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No more worries about time theft. With Pocket HRMS, gain current data for tracking time anywhere, anytime and improve HR productivity.

What is Timesheet Management Software?​

What is Timesheet Management Software?

In the HR context, timesheet management is the practice of tracking the time spent by the employees. This dataset helps analyze how much time the employees spend on the project or the task they are assigned with. It can also be utilized for accurate payroll calculation by the accounting and human resource departments.

Pocket HRMS’ AI-powered timesheet software provides accurate data and stores all the important information on the cloud for easy 24/7 access. As a result, this software avoids time theft occurrences.

Custom Timesheets: Track Productivity

With employee timesheet software, one can easily track the time spent on tasks and maintain its record with timesheets. This software helps in keeping track of time spent by the employees and hence, customize the workflow of projects as per the business requirements.

Pocket HRMS provides time trackers for individual tasks to ensure that time tracking doesn’t become a chore for the employee management and HR. The supervisor approves this data and is able to gather an overview of the project to make immediate changes.

Custom Timesheets: Track Productivity​
Create Projects with Sub-projects​

Create Projects with Sub-projects

As every project is unique, Pocket HRMS provides the option to create sub-projects within the projects. These would have their own tasks that can be assigned to different employees depending on the project.

Having such flexibility helps the manager allot specific tasks to individual employees and hence, gain valuable time-specific insights into their work duration, such as the time required by the team to complete a specific sub-project, time taken for individual tasks by specific employees, etc. Such insights prove useful in providing an estimated project timeline to the client.

Secure Your Business From Time Theft

Estimated Start & End Dates with Tasks

The timesheet management software tracks the time required by employees to complete various tasks assigned to them. Since these tasks are time-bound, one needs to ensure that the employees are able to complete them within the specified time frame.

Such understanding about employee efficiency and productivity helps the managers in providing accurate project completion dates to the client. Additionally, since the employees are already provided with tentative project start and end dates, they are able to manage their leaves accordingly.
Estimated Start & End Dates with Tasks​
Map Projects with Clients​

Map Projects with Clients

Pocket HRMS provides the option to map projects with clients, which helps in understanding the overall progress of a project with respect to individual clientele. Our time tracking software can also map a single client with multiple projects to ensure maximum flexibility.

Being a robust timesheet management software also ensures that the management can also undertake tracking activities to understand whether the company is able to uphold its commitments to its clientele on time.

Estimated Hours Addition

The estimated hours required for the fulfillment of the project can be added to the system based on the number of employees working on it. However, the employees can be deployed elsewhere due to any reason. This would affect the project’s timeline.

Hence, Pocket HRMS has the option to change the estimated hours. It ensures that the projects are delivered on time since the managers and the employees would be aware of the remaining time required and make necessary changes to their work pattern to meet the deadlines.

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Estimated Hours Addition​
Documents Attachment Option​

Documents Attachment Option

Since documentation is an important part of any project, Pocket HRMS provides the option to attach relevant documents with the timesheet. It helps in gaining a better understanding of the tasks for project management.

Having the ability to attach documents to employee timesheet ensures that the employees provide credible information that is verifiable with the supporting documents. This reduces the chances of time theft and increases the overall productivity of the employee, while also improving the ability to track time.

Smart Time Tracking Report

Being an online timesheet management software, Pocket HRMS keeps track of employees and their timesheets concurrently. The employees and managers can generate custom reports that help them get an update of project completion.

Based on these reports, they can also view the overtime hours and pay their employees accurately. Hence, our employee timesheet software improves payroll efficiency too as you would be able to consider ‘productivity’ as a parameter for appraisals, based on these reports.
Smart Time Tracking Report​

24/7 Data Accessibility

Pocket HRMS timesheet management software makes it possible for you to access the timesheet data anywhere and anytime since the system remains online. Since it is based on the cloud infrastructure, timesheets and reports are available at the click of a button irrespective of the location from where it is accessed.

Since timesheets might be required under multiple scenarios, having the ability to download customized reports as well as make changes to the database from anywhere anytime helps the HR department too.

Customized workflows according to your business needs to easily manage timesheets. Check out the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Benefits of Timesheet Management System

Real-time Data

Real-time Data

The cloud-based system always shows current data for an employee as soon as they make an entry



Both employees and managers can view the data and hence, payroll and timesheets become transparent


Remote Access

Employees can enter timesheet data and managers can download the data remotely using the mobile app

Accurate Database

Accurate Database

Zero manual error, as well as no time theft providing you with the accurate time employees, spent working

Avoid Time Loss

Avoid Time Loss

Track time consumed by different tasks and projects and make necessary adjustments as required



Reduce the need for manual work for entries and corrections saving extra labour cost and providing better accuracy.


For every company, it is vital to keep track of accurate time and work. An online timesheet software helps in time tracking employees who worked on a project or task. Hence, time tracking software is very useful for keeping a record of the productivity of the workforce.

With Pocket HRMS online timesheet software, employees can fill and submit their timesheets through the self-service portal. Timesheet submission helps monitor the work hours and time management of the employees. Accuracy in a timesheet also makes payroll, leave tracking, employee time tracking, working hours and employee monitoring easier for HR.

A timesheet software provides the best way to track time of employee and their work details with the help of a timesheet. Time management, along with project management becomes transparent and easy with the help of a robust time management system as its keeps a record of the same for future usage.

Our timesheet software is a very flexible system and can expand to accommodate all your company needs as the size of your workforce increases with time. This scalability can even be applied to working hours for your business. Your timesheet system should also have the most important feature of flexibility to accommodate different kinds of projects for managing them effectively.

Pocket HRMS is the ideal timesheet system for small and medium businesses, when it comes to affordability and the number of available features. It is affordable, yet highly scalable as per your company’s needs. It can be easily customised as per your timesheet format and working hours. It can also keep live track of your project and time tracking requirements, thereby making it one of the most versatile timesheet software in the business today.

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