Timesheet Management System

Accurate Timesheet Management for Precise Time-tracking and Accurate Billing

Highly flexible time tracking software that enables you to monitor real-time project progress
and improves the transparency of the system.

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Streamlined Employee Management for
Timely Project Timeline Refinements

Create Project and Task

Create Projects & Tasks

Dedicated ‘Project Master’ for creating Projects, Sub-projects, and Tasks for easy and effective timesheet management.

Allocate Tasks to Employees

Allot specific tasks to employees to ensure improved productivity and track the productive hours according to tasks and workforce.

Allocate Tasks to Projects

Allot specific tasks to projects to keep the system organized to gather valuable insights into project management.

What is Timesheet Management Software?

Timesheet management is a practice of tracking time spent by employees. This is a set of data that helps to analyze how much time is spent on the project or a task they are assigned with. This data can be also utilized for the payroll calculation by the accounting and human resource department. This software helps to reduce employee time theft. With advanced technology, we now have AI-powered software that helps to give accurate data and store all the important information on the cloud for you. To get the most efficiency we need tools that are easy to operate, low maintenance and are accessible remotely with ease.

Timesheet Entries with Client Info

Tag timesheet entries with the client name for added transparency and easy billing with accurate productivity data.

Billable & Non-billable Separation

Mark timesheet entries as either billable or non-billable for added clarity regarding productive hours and precise billing

Dormant Projects Facility

Automatically set project state to ‘dormant’ once its deadline has passed to ensure that projects are completed within the pre-defined timeline.

Timesheet Entry
Timesheet Admin Approval

Multi-level Approvals

Tasks and Timesheet entries can be set up to be approved by multiple managers ensuring accurate figures and preventing malpractice.

Minimum Hour Setting

‘Minimum Hour’ setting to set the minimum number of hours your staff needs to be present in your office.

Leave Module Integration

Tight integration with the ‘Leave’ module and attendance management system, to gather fine-tuned information about employee productivity.

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Simplified Online Timesheet Software for Streamlined Time
and Project Monitoring

Real-time Data Visibility

View real-time project progress and up-to-date statistics with the help of the custom report generation option.

24/7 Remote Access

Access your timesheet data anytime, anywhere with cloud-based employee management system utilizing the dedicated ESS Portal.

Custom Reporting

Tweak every single aspect of reports including the dates and all other parameters to generate custom reports.

Timesheet Summary

Single-page summary view of timesheets to provide an overview of how much time is spent in undertaking specific tasks.

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Benefits of Employee Time-tracking Software

Avoid Time loss

Avoid Time Loss

Efficiently track the time required for different tasks and adjust your resource allocation to achieve maximum efficiency.

Enhanced Transparency

Enhanced Transparency

Since employers and managers can access their timesheet data, they have clarity over the productive hours, avoiding any conflict.

Precise Tme Management

Precise Time Management

Since you can have exact time details of individual tasks, payroll and related tasks can be undertaken quicker.

What HRs think of Pocket HRMS

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– Niranjana Neelakantan
HR Director, TESSOL

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Resources for HR and People leaders

AI-based Attendance System

Top 5 Advantages of Timesheet anagement Software

Revolutionize attendance tracking with Pocket HRMS’ AI-based attendance system. Effortless, accurate, and efficient attendance management at your fingertips!

5 Tips to Enhance
Your Time Manage-ment Skills

5 Tips to Enhance Your Time Management Skills

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Evolution of HRM (Human Resource Management)

The evolution of HRM (human resource management) terms is of very recent origin. It began revolving around the 1980s.


An online timesheet management system helps keep accurate track of your employee’s productivity. It provides precise fool-proof data about the tasks undertaken by each employee. Having this information ensures that you have a clear picture of the various activities carried out by your workforce in a specific period. You can also understand the time spent in completing a task and measure the difference in the productivity rate of different employees by comparing the time spent to complete it.


