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Advanced smHRt Payroll with Automated Compliance Handling

Quick, Accurate and Error-free processing fulfilling Advanced
Payroll Requirements and Statutory Compliance.

Payroll Software

Streamline your Payroll Operations with
Payroll Management Software

Selective Payroll

Improved payroll flexibility with multi-category and single-employee payroll processing.

Statutory Compliances

Stay updated with compliances using the innovative payroll system to avoid hefty penalties.

Forms Generation

Generate regulatory forms such as ECR, Form 16, etc., with enhanced options for IT returns.

What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software is a system that automates the entire process of payroll. It is an all-in-one solution to manage payroll and ensure that it complies with the tax and financial regulations. It simplifies payroll processing by automating employee taxes calculations, their monthly inputs for payroll processing, leave calculations and other related tasks.

Multi-company Payroll

Use the same credentials for multiple ventures in your business for streamlined access.

Multi-Structure Payroll

Easily create multiple categories of employees for setting different rules for payroll.

Conditional Formula Builder

Change salary heads with custom formulae without depending on the developer.

Automated Calculations

Streamline calculations such as arrears, provident fund, professional tax, IT, ESI, etc.

F&F Calculations

Smooth exit with automated gratuity calculations, leave encashment and asset recovery.

Large Data Processing

Multitask efficiently by batch processing payroll in the background to improve productivity.

Ess portal mobile app

Experience this Amazing Cloud-based Payroll Software for Yourself

Advanced Payroll Solution Functions for Effortless Payroll Processing

Custom Payslip Designer

Enhanced flexibility to design payslip with company logo and add required elements.

Dedicated ESS Portal

Remotely access from desktop & mobile to download payslips and tax worksheets.

Advanced Reporting

Super Data Wizard with pivots to generate custom reports along with 100+ templates.

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New-age Online Payroll Software Features, Easy-to-use Cloud Solution

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

Access your data anytime, anywhere using robust Microsoft Azure cloud architecture, avoiding manual updates and costly maintenance costs.

Remote Access

Secure Database

Strict access control and data security policies with 256-bit military-grade encryption ensure your data remains safe against unauthorized access.

In-depth Insights​

Fast & Efficient

Reduced need for repetitive data inputs ensures employee salary and payroll processing takes minutes instead of hours every month.

What HRs think of Pocket HRMS

“We have been using Pocket HRMS Software for a year and are very happy with our choice. Excellent service support.”


– Niranjana Neelakantan
HR Director, TESSOL

“The support team is highly admirable. Their professional and polite approach to our queries is simply excellent.”


– Nishant Mahajan
Corporate GM-HR, EvolveBack

“Data monitoring & HR analytics are made easy by Pocket HRMS, it is upcoming the future of the HR industry”


– Sonal Gangwani
HR Manager, Ignatiuz

Resources for HR and People leaders

Quick Payroll Features Overview

Comprehensive payroll platform that enables you to manage your employees’ payroll effectively.

Is it time for HR to look beyond spreadsheets?

HR Spreadsheets

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Benefits of Implementing AI in HR

Artificial Intelligence In HR Industry

Here are the benefits of implementing AI In HR, represented in infographic format.


Cloud-based payroll software are payroll solutions which uses the cloud computing architecture to accurately calculate and process employee payroll in organizations. Since this software is deployed on the cloud, it is highly flexible and scalable, which helps it cater to a wide range of companies, ranging from start-ups to enterprises.

To answer the question, what is payroll software or payroll processing software, it is a program that helps companies to accurately process their employees’ payroll and disburse their salaries on time. It automates numerous payroll-related operations like collecting attendance data, gathering monthly inputs, calculating salaries, deducting taxes and other deductibles, generating payslips, distributing salaries, and maintaining records of the same.

The Standard Plan of Pocket HRMS costs ₹2495 per month for up to 50 employees. If you employ more than 50 employees, then you can pay an additional ₹40 per employee per month to enjoy the numerous features of the Standard Plan.



Similarly, the rate for the Professional Plan of Pocket HRMS is ₹3995 per month for up to 50 employees. If you employ more than 50 employees, then you can pay an additional ₹80 per employee per month to enjoy the extra features of this Plan along with the Standard Plan features.



