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Experience Advanced Leave Management With Timely Approvals,
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Leave Management System

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Category Wise Leave Rules

User-defined Leave Components

Create custom leaves based on employee category-wise rules and parameters

Category-wise Leave Rules

Highly flexible leave rules creation based on location, business unit, designation, etc.

Leave Auto-credit

Monthly, quarterly or annual leave auto-credit for improved time-off flexibility

What is a Leave Management System?

Leave management system is the software that manages employee time-off requests in a smooth, fair, accurate, transparent and efficient way. It is an automated system that helps the HR department to track, accept or reject and manage employees leave effortlessly. Leave management software also helps employees to apply, track leaves status, check balance and provide a better platform for employees to understand leave policies

Leave management is one of the most crucial and time-consuming tasks for your HR team. The need to be managed to keep all the leave policies in mind. Sometimes these leave policies differ within the organization itself for various criteria. With an efficient leave management system, the HR team can be empowered with a better leave tracking process.

Compensatory-off Functions

Customized comp-off parameters such as holiday-based comp-offs with lapse period

Rule-based Leave Credit

Customizable leave credit parameters, based on employee category and employment type

Leave Calendar

Easily setup custom leave year calendar and cut-offs based on employee salary cycles

Leave Calendar​
Multi-level Leave Approval​

Multi-level Leave Approval

Hierarchy-based multi-level time-off requests and timely approval with the ESS portal

Rule-based Attachment Facility

Create custom rules for different types of leave with rule-based documents requirement

Email-based Approvals

One-click leave approval or rejection directly from email without opening the ESS portal

Ess portal mobile app

Experience Streamlined Leave Applications and Approvals

Cutting-edge Features of our Leave Management System

Short Hourly Leaves

Hourly leaves to enhance leave flexibility for the employees and keep them engaged.

Custom Reporting

Real-time updates for instant custom report generation without disturbing others.

Attendance Summary

View yearly attendance of an employee or monthly attendance of your team on a single page.

Holiday Calendar

Easy access to the whole year’s holiday calendar in a single view with day and date.

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Revolutionize your Leave and Employee Management using Pocket HRMS

Enhanced Efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

Improve the efficacy of your leave request and approval process by multiple times with a simplified interface and remote access.

Timely Approvals

Timely Approvals

Approve leaves, on-duty, and other requests on time without the need for repetitive reminders or multiple emails.

In-depth Insights​

In-depth Insights

Embrace the power of visually rich data representation with customized reports for enhanced insights.

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Quick Leave Management Features Overview

With Pocket HRMS, experience effortless Integration of all your Leave Management needs in an Error-Free manner.

Efficient and Easy Leave Management with Pocket HRMS

Easy Leave Management with Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS is a complete cloud based software that helps the HR manage leaves & holidays of employees with ease.

Top 5 Leave Management Tips for HR Managers

Leave Management Tips for HR Managers

Leave management is one of the key responsibilities of HR managers. Though it is an everyday task, it is certainly not an easy feat to achieve.


A robust employee leave management system should provide at least the following features:


  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Quick leave requests and approvals

  • Transparent leave process

  • Automatic leave balance update

  • Custom leaves reporting


The leave management system should also be customizable per the leave types and other company workflows. It is also crucial that the software is intuitive enough to be used by all employees with minimal to no training required. It is also desirable to have a pictorial representation of the leaves taken as it ensures that the employees can view their leaves and understand the basic statistics.


Having a leave management system improves HR efficiency and automation in one of the most basic tasks of the HR department: Leave Management. You can notice visible improvements in HR productivity, increased transparency, fewer miscalculations, precise database, quicker leave approval process and many more benefits once you have implemented a robust leave management system. You can also save time and money in leave management with dedicated software.


Additionally, having an automated leave system to manage employee leaves also frees the HR department to concentrate on designing other creative strategies for company development, employee engagement or employer branding. Additionally, due to automation, the process’s efficiency increases several times.

An increased number of companies are opting to have an online leave management system due to its various advantages over legacy systems. Some of the common benefits of having a cloud-based leave management system are:


  • 24/7 remote access

  • No hardware costs

  • Quick and easy deployment

  • Zero maintenance costs

  • Paperless leave management

  • Database Security


Being a cloud-based system, you can assign specific roles for each user and ensure that the employee only has access to particular functions in an online leave management system. It provides an additional level of abstraction.

There is no golden number which can be set as the average cost of the leave management software. Usually, a leave management system is fully modifiable and hence, the charges for such systems depend on the type and number of customizations done.


Some software vendors also charge their clients as per the number of users who would be using the system, as an increase in the number of users means that there is an increase in the amount of server space allocated for that company.

The leave tracking software tracks and records employee leave details automatically. At the beginning of the calendar year, the HR manager or administrator defines the kinds of leaves available to the employees and allocates the total number of leaves assigned to each employee category.


Once an employee’s leave is approved, the leave management system calculates the remaining leaves according to the initial number provided. It also updates this number to ensure that the employee will view the updated balance the next time they apply for a leave. Thus, it automates leave management, making it effortless for the employee and efficient for HR.

Leave management is an essential part of employee management. If your HR manages employee leaves manually, reviewing different leave policy types, various time offs required, and managing records takes much manual processing.


The leave approval workflows also take time, making employees wait for acceptance or rejection of their request. Having leave management software automates and speeds up this process making it more efficient and cost-effective.


In the case of a start-up, HR needs to be free to undertake other business development tasks along with the senior management. Hence, any automation would help them reduce their burden and improve their effectiveness.


Employees can use their ESS portal to check their leave balance and request leaves without physically meeting their supervisor. They can also check the status of their application in the portal itself, further increasing the transparency of the leave approval process. It saves time and increases the overall efficiency of the leave management process.


Additionally, they can review the leaves taken and take necessary measures to ensure that their leaves remain throughout the period of the leave calendar. The leave management system also ensures that the employees can view supervisor remarks if leave is rejected. They can also attach documents such as medical certificates in case of leaves for medical reasons.


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