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What is Employee Self- Service (ESS) portal?

Employee self-service portal or ESS Portal is a web-based user interface used to access and edit relevant information. It also enables the employees to edit and upload certain information into the system, making them feel more valued and empowered. The HR team could use it to get information like payroll, leave and working hours, speeding up the operations and increasing their overall productivity.

Easily Update information

With ESS portal lets your employees access as well as update their personal information such as addresses, bank account, contact information. The employee self-service portal saves the HR team a lot of time that would need to be spent catering doing the work for the entire staff.

Your employees can view their employment-related information details such as, leave balances and attendance, payroll and benefits, training and their personal data on smartphones. This web-based employee management software will enhance the employee’s experience along with reducing HR workload.
Easily Update information
Doubt Resolving

Doubt Resolving

A lot of tedious work for HR management is made easier and quicker with the ESS portal. Now HR doesn’t need to invest their time and efforts in the job of answering queries of your employees related to details of payroll or leave. Doing that old way also make employees wait for their turn for long.

Your employee can view the information related to leave balance, attendance, insurance, reimbursements and payroll. The employee can use features in the ESS portal to raise requests online using the web-based app. Our AI-powered HR Chatbot -smHRty can answer all the basic doubts of your employees and increase efficiency.

Empower your employees with ESS Portal

Attendance and Approvals

Our web-based ESS portal provides you with working hours to get accurate attendance information of your employee. It increases the accuracy of the attendance with features like geo-tracking and geofencing to keep track of remote employees in our hybrid work model that most companies follow.

This all can be done on our mobile payroll app with ease. The employee there is no need for any additional hardware. This also speeds up their leave approval process. As an employee can apply for leave and those who are in the leave approval chain, can view and take action on the leave request from their mobile phones anytime anywhere
Time Attendance and Approvals

Easy Reviews and Feedback

With the Pocket HRMS project and site managers of any Pvt ltd or public sector companies to check employee details and accordingly send out reviews and feedbacks using the web. They can also approve or reject employee’s leave requests on the web-based employee self-service portal effortlessly.

The site managers don’t need to approach the HR department to get detailed information to make a decision. That saves a lot of time for both management and the HR team of the company. At the same time, it also increases speed and efficiency by making it seamless and easily accessible for employees at various levels in your organization.

Secure Employee Database

Any kind of edits done by the employee in the employee self-service portal goes to HR or the site manager for approval. This allows you to secure an employee database as updates in the details are done only after approvals. This also eliminates redundancy found in some of the other HR management systems.

Pocket HRMS is also responsible for the management of financial information like payroll and taxes security is important. Our cloud-based system security of the database for you while making HR functions quicker and easier. It also makes information more accessible and improves the overall management.
Secure Employee Database
HR Wearables_

HR Wearables

Our online mobile app now supports seamless integration with wearable technology. This is specially designed so you can inform the employee about leave or attendance approvals. This web-based system also does the management of notifications for information such as company news and payroll on the go.

This advanced technology in employee management and brings flexibility and improves the company culture. The employee can mark their attendance with a device on their wrist even if it is an offshore site. This makes it a smart investment for Pvt Ltd company and any firm that have remote operations to invest in in the technology so you get better results.

Employee Self-Service App

An employee self-service app is a need of time now. With it, you could not only take away the workload of HR and make information more accessible to the staff but also add more productive time for your entire workforce. It is an essential module of HRMS and improves employee management.

Our ESS mobile app allows the employee to access their personal and professional information with a few clicks. The application also facilitates the employees to file tax declarations and submit investment proofs. This enhances the prospects of remote working along with better management experience.
Employee Self-Service App

Access every employee information at your fingertips 24/7 with the web-based ESS portal! Check out the other core features of Pocket HRMS

Benefits of Employee Self Service (ESS)

pocket hrms Save Time _ Cost


It is affordable and can be customized for particular needs and increases both efficiency and accuracy

pocket hrms Make HR Efficient

Web Security

Our system gives you highly encrypted data for superior security on your database

pocket hrms Error-free Payroll


The software makes sure that there are no mistakes or delays in statutory compliance and saves time

pocket hrms Accurate Attendance

24/7 Access

The portal gives you the opportunity to connect with your staff irrespective of the time and location

pocket hrms Engaging Experience

Mobile HR

This system gives you the necessary mobility to perform smooth and efficient operations remotely

pocket hrms High Portability

Time Saver

Most of the tedious tasks are automated and gives improved performance saving a lot of time

Frequently asked questions

Employees can view their attendance details, upcoming events in the company, leave balance, the status of their requests and can also easily download their information-rich payslip.
It streamlines tedious tasks like attendance and payroll and also ensures compliance with accuracy. It empowers employees by giving them access to their employment-related data and saves a lot of HR efforts from repetitive data entry or doubt resolving work. That makes the organization more productive.
Attendance management is important for employees and the firm. Our software makes sure that you always get accurate working hours, attendance and leave details so payroll can be done right and other processing like overtime is also done with accuracy maintaining the trust of employees in the company.

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