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Best Payroll System in Pune


Pune is one of the most thriving cities when it comes to development not only in Maharashtra but in India. Many top IT organizations now have their operations in Pune. The city has been constantly growing as a hub for quality education and IT companies. Today Pune is one of the prime destinations for educated youth seeking employment in IT. The organizations in the city are also growing and expanding creating more opportunities for employment in Pune in various streams and job roles.

Payroll System in Pune

As companies increase their workforce they also need payroll software that supports and manage this growth. They need robust HRMS software to cater to the HR needs of the growing staff. With its range of flexibility Pocket HRMS is the best HRMS payroll management software for the firms based in Pune. May it be a new Pvt Ltd startup company or an already established multinational giant, It seamlessly supports HR and payroll functions irrespective of the size of the workforce.

statutory compliance

Trusted Payroll System With Statutory Compliance


Pocket HRMS is the best cloud-based payroll software for companies in Pune seeking to increase their productivity with a wise investment. It is a proven and preferred payroll processing software for many firms in Pune today, for its user-friendly interface. HRMS software is easy to use for any employee and it also offers employee self-service. This makes it an even more valuable HR management system as it can do for all in one HR and payroll functions with better accuracy and speed.

Pocket HRMS is one of the best HR payroll software in India, it does the payroll with precision with all the benefits and deductions. The software also automates the calculations of the taxes. You can schedule the payroll in our HR Portal to make sure that you are never late to compensate your employees. During payroll processing, the software also keeps up with the statutory compliance in Pune. Failure to do so can get you in legal trouble but our payroll software keeps you away from such costly penalties.


Rejuvenate your HR with The Next Step in HRMS Tech!

Modern HR Payroll Software in Pune

Pocket HRMS is we-based payroll solution in Pune that does some of the complicated HR functions like it is a cakewalk. It is the HR software that can be used to do the other HR operations along with components of payroll such as attendance and leave management. Our payroll system does all these tasks seamlessly which is a huge source of stress to HR teams. We are at Pocket HRMS, well aware of efforts that HR needs to put in and designed our payroll software to reduce the efforts of your HR team.

Modern HR Payroll Software

Our Pocket HRMS is not like common old school software. Pune companies have been in the need of advanced technology to manage their payroll and HR functions for a long time. Our cloud-based payroll software offers a mobile app for the self-service feature to your employees. Our easy to use ESS portal allows your employees to request a leave and mark their attendance. We can see all the important information like balance leaves and upcoming events on the dashboard of the software.


Payroll Software With Better Productivity

Payroll Software With Better Productivity & Flexibility

We cannot deny the importance of smartphones in today’s operations. When it comes to software, Pune is a city with a workforce of millennials and they like the software that is compatible with mobile phones. To the delight of both employers and your employees, our software is easy to operate from smartphones. This gives the necessary mobility and seamless adaptation to the remote working conditions. With our geolocation tracking feature, you get accurate attendance along with location tracking.

Pocket HRMS can be an ideal HR payroll software in Pune. It gives your easy access to employee data through a centralized database. It streamlines the HR process such as payroll, attendance and leave management. Our payroll system also makes the time-tracking process automated and makes that data available for the payroll with a few clicks and saves plenty of time. This makes us confidently say that Pocket HRMS is the right software for companies in Pune and significantly increases productivity. Along with Pune, Pocket HRMS also provides budget-friendly and easy to use Payroll solutions in Kolkata.


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