A timesheet management system also provides accurate data that can be shared with your clients for billing them accordingly. It can provide precise data as the entries are fixed under the approval and cannot be changed by the employees. It also helps to easily retrieve past information and generate accurate reports irrespective of time. Since the process requires zero paperwork, it is also less expensive and requires minimal employee and management effort.

There are multiple benefits of implementing a robust timesheet management system. The most significant advantage of such a system is the accurate tracking of employee productivity. Additionally, it also helps understand the time required to complete projects, which will help provide better project completion estimates to future clients.


The major benefits of timesheet software are:


    • Improve Accuracy


      The timesheet software requires employees to enter the time required to undertake specific tasks. The manager (or multiple managers) approves these entries, and the final data is recorded. As a result, you can get accurate information about your workforce’s productivity.


    • Paperless Data Entry


      You can ensure precise data and avoid malpractice with paperless data entries. It also avoids the cost of maintaining the bulky ledgers on which such entries are usually recorded.


    • Easy Reporting


      Since the records are maintained on the system, accessing and retrieving the records becomes very easy. Along with the bifurcation of billable and non-billable work, it helps in easier reporting.


    • Increased Efficiency


      Timesheet maintenance and data retrieval become more efficient with a dedicated system to track and manage employee productivity. As a result, the staff starts performing well, and you can avoid instances of time theft in your business.


There are multiple benefits of implementing a robust timesheet management system. The most significant advantage of such a system is the accurate tracking of employee productivity. Additionally, it also helps understand the time required to complete projects, which will help provide better project completion estimates to future clients.


Some of the most significant features of employee timesheet software are:


    • Simplified View


      The timesheet software should have a simple dashboard or an overview of employee productivity. It helps the manager keep track of their staff’s productive hours. On the other hand, it also helps the employee understand their productivity and make any changes if required.


    • Timesheet Approvals


      Timesheet management systems should have the option for the manager to approve the timesheet entries by their employees. Additionally, one can also avoid time theft by having multi-level approvals.


    • Remote Access


      Since many employees work at the client location, they may not always have access to their system. In such a scenario, having a dedicated mobile app proves immensely helpful in remotely accessing and filling the timesheets.


    • Billing Support


      There should be an option to bifurcate billing and non-billing hours as it helps to bill the client accordingly with the backing of precise data. It helps make the process transparent and efficient.


    • Custom Reporting


      Reporting is another prominent must-have feature for any timesheet system. It helps understand various metrics such as project progress, employee productivity, time theft occurrences, task-specific average time, etc.


A start-up requires time tracking software as it helps improve employees’ productivity by avoiding time theft and providing measurable productivity figures. Additionally, it helps understand the cost, time and effort required for specific project completion, which ensures better estimation of these parameters in future. A better estimate also results in better client satisfaction, which is crucial for a start-up.


The timesheet management system also helps the management realize the relative productivity rate of its employees. You can identify the low-performing employees and have a word with them to understand their issues and help resolve them. It enables you to improve your brand as an employer while leaving you with satisfied employees.

The employee timesheet system helps the company easily track its employees’ output with the help of timesheets. A timesheet is a sheet that details time each employee takes to complete specific tasks. The standard details in the timesheet include the task name, task-begin time, task-end time, employee name, client name, and other remarks or descriptions regarding the task.


The timesheets are required to be updated by the employees once they finish a task. Their manager will verify its authenticity and approve the entry to make a permanent record. This data helps the companies understand their employees’ output and develop a robust estimate for common projects they undertake regularly.

Processing employee payroll is a time-sensitive process that needs to be undertaken with utmost diligence. Any oversight from the HR and accounts team could result in enormous losses for the company. The initial step in processing payroll is to collate the employees’ work time in a salary cycle.


With a manual time-tracking system, companies are often left at the mercy of employees doing malpractices such as time theft, buddy punching, etc. However, with an automated system handling timesheet management, recording employees’ productive hours becomes more streamlined, accurate and foolproof. As a result, it ensures correct working hours data and makes it easier for the HR and accounts team to import this data into their payroll software.

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