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employee management system

What is employee management system?

An employee management system is a platform where all work-related as well as important personal details of an employee is stored and managed in a secure way. By using this system, you can manage admin activities in an easier and quicker way.

Employees are the pillar of any organization and an ideal employee management tool makes a big difference to an organization.

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Save more time

Our HR software solution offers an intelligent module that keeps you organized all the time by providing all data of employees at your fingertips. By using Pocket HRMS, you can access the information related to your staff while you are traveling, through our cloud storage. Your HR department now does not need to crawl through multiple files and spreadsheets to get the information of an employee thereby saving a substantial amount of time at their end. You can therefore, invest these saved hours in other developments.

Save more time
Ease your decision-making

Ease your decision-making

By accessing employee management system, you can either customize or create your own metrics or also avail the standard metric system to have an upper-view of entire employee management. Also, you can motivate and support your staff with an analytically driven metric system. With its timesheet management and time tracking software, it becomes easier to decision-making and no more errors are committed thereafter.

On-time, swift payroll

Performing payroll was never a piece of cake for the HR team. Moreover, paying them correctly and on time is another major challenge and very important as well. Our employee salary management software helps you with this critical task and makes payroll computation easy. Employee management system helps you pay your employees on time without pushing you into any unwanted legal matters.

On-time, swift payroll
Happy workforce

Happy workforce

It takes productivity of your staff to the next level by appreciating their dedicated hard work for you. Timely payrolls and recognized hard work all adds up to the happy workforce. Data-rich salary slips and downloadable reports tend to improve HR-employee relations thus, improving workforce retention and productivity. Now, you can expect a better business performance.

Online employee management

Tracing and recording of the employee data had never been easier. Creating a proper employee database is an important to-do task for perfect payroll. Our online employee management software is an essential tool to count exact worked hours and creates the required database for every month. Also, automation helps in cutting down errors. The online employee management system lets your HR work from any remote location as well.

Online employee management
Self-service portal

Self-service portal

Pocket HRMS also offers a dedicated platform for employees to access the information regarding their leaves, salary, pay slips, HR data, manager details, etc. This tends to save a lot of your HR efforts and time. As the name suggests, the portal allows your employees to service themselves and get their queries attended immediately.

Major challenges in employee management:

‘Your workforce’ is one of the major factors in your company’s success and hence, organizations need to treat them really well. So, you must invest in your staff and serve them better employee experience. Below mentioned are some of the biggest challenges in staff management that employers need to be ready to tackle;

  • Critical to engaged employees
  • Difficult to track workforce productivity
  • Keeping track of employee attendance
  • Difficult to trace and record staff data

Features of cloud-based employee management system

As the system is developed to streamline and automate HR tasks, so let’s take a quick look on how this software actually supports the human resource team and the employees as well.

  • With its time tracking and timesheet software, decision-making becomes easier.
  • Its salary modules pay your staff on time and you can also avoid human-errors as well.
  • It offers you ESS portal that allows your staff to service themselves and get their queries attended immediately.
  • It tracks the time employee spent on a task and HR professionals can use this data to optimize all working hours inside your business.
  • It easily integrates with your other software to work together so that the HR department can easily get all the functionalities you need to operate at peak capacity.
  • You can access all the necessary information of your employees about their projects, clients, etc. on a single dashboard.
  • The software is responsible to improve engagement and overall, employee experience.

Key benefits of implementing an employee management system in the organization:

Organizations need to understand that how investing in right employee management software proves a smart decision for their business. It is responsible to increase productivity of your staff, and also to boosts workforce engagement.

The system motivates them by making them feel realize that they are playing a key role in the company’s success. You can encourage your staff to perform at their best so that your company can achieve their business goals.

Below are some quick key advantages of accessing this intelligent software:

  • This cloud-based system allows you to automate and digitize manual data entry and saves time and human efforts both.
  • This too can help your business to keep all important documents safe against data loss or data theft.
  • The system offers you special tools to communicate and maintain good relationships with your staff.
  • It also incorporates with attendance and payroll software so that companies can pay their employees for worked hours.

It is the need of the hour for businesses to embrace cutting-edge engagement tools. The software proves great when it comes to foster a highly integrated and connected workforce. If HR activities are well equipped with the right HR solution that integrates various aspects of staff management like remuneration, recruiting, training, performance tracking, etc., then it empowers both the complete human resource team as well as the workforce.

Pocket HRMS is an integrated cloud-based tool that makes attendance and time tracking just like a cakewalk to help HR professional’s process payroll on time with accuracy. In HR industry, it is turning out to be a game-changer. So, contact us now at sales[at]sagesoftware.co.in and book our free demo of HRMS software!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is employee management?

Employee management is a series of tasks involved to manage the staff and keep them motivated for best performance at workplace. It may include connecting and serving their requirements.

What is the purpose of employee management software?

Dedicated EMS helps in tracking and evaluating parameters like employee performance, goal tracking, attendance, and so on. The software brings all your data under one roof.

What do employee management systems do?

It helps you manage employee with easy tracking and storing of workforce information. The software keeps a track of data like leaves, punch records, performance, payments, reimbursements, etc.

What are the Benefits of an Employee Management System?

Benefits of an EMS are as follows-

  • HR data analytics
  • Compliant HR
  • Secured data
  • Fool proof payroll
  • Keeps track of leave and attendance
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Saves HR time
  • Zeroed errors

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