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Integrations to Streamline Your Workflows

Right from the ideation of Pocket HRMS, our core belief has been to solve HR problems with next-gen solutions and provide a seamless experience for you. Hence, we are proud to introduce - 'Pocket HRMS integrations'. By integrating other tools which you use daily with Pocket HRMS, we have been able to increase the overall functionality of our robust feature-packed software suite for you!

Tenneo, with its cutting-edge and innovative learning solutions is enhancing the employee learning journey. This collaboration brings together the strengths of Tenneo's LMS with Pocket HRMS’s comprehensive HRMS to provide an integrated platform for seamless HR solutions.

Develop your employee verification funnel using an advanced background verification tool, which enables a delightful candidate experience while also streamlining bulk and seasonal hiring. Combined with the automated features of Pocket HRMS, it provides companies with a complete recruitment system.

Engage your employees in their preferred language by helping managers approve leave, on-duty, and attendance regularization requests, straight from their WhatsApp! Share payslips and notifications, directly to your employees’ WhatsApp.

Easily allocate reward points from the Xoxoday platform and let your employees redeem these points for attractive rewards, right within the Pocket HRMS interface, making the process seamless.

Upload Form 16 and file your taxes for an assessment year to Clear, straight from Pocket HRMS with manual upload facility or by fetching the details right from the system.

Ensure smooth salary advances and easy employee loan disbursal with Fibe, resulting in a smooth experience for the HR team as they can undertake these tasks right inside Pocket HRMS.

Since Tally is an exceptional accounting platform, you can import and export your employee data seamlessly for an improved user experience, while also maintaining data integrity and security.

Enable your staff to apply for personal loans right from their ESS portal, using KreditBee. They can also view their details in real time from their ESS portal, making it a seamless experience.

Scale your HRMS effectively with Sage X3, making Pocket HRMS a robust and dynamic solution for ever-growing HR requirements. It will also enable the system to cater to the increasingly complex business processes.

Have a smooth consistent exchange of information using Sage 300cloud, making the process of entering and editing the employee database quick and easy. It also provides improved security and integrity.

Enhance the speed of fetching your data with virtually no waiting period, along with simple natural language queries, only with SAP Hana, improving HR productivity and efficiency.

Apart from your company website, post your jobs directly to LinkedIn, where it will be visible to over 900 million registered users, making it easier to find the right talent.

Provide your HR with customizable tools for streamlined document workflows with Signeasy, an easy-to-use e-signature platform that automates signing, sharing, and managing business documents.

Enable advanced HRMS functionalities into your favourite comprehensive school ERP software by integrating it with Pocket HRMS. Empower your administrator to optimize their operations by efficiently managing your staff along with your educational institution’s daily operations.

Provide your staff with digital pension access with PensionBox, which enables them to plan, track, and invest to retire early, along with easy access to their investment data.

Utilize the AI-based services of eMudhra to ensure complete security and privacy for your employees with authentic e-signatures for their employment documentation. Provide your staff with compliant e-signatures for enhanced credibility.


Leverage Repute’s blockchain-based background verification technology to streamline your recruitment process and verify the authenticity of your candidates and their credentials within minutes, making the process highly efficient.

Provide your employees with comprehensive best-in-class health insurance benefits with Plum health insurance coverage. Let your employees understand that you care with a digital-first easy platform.

Being a credible complete ERP solution, Logic ERP is the ideal solution for integrating with Pocket HRMS, as it streamlines business processes along with HR automation. The payroll processed on Pocket HRMS will automatically reflect on Logic ERP with this integration.

Streamline your organization with the power of AI - Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the complete AI-powered suite of innovative and intelligent CRM and ERP solutions. By integrating with Pocket HRMS, give your HR teams the latest in HR Technologies for a completely automated experience.

More Integrations Coming Soon​

We are continuously working on more integrations for Pocket HRMS.

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