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Most Reliable Payroll Software in Chennai

Chennai has a growing demand for cloud-based payroll software for the HR processes in companies. As the firms are growing and expanding they need the HR payroll software in Chennai that is capable to support the growth. Pocket HRMS software is one of the best payroll software in Chennai that does the HR payroll and functions of human resource management with efficiency. Companies need this better and smarter HR software in Chennai to take care of the HR requirements of the workforce and ensure seamless business operations at the workplace.

Payroll Software In Chennai​

It is a cloud-based HR management software, we can get accurate attendance and time tracking with it. You can do all your human resource management and save a lot of HR time. The best HR software in Chennai is a Pocket HRMS, providing easy to use solution for HR and payroll operations. We are aware that HR and payroll software has to be user-friendly as all the employees may not be equipped with the technical expertise to deal with complicated payroll software. Now you do not need to search for software further, Pocket HRMS is the right fit for your firm.

Attendance and Leave Management

Smart Attendance and Leave Management

Pocket HRMS is a trusted HR software for Payroll. It includes all the components of payroll and does error-free calculations. But this HR and payroll software in Chennai is capable of much more than just processing payroll. You could use the easy to manage modules in the all in one HR and payroll management software. With Pocket HRMS software, you can manage the tasks like attendance and leave management with ease. This HR payroll software streamlines the HR processes in the organization and makes them faster.

We are in a digital era with technological developments in Chennai and can no more cling to our old paper-based HR practices. The endless paperwork keeps the HR department consumed in administrative work. With the best payroll software in Chennai, your HR team can be free from the routine tedious processes and be a valuable member in the strategic plans with the insightful HR MIS reports from Pocket HRMS. The reports can be downloaded with a few clicks of buttons and the easy customization offers flexibility in reporting.

Rejuvenate your HR with The Next Step in HRMS Tech!

Payroll Software with Employee Self-Service

If you search for payroll software in Chennai you will find that Pocket HRMS software is the best of all and HR payroll software is easy to manage. Employee self-service portal is one of many reasons that makes it the best HR software. In a self-service mobile application, employees can get access to employment details like attendance data, leave balance and payslips. This access makes employees feel empowered. The cloud-based payroll software allows remote workers to mark attendance with a location tracking feature.

Specialized Dashboard​

We are made our HR software in Chennai easy to use and adapt to remote as well as the hybrid work model. Human resources can get accurate attendance and time data irrespective of where employees are working from. It is also easy to access employee information with a few clicks without wasting any valuable time. The centralized data hub saves a lot of time and insightful MIS reports help you to make quick and informed decisions. Pocket HRMS software make your workforce more efficient and productive by saving valuable time.

Payroll Process

Flexible and Affordable Payroll Software in Chennai


Pocket HRMS is the right payroll software in Chennai for HR and payroll operations at your organization. We are at Pocket HRMS are keen on making our product the right fit for every company. HR payroll system offers great flexibility and grows the capacity with the growth of your organization. Our Hr payroll software is a suitable and affordable option for small Pvt Ltd firms as well as multiple organizations. Our payroll software in Chennai is a system that easily adapts to the specific needs of your firm to increase productivity.


If you are looking for payroll software in Chennai that could offer a one-stop solution to all your HR operations, Pocket HRMS is the one for you. The software makes the HR processes seamless for both HR and the employees. This is the best HR software in Chennai that increases the productivity of the overall organization. Our HR payroll software offers flexibility with easy customization. Having our HR payroll software in your company will improve the employee work experience and help in retaining the best performing talent in the firm too. Along with Chennai, Pocket HRMS also provides budget-friendly and easy to use Payroll solutions in Mumbai.

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