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Pocket HRMS is a comprehensive HR and payroll management software in Bangalore. The city is the IT capital of India and home to many IT giants and innovative startups. It is one of the cities with a massive pull of talent in the workforce. 


The boom of IT industries has huge input from the city. The organizations are growing at record speed so is the workforce. This calls for Pocket HRMS which is one of the best payroll software in Bangalore. It is a cloud-based HR payroll software to support the workforce for optimum performance.


HR Payroll Software In Bangalore

We at Pocket HRMS understands the inflating needs of HR and payroll software in Bangalore. We can no longer cling to old school payroll processing which eats up a lot of time and is prone to human errors. We are HR and payroll software for ambitious organizations. We present you with an all in one solution to help you with hassle-free payroll processing and better employee management. The web-based software is designed to streamline all the elements of  HR payroll management. HRMS software calculates benefits and deductions such as income tax.

Rejuvenate your HR with The Next Step in HRMS Tech!

Advanced Payroll Processing

Hassle-free and Advanced Payroll Processing

The payroll management system has to be user friendly. The software that is easy to use by all the employees can be more helpful than the ones which need the training to understand it. Our HR software is user-friendly and you can use it to make attendance and leave management as well as your payroll process faster. Pocket HRMS is one of the best payroll software that gives the employee a self-service portal. This can be accessed from smartphones and do not require any additional hardware for attendance management while working remotely.

Pocket HRMS is the best HR payroll software in Bangalore. As the development of IT in Bangalore is advanced, the payroll and HR requirements of the organisations in the city need advanced software. Payroll is a huge stress point for the HR teams and Pocket HRMS software uses advanced technology to automate the payroll and attendance tracking with the cloud. It is the best HR and payroll management software to cater the critical HR operations with ease and efficiency. We have designed this payroll system to save time and effort for HR

Statutory Compliance and Data Management Made Easy


All the Pvt Ltd and the public limited companies have to deal with the complicated statutory compliance of payroll. Pocket HRMS is an HR software that is easy to operate when it comes to compliance with payroll in India. We are aware of the stress that tax calculation can bring for HR and with the software we have made sure that your company never get into trouble for the same. This payroll software in Bangalore gets automated updates. You can keep your worries about updates aside and if there is a change in regulations it will be reflected in an HR software update.

Data Management

With payroll management software you can get information about your employees in one place. Access to this centralized data is important to get assistance on important decisions. Data related to attendance, time and leaves can be seen here. Pocket HRMS is a trusted product in India that also help you to improve employee performance. The easy to understand MIS reports can be very insightful and you can customize them anytime. We are giving the drag and drop feature in the software so you could follow us on a journey of seamless customization.

Remote Work

Seamless Adaptation for Remote Work Culture

The needs of the corporate world in Bangalore and in India is constantly changing. Now, in most organizations at least to some extent of our workforce is working remotely. This makes the job of tracking attendance and time even more difficult. Task like time tracking, attendance and leave management is important to calculate the payroll correctly. Receiving an improper payroll makes employees resentful toward the company and also affects their overall performance negatively if not rectified quickly.

Pocket HRMS is the best payroll software in Bangalore and it takes care of all your HR and payroll needs in one place. May it be an automated attendance and time tracking or seamless integration of leave data we got you covered with HRMS software. May it be a transition from being a Pvt ltd to a bigger company or sustaining your huge workforce efficiently, you do not need to worry. Investing in Pocket HRMS payroll management software is a deal that you will never regret and witness a greater speed and productivity in the firm. Apart from providing exceptional solutions in Bangalore, Pocket HRMS is also a leading Payroll software in Pune.


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