Why Pocket HRMS?

With ingenious features like AI-enabled HR Chatbot ‘smHRty’ & a global search ‘smHRt searcHR’ leveraging machine learning, Pocket HRMS helps the Modern HR become smart & efficient to become the trustworthy ally of their employees.

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Pockethrms-software-Virtual HR - smHRty

Virtual HR - smHRty

Directly talk with your Dedicated AI Chatbot 'smHRty' who is a 24/7 Virtual HR in your Pocket


Attendance 360

Facial Recognition & Geotagging-based Touchless Attendance System for enhanced safety & security

Pockethrms-softwaresmHRt SearcHR

smHRt SearcHR

With our exclusive predictive algorithm, Global Database Search has become almost instantaneous

Pocket HRMS Employee Self Service Portal-70

Intuitive ESS Portal

The well thought out ESS Portal helps your employees easily find employment-related information

pocket hrms Save Time _ Cost

Save Time & Cost

Save the time, cost and efforts put into mundane HR activities, thus giving them time to come up with new employee engagement strategies

pocket hrms Make HR Efficient

Make HR Efficient

With automated systems, your HR becomes more efficient, thus ensuring higher productivity & employee satisfaction. Perfect payroll software for all industries

pocket hrms Error-free Payroll

Error-free Payroll

Automated cloud-based payroll with updated statutory deductions ensures that your HR need not perform error-prone manual calculations

pocket hrms Accurate Attendance

Accurate Attendance

Face-recognition based attendance management software ensures that your employees' attendance is transparent and precise

pocket hrms Engaging Experience

Engaging Experience

With the help of an easy to use ESS Portal, your employees will have a rewarding experience every time they interact with your HR department

pocket hrms High Portability

High Portability

Having a mobile app greatly increases the portability and effectiveness of an HRMS platform by placing a virtual HR in your pocket

AI-powered HR in your Pocket

Pocket HRMS - Comprehensive HRMS for improving everyday efficiency

Pocket HRMS Core HR

Core HR

Core HR includes the basic functionalities such as HRMS Software, Leave and Attendance Management and an ESS Portal, as these are required by all businesses.
HRMS Software takes care of helping the HR perform their daily duties, while the Attendance Management system will help the employees to punch in their daily attendance accurately. The Leave Management system will aid them in getting leaves approved on time transparently and having a dedicated Self Service Portal ensures higher engagement.

Talent Management

Good employees are the cornerstone of any company and having a robust talent management system ensures that you pick the right people to work for you while helping them grow too.
Recruitment Management will help in reaching out to the best candidates while a robust Applicant Tracking System ensures that they are nurtured well to get them interested in your company. Combining this with a Training Management Platform will help you get even more mileage out of your engaged employees.

Pocket Hrms Talent Management
Compensation Management

Compensation Management

Payroll processing is an integral part of every company and hence, your online Payroll Software should be error-free, statutory compliant and on time. Meanwhile, you can also take care of your company expenses using the Expense Management System to ensure that you don’t go overboard with it.
Similarly, you need to have an exceptional exit process to ensure that even the employee leaving your company has a good experience. This can be achieved by utilizing our dedicated F&F Settlement module.


Creating Experiences For Our Esteemed Patrons


Employee Engagement

Hence, Pocket HRMS has multiple avenues for making the employee experience interactive and engaging, such as our AI-enabled chatbot smHRty whom they can talk with directly!
Similarly, with the help of a dedicated mobile app, they are literally carrying a virtual HR in their pocket, whom they can interact with anywhere at any time. Combining these with our smart Survey System ensures that your employees are fully satisfied with your company, thus reducing your employee turnover.

Employee Engagement

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