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Payroll anywhere and anytime!

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Empower HR department with advanced technology

Help HR to function efficiently

Gives HR an opportunity to process payroll from almost anywhere.

Stay on top of payroll deadlines

Makes payroll processing simpler and more accurate

Offer best to your employees with Mobile payroll App

Make use of smart HR technology to attract and retain best of your employees

Responsive Mobile app

Run Payroll with Flexible and Responsive Mobile app

Our payroll mobile app allows you to connect with your employees via mobile phones whenever you want. Pay all your employees in just a few steps through our fully responsive and easy-to-use mobile payroll app. These features make our payroll software compatible with most of the mobile devices. Our Employee self service app enables employees to download payslips, check pf details, etc.

Gives freedom to process payroll on the go with responsive mobile payroll app. Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Employer Payroll App

Employers can use this app to pay all employees, preview and submit payroll, add bonus, stop a payroll and even draw payroll summary reports. You can also add friendly reminders to run payroll and get updates about birthdays, bank holidays and other events.

Employer Payroll App
Stay 100% Compliant

Stay 100% Compliant

Fulfill your firm’s compliance needs with Pocket HRMS by adhering to all taxation and employment regulations. Our payroll software enables error-free payroll operations and reduces the risk of human errors.

Connect Better with Employees

Mobile payroll app makes it easy for HR to manage payroll when out of office. Getting salaries on time boosts employees’ trust on the company and they perform better for the organization. Go for HRMS Payroll app and don’t restrict salary processing to the office only. Pocket HRMS software offers an affordable and easy way to manage employee payroll system.

Connect Better with Employees
Payroll Mobile App

Accomplish More by Doing Less

Once you install payroll software application in your mobile & enter the necessary details of an employee, Pocket HRMS will handle the rest. It will eliminate the time spent on manual overtime calculations and make the process hassle-free. Ease of use and friendly interface makes this payroll app worth to invest for SMEs to large companies.

This cost-efficient payroll app in India comes with a wide range of functionality and automates the calculations of tax too.

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