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Streamline your Payroll Operations with
Payroll Management Software

Streamline Your Payroll Process

Selective Payroll

Improved payroll flexibility with multi-category and single-employee payroll processing.

Statutory Compliances

Stay updated with compliances using the innovative payroll system to avoid hefty penalties.

Forms Generation

Generate regulatory forms such as ECR, Form 16, etc., with enhanced options for IT returns

What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software is a system that automates the entire process of payroll. It is an all-in-one solution to manage payroll and ensure that it complies with the tax and financial regulations. It simplifies payroll processing by automating employee taxes calculations, their monthly inputs for payroll processing, leave calculations and other related tasks.

Multi-company Payroll

Use the same credentials for multiple ventures in your business for streamlined access.

Multi-Structure Payroll

Easily create multiple categories of employees for setting different rules for payroll.

Conditional Formula Builder

Change salary heads with custom formulae without depending on the developer.

Payslip Designer

Automated Calculations

Streamline calculations such as arrears, provident fund, professional tax, IT, ESI, etc.

F&F Calculations

Smooth exit with automated gratuity calculations, leave encashment and asset recovery.

Large Data Processing

Multitask efficiently by batch processing payroll in the background to improve productivity.

Employee Self Service Portal

Experience this Amazing Online Payroll Software for Yourself

Advanced Payroll Solution Functions for Effortless Payroll Processing

Custom Payslip Designer

Enhanced flexibility to design payslip with company logo and add required elements.

Dedicated ESS Portal

Remotely access from desktop & mobile to download payslips and tax worksheets.

Advanced Reporting

Super Data Wizard with pivots to generate custom reports along with 100+ templates.

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New-age Payroll Software Features, Easy to use Cloud Solution

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

Access your data anytime, anywhere using robust Microsoft Azure cloud architecture, avoiding manual updates and costly maintenance costs.

Remote Access

Secure Database

Strict access control and data security policies with 256-bit military-grade encryption ensure your data remains safe against unauthorized access.

In-depth Insights​

Fast & Efficient

Reduced need for repetitive data inputs ensures employee salary and payroll processing takes minutes instead of hours every month.

What HRs think of Pocket HRMS

“We have been using Pocket HRMS Software for over a year and are very happy with our choice. Excellent service support.”

– Niranjana Neelakantan
HR Director, TESSOL

“The support team is highly admirable. Their professional and polite approach to our queries is simply excellent.”

– Nishant Mahajan
HR Manager, EvolveBack
“Data monitoring & HR analytics are made easy by Pocket HRMS, it is upcoming the future of the HR industry”

– Sonal Gangwani
HR Manager, Ignatiuz

Resources for HR and People leaders

Quick Payroll Features Overview

Comprehensive payroll platform that enables you to manage your employees’ payroll effectively

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Benefits Of Implementing AI In HR

Artificial Intelligence In HR Industry
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Top Rated HRMS Software on​







Since Pocket HRMS is a highly scalable and customisable solution, you pay for only those modules deployed for your organisation. We provide customised payroll software solution to ensure that you get maximum returns from your investment with Pocket HRMS. We have provided numerous options to ensure you enjoy the best payroll system for the right price.


We have three different plans for organisations, Standard, Professional and Premium. You can view the details of these plans here. Additionally, you can opt for a customised Premium plan if you want to deploy specific features not included in any plans. We will be glad to develop and implement them for your business.

Pocket HRMS payroll software provides a multitude of avenues for saving expenses. The automation provided in payroll processing saves the time and effort required for payroll calculations. It helps maintain statutory compliances so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business. Due to automated compliances, you avoid the risk of being fined for failing to abide by any regulatory requirements.


Being a cloud-based system, it is maintained and updated by us, resulting in additional cost savings. Hence, Pocket HRMS is especially beneficial for small businesses with fewer personnel and limited resources yet need to undertake payroll tasks. With Pocket HRMS, you can also avoid the cost of deploying and maintaining the necessary hardware as it runs on cloud architecture.

Following are the significant benefits of deploying payroll software:


Easy Custom Reporting

Pocket HRMS facilitates custom reporting. It is incredibly intuitive, with simplified options to set individual report parameters and date ranges and download the reports in any required format. Additionally, you can define custom reports based on the commonly downloaded reports and save them as handy templates. Our payroll software also allows you to generate accurate payroll reports, such as monthly payslips or leave reports of any employee, effortlessly.


Improved Efficiency

Since every aspect of the Pocket HRMS payroll management system is automated, you will save a lot of time. You do not have to enter the information for every cycle manually. You set it up once and let the software handle the rest. It improves the overall efficiency of the HR department as they need not say on top of the statutory laws as it is managed automatically by our cloud-based system.


Online Payroll Process

The online functionality of our cloud payroll system makes it an easy pick for any business. Online payroll software allows the HR manager to digitally collect employees’ time and attendance details and maintain accurate data for payroll. It also provides quick salary disbursal with payslip generation for flexible working and easy management, making Pocket HRMS the most accessible tool for the HR department.


Improved Compliance

Compliance refers to the legal framework your business must adhere to. As an employer, you are required to maintain various payroll and payment records of your employees. Every organisation that hires employees and pays salaries must comply with labour laws. You can automatically comply with India’s employment and labour laws with an automated payroll process.

Following are the two most common types of payroll management software:



These solutions are developed, updated, and maintained by the in-house IT team of an organisation. The company has complete control and can tweak it as per its wishes.


Generally, on-premises systems are costly to maintain as they incur heavy maintenance and management expenditures. It also needs to be constantly updated with the latest legal regulations.



These solutions are also called Software-As-A-Service or SaaS solutions. Pocket HRMS is a SaaS-based solution as it is developed and hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud architecture. Hence, it is easy to use as the users can access their data anytime from anywhere using any connected device.


Since we maintain the data and systems, we take additional precautions to safeguard our user data with military-grade encryption and secure user access control. You can pay an annual or monthly fee to enjoy this fantastic software’s features. We can even customise it with user-specific requirements to ensure maximum utilisation.

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