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Effortless integration of time off and leave management needs in an easy to use package.

What is a Leave Management System?

A leave management system is an HR software that manages employee time-off requests in a smooth, accurate, transparent and efficient manner since leave management is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the HR department.

It is an automated system that helps HR to track requests for different types of leaves and helps in accepting or rejecting such leave requests and managing leave-related processes effortlessly.

Being an online leave management software based on the cloud, it also helps the employees with a portal for understanding their leave balance and your business leave policies and hence, the benefits of using it are multi-fold.

Streamlined Leave Configuration

Pocket HRMS leads the class with a streamlined time-off configuration option that makes time, attendance and leave management more efficient.

Having the flexibility to define leaves ensure that the employee leave management system software can be tweaked for various leave types that are defined in the company leave policy. A streamlined leave configuration also helps in leave management becoming less stressful for both the HR and the employees.
Streamlined Leave Configuration​
Customizable Validations​

Customizable Validations

Using Pocket HRMS, various kinds of validations can be created and set for different leave types as it remains flexible in automated leave management software. Such kind of multilayer flexibility is impossible with leave management undertaken manually.

On the other hand, it remains rigid as far as the organizational leave policies are concerned. This kind of duality helps in making Pocket HRMS one of the best leave management systems that exist in the HR domain.

Fast-track Leave Management with Pocket HRMS

Leave Management Software with Multi-leave Calendar

A multi-leave calendar helps in setting up employee holidays based on an employee location. Being an online leave management system, Pocket HRMS can easily define the holidays and set the multi-leave calendar for employees across different states, in a matter of a few clicks.

Having this option improves HR efficiency as they can set the calendar for multiple locations in no time. Such attention to detail is what makes Pocket HRMS unique and helps you get the best out of your HR software.
Comp Off Calculations with Approval Process​

Comp Off Calculations with Approval Process

Automate comp-off calculation as the leave management system can help with comp-off creation and redemption. Pocket HRMS provides you with various options to customize leaves, including comp-off calculation.

The approval process helps the employee request their supervisor to approve the comp-off so that it could be redeemed at a later date. Comp-off leave requests hierarchy can also be set depending on company leave policies.

Company-wide Data Imports

With the company-wide data import function, we have reduced the efforts of HR required in handling employee data and records. It helps them enter various kinds of employee records within no time.

Pocket HRMS also allows setting up custom columns for the database which can be used to tweak the entry to suit the existing workbook format. Company-wide data imports help in increasing the HR efficiency multi-fold as it imports all the data in one go without the need to set it up again for next time.
Company-wide Data Imports​
Effortless Handling of Leave Credit & Debit​

Effortless Handling of Leave Credit & Debit

  • Secure database with automated leave handling

  • Auto leave carry-forward with custom rules

  • Auto leave debit based on approval

  • Avoid manual errors

Multilevel Approval Through ESS, App & Email

Being a cloud-based leave management system, there are several options for managers, and other staff to access the software and perform their duties. We have provided employees and HRs with multiple options to apply for leave and their approval.

For accessing Pocket HRMS, one can log in to the ESS portal and undertake leave-related tasks. If they are on the move, they can perform the same activities from a mobile app. One can even approve or reject leaves right from the email sent by the system.
Multilevel Approval Through ESS, App & Email​
Hourly Leave Facility​

Hourly Leave Facility

Pocket HRMS has the option to apply for hourly leaves in case employees need to be excused from their work for a limited period. Due to such flexibility, employees can apply for time off for any urgent matters and get back to their work once their task is finished.

The added flexibility helps the employee reduce the number of half-day leaves. The hourly time off can also be provided as an incentive for improving employer branding.

Instant Report Generation

  • Real-time data updates with cloud-based leave management

  • Instant custom report generation based on real-time data

  • Take critical decisions without disturbing other departments.

Instant Report Generation​

An automated leave management system that makes leave processing easy for both employees and employers. Check out the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Benefits of Leave Management System

All in One Dashboard

All in One Dashboard

The comprehensive dashboard helps HRs view relevant details such as live employees, absentees, statutory updates, etc. on logging into the system.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

The intuitive user interface combines simple steps and easy menu arrangement, offering an accessible experience for the employees as well as HR.



Accommodates different types of leave policies and leave types with the option to customize every aspect of the software as per company leave policies.

GPS Enabled Attendance

GPS Enabled Attendance

Employee punch in time and attendance is tracked along with the current GPS location of an employee, improving attendance tracking transparency.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Allows seamless integration with other popular enterprise applications to enhance data transfer that eliminates hurdles in the workflow.

View Leave Details

View Leave Details

Enhanced ESS portal allows employees to check their leave details such as past leaves data, current leave balance, duration of leaves, etc.

Frequently asked questions

The leave tracking software tracks and records employee attendance details and leaves taken. The software calculates the remaining leaves accordingly. Thus, it automates leave management making it effortless and efficient for employees and HR.

It takes a lot of manual HR processing to go through different leave policies, types of time offs required, management of past records, etc. The approval workflows required for leaves also take time, thereby making employees wait for acceptance or rejection of their request. Having leave management software automates and speeds up this process making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Employees can use the ESS portal to check their leave balance and request leaves without physically meeting their supervisor. They can also check the status of their application in the portal itself, further increasing the transparency of the leave approval process. It saves time and increases overall efficiency of the leave management process.

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