.

Online timesheet management

An automated, online timesheet software makes your timesheet management much more sorted and foolproof. It prevents loopholes like buddy punching and miscalculations in attendance. Therefore, it also contributes towards unerring attendance tracking of workforce. The online availability of timesheet updation promotes remote working along with improved productivity and accuracy.

Online timesheet management
Go modern with Digital timesheets

Go modern with Digital timesheets

Employees often prefer up-to-date workplaces. An up-to-date workplace consists of modern i.e. digitally performing systems and technology driven management. Employee self-service portal available on mobile can make it easy for them to punch-in and out through app. Remote workers can now update their timesheets from anywhere without a second thought.

Reporting and Exporting

Once employees fill their timesheets, system can anytime download reports based on their required parameters. The data shows how their workforce utilizes the time given. This will help you drive efforts towards more valued tasks thus, improving employee management and productivity. Later this can be exported and utilized for payroll and other processes.

Reporting and Exporting

Online Timesheet Management Software

Pocket HRMS offers easy-to-use timesheet software that saves your HR team from the nightmares of timesheet rectifications by tracking attendance automatically. It allows you to integrate timesheets to befit your certain business requirements. Manage, track and record timesheets with just few clicks. Let’s get ready for organised and error-free time tracking process.

The software gives the liberty to submit timesheets at any given time of the day using smartphones, so on-demand time tracking is now possible. You also don’t need to hop from one spreadsheet to another.

Below are some of the excellent features of timesheet software that improves productivity of your workforce:

  • It tracks all time-related details including attendance of an employee so that the human resource department can easily supervise overworked or less-worked hours of an employee. Hence, accurate and timely payroll is possible!
  • The system integrates well with other popular browsers so HR people can work from anywhere, any time as well as download and/or upload timesheets by using smartphones. So, handling timesheets is a smooth procedure now!
  • This software can be customized based on your HR needs to fit into all business types. It allows employers to customize the pre-determined process workflow as per your business expansion plan.
  • With the use of this tool, managers can get detailed information about employees’ work with respect to time. This data helps you to understand where was most time consumed and how you can increase the productivity of the staff.
  • It provides transparency and accurate tracking industries need and make this an ideal solution for small to large sized businesses.
  • As the data is stored on the cloud-based system, HR professionals can get instant access to the necessary information in real-time and turn this tedious task of timesheets a piece of cake.

Rectifying timesheets is a time-consuming task for the HR team and hence, implementing this system is one of the smart decisions that proves fruitful for the company in the long run. The system not only benefits the employer but it is also helpful for employees where they can share their work in the software.

Invest in cloud HR technology as it has various benefits in areas like retention rates, cost per recruit, engaged workforce, productivity, etc. To know how our cloud-based HR technology can assist your human resources team, click here to contact us for a free trial. Also, you can SMS SAGE to 56767 or send us a mail at sales[@]sagesoftware.co.in to book a free demo of Pocket HRMS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

✅ How can we track employee hours using timesheet management system?

Timesheet software provides best way to track employee work details like worked hours. Employees can themselves fill timesheets and provide employee hours quickly. Thus, tracking employee hours made easy with timesheets.

✅ Why we should use timesheet management system?

Effective timesheet software helps employers track their employees’ worked hours, leaves and accruals for work reporting. This is very useful to monitor work productivity of a remote workforce.

✅ How does timesheet management software works?

When an employee fills and submit their timesheet through provided self-service portal, employers can keep a note of this. Timesheet submission can help managers monitor worked hours and deliverables of employees. It makes the leave tracking and employee monitoring job easier for the HR.

✅ What are the Benefits of an Employee Timesheet Management Software?

  • Remote workforce management
  • Reduce time wastage
  • Automated billing
  • Save money
  • Easy reporting
  • Employee productivity
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