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Being the financial capital in India, Mumbai is undoubtedly a city of dreams besides being the financial hub. Mumbai offers amazing opportunities for all types of industries such as Information Technology (IT), manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics, etc. It also attracts a horde of talents from every corner of the nation. This triggers the need for having cost-effective yet agile HRMS software in place to manage this kind of talent. This is where Pocket HRMS comes into the picture. Pocket HRMS is the most-trusted name in Mumbai with more than a decade long loyal partner base. 


We prefer the term ‘partner’ since they have helped us grow and become the best HR payroll software in Mumbai as well as other cities in India. We are truly grateful that they have picked the most trustworthy payroll software in Mumbai to manage their employees and HR department. Pocket HRMS payroll system combines the smartness of artificial intelligence with the accessibility of cloud computing to provide you with a system that seamlessly integrates with your business.


24/7 Cloud Access for Mumbai – The City That Never Sleeps


Mumbai is one of the cities known worldwide as ‘The city that never sleeps’. It is a major reason for the popularity of Mumbai and the reason for this nickname has been the rampant industrialization and the sheer amount of 24/7 open businesses here. Such kinds of businesses obviously require an HRMS platform that stays working with them – 24/7. Pocket HRMS fits the bill perfectly as it used cloud computing technology to make the service available all the time.



Being a payroll software, Pocket HRMS needs to remain online 24/7. No business can afford downtime and hence, we have partnered with the best companies in the business to ensure that there are no hiccups with our solution ever. Being a cloud-based software, one can even access it via smartphone with dedicated apps available across both the Android and iOS platforms.


HR Payroll Software in Mumbai

Rejuvenate your HR with The Next Step in HRMS Tech!

Pocket HRMS: Industry-leading Innovations at your Fingertips!

Pocket HRMS is not only versatile in nature but also intuitive and easy to use. The fact that all of the available functionalities can be used from the smartphone app is a testament to our easy user interface. With smartphones being a part of your employees’ lives, they can be used as an efficient tool to access our software as well as undertake other activities such as marking their attendance, downloading payslips, requesting leaves, etc. 

Pocket HRMS also employs the multi-faceted talents of AI to enhance our payroll solution beyond the ordinary. With the help of a dedicated AI chatbot smHRty, one will be able to accomplish tasks that were once thought were impossible using payroll system.

Mobile App Portal

Efficiency is another area that is improved multifold with the help of Pocket HRMS. Our HR software not only helps in finishing mundane tasks easily but also helps in completing them on time efficiently.


  • Simple & Easy Deployment



  • Access Your Data Anywhere, Anytime!


  • Instant Technical Support


  • Easy Integration with other Systems


  • 15-day Free Trial

Budget-friendly Custom HR Payroll Software in Mumbai


Pocket HRMS is a fully scalable HR solution and aims to bring a change in the working dynamics of the HR department. Our HR and payroll system takes your HR department multiple steps ahead by introducing revolutionary features like automated chatbot smHRty, interactive dashboards, enhanced flexibility with mobile apps, customizable modules, etc. However, the best part is that you get to decide which modules you require and which to skip.


Although our payroll management software has advanced features such as real-time updates, instant report generation, automation, etc., you can decide which ones to opt for before finally deploying it, thus making our solution a feasible budget-friendly option. Since it is hosted on the cloud, Pocket HRMS becomes the perfect HRMS software for businesses of all sizes and verticals.


HR Payroll Management made easy with Pocket HRMS

Developing an HRMS for a metropolitan city like Mumbai is a difficult task as there are various kinds of businesses available, from startups to MNCs. Hence, in order to effectively cater to every kind of business, the software in Mumbai should be able to scale as per the needs of the company.

Being HR software, Pocket HRMS needs to tackle the issues encountered with the daily HR issues as well as handle the HR tasks such as resolving the employee queries, helping them with relevant information as well as being available for them at all times, while is fulfilled by being a cloud-based payroll  for all kinds of companies.


This human resource management software is able to handle mundane HR tasks with improved efficiency and dexterity owing to the implementation of artificial intelligence in multiple modules. While the payroll management system is user friendly, what really stands out is the fact that the software stands in to help you with your employee queries using the smart assistant ‘smHRty’.

Custom HR Payroll Software

Efficient HRMS Payroll Solution for Mumbai


Since Pocket HRMS is one of the leading HR software in Mumbai, it cannot simply concentrate only on HR and payroll. We need to ensure that Pocket HRMS is the best HR software for every HR requirement. Being HRMS software, it needs to be very efficient and robust for companies of all sizes, while also having desirable features such as a smart virtual assistant ‘smHRty’, intuitive ESS portal, mobile app, report generation, etc.


Pocket HRMS is an all in one answer for any kind of company from startups to Pvt. Ltd. firms to the MNCs. All of these companies have a human resource department and hence, you can manage your employees and run the HR department well with the best HRMS software in Mumbai – Pocket HRMS. Apart from providing exceptional solutions in Mumbai, Pocket HRMS is also a leading Payroll software in Bangalore.

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