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An online ESS portal lets your employees access as well as update their personal information including addresses, bank account, contact information. Our employee self-service portal saves HR personnel a great amount of time and allows the employees to view their employment-related documents, leave balances and attendance data, payroll and benefits, training information and their personal data even through their phones. This kind of web-based employee management system will not only enhance the employee's confidence with the company but also eases the HR workload.

Access every employee information at your fingertips 24/7 with the web-based ESS portal! Check out the other core features of Pocket HRMS.

Resolve Doubts Anytime Without Bothering HR

Pocket HRMS makes the job of HR very easy and quick with its online ESS portal. There is no need to go to the HR department to check one's employee details and resolve any payroll or attendance-related queries. An employee can view all the information related to leave balance, attendance reports, insurance, reimbursements, payroll and many more via the web.

The employee can even use the inbuilt options to view allowed benefits and raise requests online. And, if they still have any further queries regarding leave balance, attendance, reimbursement, tax, insurance, etc. then they can make use of the AI-powered HR Chatbot -smHRty to resolve all of their doubts.

Resolve Doubts Anytime Without Bothering HR
Let managers send out reviews and feedbacks

Timely Attendance & Approvals

Our web-based ESS portal also facilitates online remote attendance along with highly desirable features such as geo-tracking and geofencing that helps the companies keep a track of their employees' whereabouts. This kind of functionality makes it easier to get the exact working hours of any employee. As for the employees themselves, they need not carry any kind of extra hardware as their phones provide all the required functions. Similarly, it also expedites the process of leave approvals as both the HR and the employee can access their respective online ESS portals right from their phones.

Reviews & Feedbacks Made Easy

Pocket HRMS enables project and site managers of any pvt ltd or public sector companies to check employee details and accordingly send out reviews and feedbacks using the web. They can even approve or reject employee's leave requests via their web-based employee self-service portal. There is no need for the site managers to ring up the HR department to fetch these details. This saves a great deal of time for both the HR department as well as the management.

Secure Employee Database

If the employee does some modifications in their profile by accessing the employee self-service portal, then it goes for HR approval or site manager approval. This ensures that any kind of updates in the employee master list will only be done after the approval of HR and/or the manager. This approval system removes redundancy found in some of the other HR systems.

Since the HRMS system also needs to take care of financial information such as payroll and tax, it is important to have the best kind of security for an online employee management system. Pocket HRMS gives top priority to data security while making HR activities easier and quicker for both the employee and the HR department.

Keeps employee data secure
HR Wearables

HR Wearables

Our online mobile payroll app supports integration with wearable technology that is specially developed for employees to notify leave, attendance approvals, company news, payroll information, etc. on their wearable devices on the go. This upgrade in the employee management and HR domain brings flexibility into working and improves the company culture.

For an employee, it also means that they can mark their attendance remotely right from their wrists, even if they are at some offshore site! As wearable technology is here to stay, it makes sense for any pvt ltd company to invest and deploy this technology for improving employee engagement.

Employee Self-service Mobile App

It is one of the essential modules of any online HRMS system that is also responsible for improving the process of employee management. With the online ESS mobile app, employees can access their personal and professional data in just a few clicks. The app also facilitates the employees to file tax declarations as well as to submit investment proofs, thus further enhancing the prospect of remote working.

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Employee Self-service App
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