The most feature-rich plan of Pocket HRMS is the Premium Plan which has all the features provided in the Professional Plan along with additional exceptional features which make Pocket HRMS revolutionary software for your organization.

The main difference between Pocket HRMS and any other payroll software in India is the ‘smHRt Payroll®’ feature, which utilizes Machine Learning to learn your payroll patterns over time and highlight any errors in your payroll data. Using the smHRt Payroll® system, you can process your employee payroll quickly with simplified steps, as the system takes care of capturing errors.



Pocket HRMS’ payroll module also enables you to upload the attendance data from your employee records using your biometric attendance hardware. It also comes with simplified options to view each month’s payroll data as well as state-wise statutory compliance details for easier payroll processing. The system also automates the process of payslips and custom reports generation, improving the overall efficiency of the payroll processing teams.

What are the Types Payroll Software?

There are mainly two types of payroll systems that cater to various business requirements:

1. Cloud-based Systems


Cloud-based systems offer scalability and accessibility, allowing remote access and seamless updates. Being SaaS-based payroll solutions, the security of the employee data rests with the software vendor. Hence, these systems generate revenue using subscription-based models.

2. On-premise Systems


On-premises systems are set up to run from the office premises. Hence, to provide robust features, they require the right infrastructure and consistent maintenance. However, all of these costs are borne by the company themselves since they are in charge of deployment and maintenance.

What are The Key Functionalities of an Ideal HRMS System?

Even start-ups require dedicated online payroll software nowadays if they are to survive in this digital age. Businesses require cloud payroll software for:



1. Improved Efficiency

A dedicated cloud payroll software automates all salary calculations. As a result, it helps avoid manual errors, saving the productive time of HRs. The time saved in processing payroll can be better utilized in other creative aspects of employee management like engagement.



2. Automated Compliances

It also ensures that the payroll is compliant with the tax laws for your business. Moreover, it automates the process of adhering to labour regulations, and regulatory policies, ensuring timely salaries and taxation.



3. Simplified Records

It maintains detailed records of employee wages and their taxes, resulting in accurate bookkeeping for your business. Having easy access to this data whenever required enables HR to have better transparency.



4. Increased Cost Savings

It drastically reduces the costs associated with manual payroll processing. Additionally, it also helps avoid manual errors and hefty fines for non-compliance, saving company costs.



5. Enhanced Self-Service

It also allows employees to access payslips and tax forms, as well as update personal information to ensure accurate data. Additionally, through dedicated Payroll and ess portal, employees can access this information at their fingertips whenever required, enhancing their employment experience with their organization.



6. Customizable Reporting

Additionally, it also generates customizable reports for management, accounting, and auditing purposes. Combined with the ability to create report templates, it simplifies on-time report generation for the HR teams.

What are the Top Features of Payroll Software?

There are a few key features of salary payroll software in companies, that ensure a streamlined payroll process, such as:

➔ Automated Payroll Calculations

It automatically calculates wages, taxes, earnings and deductions based on the provided data and predefined rules. This makes the process error-free, while also ensuring a streamlined payroll process.


➔ Tax Filing

An HR and payroll software also calculates taxes automatically, including the income tax and other taxes of your employees. This automated calculation ensures that there are no errors in the computation process.


➔ Direct Deposit

Employee payroll software also provides options for electronic deposit of employee paychecks directly into their bank accounts. This process accelerates the salary disbursal process by streamlining the various steps involved in it.


➔ Employee Self-Service

It also helps the employees to view and manage their payroll information, such as payslips and tax forms, whenever required. With Employee Self-Service portal (ESS), employees can easily stay on top of their payroll.


➔ Compliance Management

It also ensures that 100% statutory compliance is maintained with the prevailing tax laws and labour regulations when the salaries are calculated and distributed to the employees. It creates more productive time for HR to concentrate on other creative pursuits like increasing employee engagement.


➔ Reporting

Employee payroll software with report function also generates reports on payroll expenses, tax liabilities, and employee earnings. Having these reports handy enables the management to make changes to their payroll and attendance structures as required, saving company costs in the long run.

