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Leaves and holidays are incessant desire for any employee, the more you give, the more they crave. From getting patriotic on republic day’s Holiday to using a sick leave to go out on BFF’s wedding or just a casual leave to laze around at home, it is everything employee plan and crave throughout the year.


However, a leave request coming all out of the blue can be a nightmare for any company. With deadline on projects or any important meeting, last thing an HR or the manager would expect would be the employee taking a leave. Moreover, obvious enough no employee would like working from home on his well-deserved leave. Thus, a good leave management system is necessary to coordinate the deal between managers and employees to create a win-win situation for all.



Leave Management through Pocket HRMS


Pocket HRMS is a complete cloud-based software that helps the HR manage leaves and holidays of employees with ease through its leave management module.


  • Define holidays: With Pocket HRMS, the HR can predefine list of all the holidays, leave types (Cl, PL, OL, etc.). It also gives the HR the ability to add comp-off entries in real time, which can be notified to the employee via the employee self service portal.


  • Employee self-service Portal: Through this portal, employees can send and track their leave requests in prior and check the balance number of leaves pending. They also get to access official holiday calendar.


  • Manage Leave requests: the HR can approve or refuse to the leave request considering the need of the employee as well as the company. Which automatically gets integrated with biometric attendance system and eventually helps in payroll processing.


  • Mobile payroll app: with Pocket HRMS’s mobile payroll app in your Smartphone and a net connection, leave requests approvals, MIS leave reports, comp-off entries, etc. can be easily managed from anywhere across the globe.


An efficient leave management system will increase productivity across the HR department, and Pocket HRMS provides your HR with a safe, reliable and automated leave management and time tracking system.



For further details on Pocket HRMS’s Leave Management System, contact us here. You can also mail at sales@pockethrms.com for a quick demo and consultation.


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