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Automate your Leave Management System for a smart workplace.

Automated leave management

Track, manage and Approve employee leave efficiently with Pocket HRMS

Error-free and timely payroll

Foolproof attendance data leads to accurate and on-time payroll.

Stay up to date

ESS portal provides information regarding employee’s leave like reason, number of days etc.

Save more time

All-in-one HRMS solution ensures smooth operation of employee leave management thus saving time and extra efforts.

employee leave management

What is a leave management system?

Leave management may seem like a simple task, but for the HR team, it is one of the most crucial and time-consuming tasks. Different organizations may have different leave policies. Even within an organization leave policies may differ for employees. Employee satisfaction includes a better work environment and employee-friendly, transparent leave policies. An effective leave management system facilitates HR managers to provide a better platform for employees to understand leave policies.

Leave management is the process of managing employee time-off requests in a fair, accurate, transparent and efficient way.

Leave Management System is an automated system that helps the HR team to track, grant/reject and manage each employee’s leave in a hassle-free manner.

It also helps employees to request and track their own leaves. By having an efficient leave management system the HR team and Mangers can track and manage leaves in a well-ordered manner.

Automated leave management system makes leave processing easy for both the employees and employers. Check out core features of Pocket HRMS.

With the increasing number of Leave management software in the market, why choose Pocket HRMS?

Let's have a look:

Streamlined and Straightforward Leave Management System -

You can manage and track employee leaves with our dedicated leave management system. The comprehensive yet easy-to-use interface of Pocket HRMS software makes leave processing easy for both the employees as well as employers. Henceforth HR team does not have to worry about data integration or miscalculation by using our online Leave management system.

Stress-free and on-demand report generation
reviews and feedbacks

On-demand Report generation –

Manually checking the employee’s leave history is very tedious work for HR. Our leave management software provides a foolproof leave history for each employee. The leave tracking system lets you check your employees leave balance and other associated details such as eligible leaves, available paid leaves, approved, rejected or pending leaves, etc. when required.

Autonomous dashboard for managers to conduct reviews and feedbacks -

Pocket HRMS enables project managers to check for leave details of employees and accordingly conduct reviews and feedbacks. They can even approve or reject employee leave requests through this portal. Therefore, managers do not have to depend on the HR department to fetch these details. This saves a great deal of time for both the HR department as well as managers.

Online leave management software
Improve workforce productivity

Improve workforce Productivity –

Our leave management system lets you manage all leave related concerns, reports, MIS, etc. with ease. HRs now do not need to run through tons of procedures for small leave approvals. As a result, your employees need not wait for a long time for their requests to be attended by their HR or manager. This saves both HR as well as employee’s time and energy. All these help in improving workforce efficiency and productivity.

Flexible and Configurable Leave Management System –

Our software lets you and your employee approve and apply for leaves respectively with ease through its dedicated leave management module. Through the provided ESS portal, employees can easily download their leave details or apply for leave through a mobile App. This gives flexibility to your work culture and brings a better work environment.

It accommodates all leave rules and supports all types of users like Administrators, Managers, employees etc.

Our Features include:

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • All in one dashboard
  • Self-service portal
  • Seamless integration
  • Error-free Reports
  • GPS enabled attendance tracking
  • Flexibility
  • Cloud-based Leave management

How are leaves calculated using online leave management software?

Dedicated leave tracking software tracks and records employee attendance details and the leaves are taken throughout the period. The software then calculates remaining leaves and leave credits accordingly. HR software makes leave management easier and more seamless.

Why investing in a leave management system is good for your business?

Choosing the Leave management system that fits your organization’s needs and eases the burden of the HR team and managers is very important. Even for small and medium businesses, leave management can be a difficult task to manage.

'Processing leaves' is one of the key responsibilities of the HR team and managers. It becomes imperative for the human resource department to track the record of absenteeism.

Following conventional tools like email, paper forms and excel sheets can be a nightmare as even a single mistake can be disastrous.

Our leave management software automates all the leave requests and makes it hassle-free for both managers as well as employees.

It helps the HR team to handle all the steps like application, rejection/approval, calculating leave balance etc. with ease. The module also helps HR managers to identify leave trends with just a few clicks.

We also provide a single dashboard where employees can check their leave balance, annual attendance summary, list of holidays etc. and managers and HR people can view employees leave details.

It facilitates your HR to manage leaves as well as absenteeism in a transparent, accurate and efficient way. Companies should also consider that a good system is essential for smooth coordination between employees and managers to create a win-win situation for all.

Below mentioned are some of the important reasons why your company must invest in this excellent leave management software.

Pocket HRMS supports smooth integration and doesn't leave a single stone unturned when it comes to flawless leave management. Hence, it's time to automate this complicated yet important process of businesses and enhance workforce efficiency.

Our mobile payroll App can be downloaded by your employees and can be managed from anywhere, at any time with ease.

What are the Benefits of using a Leave Management System?

What is attendance management system?

Still, have second thoughts about whether this HR software is a perfect fit for your organization?

Then don't worry contact Pocket HRMS for a free demo of leave management software and check how it can decrease the overall time and efforts of your HR department and how your employees will have a positive and transparent workplace.

So, don't lose any more time and get stuck between difficult leave policies. Be smart and choose the right leave management systems that suit your business. This can save your as well as your team's valuable time.

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