What are the Benefits of having a Payroll Management System?

The major benefits of using a payroll management system are:


1. Time Efficiency

Since the payroll management system automates payroll processes, it saves a lot of time when compared to manual calculations. This improved efficiency translates to more time for the HR teams to be dedicated to creative pursuits.


2. Cost Savings

It also reduces the cost of payroll processing, including the need for additional staff. The cost savings also include avoidance of fines and penalties resulting from non-compliance notices.


3. Increased Accuracy

It minimizes the risk of errors in payroll calculations and tax filings, which is a major headache for the HR teams if they are processing payroll manually. Increased accuracy also helps in fewer complaints from the employees regarding payroll, which translates to better employee satisfaction.


4. Complete Compliance

It also helps ensure that the payroll calculation and disbursal process is compliant with the prevailing tax laws. Since it automatically takes care of the compliances, HRs need not fret over overpaid or underpaid taxes, and attendance irregularities.


5. Enhanced Security

It also secures sensitive payroll information through encrypted databases. Additionally, modern cloud payroll software also has user access controls, which ensure that a certain level of data abstraction is maintained between the users.


6. Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is another major benefit as it provides them with easy access to payslips and other payroll-related information. Having this information at their fingertips provides them with the peace of mind that this information is available whenever required.

How to select the Best Payroll Software Solution in India?

There are several factors that you need to consider when looking for the best payroll software solution in India. The most essential factors required for the best salary payroll software are:


➔ Software Requirements

You should determine your payroll processing requirements, including the number of employees, payroll complexity, data collection, and integration with other systems like attendance, leaves, etc.


➔ Budget

You will also have to set a budget, considering not just the initial cost but also ongoing expenses such as subscription fees, maintenance costs, etc.


➔ Features

You need to look for payroll software that offers essential features like automated payroll calculations, tax compliance, and employee self-service. On the other hand, you should also consider additional features like integration capabilities, reporting tools, and mobile access to ensure that you get the best value for your money.


➔ Scalability

It is essential to choose payroll solutions that can grow with your business, accommodating changes in the number of employees and payroll complexity. It will help you scale your payroll software according to your company’s growth.


➔ User-Friendliness

You should also ensure that the software is easy to use and intuitive, reducing the need for extensive training. It will result in an easier adoption rate and ensure minimal hurdles while deploying it.


➔ Support and Updates

You should also consider the level of customer support offered by the software vendor, as well as the frequency of software updates and enhancements. Having maximum support is essential to ensure that your business doesn’t take a hit due to any software contingencies.


➔ Security

You need to verify that payroll solutions comply with the local and international data protection laws, while also offering robust security features to protect sensitive payroll information.


➔ Integration

If you need to integrate payroll solutions with other systems like accounting software, HRMS software, etc., you need to ensure compatibility and consider the ease of integration.

What are the Latest Payroll Software Trends?

The latest trends in payroll software in India reflect the ongoing digital transformation and the need for more efficient and integrated payroll solutions. Some of the major trends in payroll solutions include:


1. Cloud-Based Solutions

Increasing adoption of cloud-based payroll software due to its scalability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness.


2. Systems Integration

Growing demand for payroll software that seamlessly integrates with HR and accounting systems to streamline overall business processes.


3. Mobile Accessibility

The rising popularity of mobile-friendly payroll processing software allows employees to access their pay information and manage payroll-related tasks on the go.


4. Automation with AI

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation to enhance payroll accuracy, reduce manual errors, and improve efficiency.


5. Compliance Management

Focus on compliance with changing tax laws and regulations, with cloud payroll solutions offering built-in features to ensure compliance.


6. Data Security

Increased emphasis on data security, with payroll processing software incorporating advanced security measures to protect confidential employee data.


7. Employee Self-Service

Greater emphasis on employee self-service features like mobile app and dedicated ESS Portals, enabling employees to access their payslips, tax details, and other payroll-related information anytime, anywhere.


8. Analytics and Reporting

Growing demand for payroll solutions with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, providing insights into payroll costs, trends, and compliance metrics.

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