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True attendance data

Our biometric based attendance system ensures accurate payroll

Minimized errors

Automated employee tracking system provides exact worked hours and thus, foolproof payroll.

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Timely and precise payroll for every recognized hours helps in improving morale of employees


Get your payslips and reports generated within seconds whenever required through ESS portal.

biometric time attendance system
pocket HRMS

Drive employee authentication like never before!

With facial recognition technology used for tracking employee attendance, businesses are witnessing a steep improvement in employee experience. Pocket HRMS seamlessly integrates with your biometric time attendance system or facial recognition device offering accurate attendance reports. Revolutionize attendance tracking by integrating your facial recognition device with our modern HR software.

Switch to online biometric attendance system and say goodbye to the old and tiresome process of attendance tracking. Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Increases employee morale

Accurate attendance tracking paves way for error-free payroll. When employees do not receive correct pay for the work they performed or the number of hours they spent, they tend to feel undervalued and dissatisfied. Our cloud based biometric attendance system eliminates the reason to worry and encourages employees not to worry about errors that may affect their remuneration.

Accurate attendance tracking
Employee time tracking software

Easy integration and Compliance

Pocket HRMS supports seamless integration with most of the biometric attendance machines in use these days making it the best biometric attendance system. Employee time tracking software makes it easy to manage multiple shifts and overtime. Our cloud based biometric attendance management system enables error-free attendance management reducing risks of human errors. It also helps in implementing all local and state employment regulations concerning early leaves, overtime and other employment regulations.

Auto-generate Payslips and HR reports

Another quintessential feature of our cloud based biometric attendance system is that it generates payslips and important reports on the go. It can upload bank statements and expense reimbursement reports of your employees. Pocket HRMS assists you in verifying payroll calculations before disbursing salaries by providing a quick preview of salary reports.

Auto-generate Payslips
Foolproof attendance records

Foolproof attendance database

Pocket HRMS provides a bigger picture of employee attendance and proper distribution of their worked hours. This tends to improve productivity. Mapping of employee hours and leaves lets you know the right investment of your money and time. To invest your time right, having a robust HRMS is mandatory. Also, the system must be flexible enough to match your business requirements. One of the most prominent feature of our HR software is that it integrates with most of the fingerprint biometric attendance systems in use today thus, assuring you a foolproof attendance records.

Best Biometric attendance system in India

A dedicated attendance management system becomes a good asset for a business only if it scales with your business. Pocket HRMS supports a good range of company verticals irrespective of their type. Be it an SME or a larger organization, our cloud based HRMS is a hot pick for all. The benefits of an automated biometric attendance system outweighs the investment.

Best Biometric attendance system

Biometric Attendance Management System Guide

Tracking attendance is the most time-consuming yet important activity for the human resource department. It forms the crux for various HR related tasks like HR administration, payroll, leave management etc. HR professionals often baffled with the tedious task of attendance tracking apart from dealing with other HR related chores.

By using the cloud based attendance tracking system, the whole process can be easily automated and saves a lot of time, money and frustration for HR people. Also, mistakes in payroll calculations can irk your workforce and can hamper their productivity. So, ‘biometric attendance management system’ is the need of the hour for intelligent time tracking.

Purpose of implementing cloud based biometric attendance software:

  • Most accurate solution to track attendance of employees
  • Best way to get rid of paper-based monitoring
  • Saves efforts, time and money of HR team
  • Offers better data security
  • Ensures accurate payroll

Companies need to understand that gone are the days of tracking employee attendance manually. Pocket HRMS knows that how difficult it is for an organization, especially its HR department to process salaries accurately in absence of automated biometric attendance software.

Today, ‘biometrics’ is becoming a sought after technology and it has a key role in the developments of various fiends. Like engineering, medicine, manufacturing, etc. This technology is now becoming an efficient replacement to the traditional time tracking methods as it decrease fraudulent practices such as delayed entry, proxy punching, etc. and accurately tracks employee attendance.

After considering its benefits, it becomes important to find the best biometric attendance software available in India. So, here is your answer! Take a look!

Which biometric attendance system is best?

Pocket HRMS offers one of the best biometric attendance management systems in India. This cloud based system has a wide range of features that make attendance tracking of employees a simple and easy task for HR people. Its customer support team is always available to resolve queries of our clients. Also, it is easy to customize and fits all industry sizes and types. This tool easily well integrates with different HR systems. It's affordable pricing is a big plus!

The next step to know that how this system works, so, it’s time to dig deep and find the answer for how this system work;

How does biometric attendance system work?

The system uses the fingerprint of employees to verify who is actually clocking in and out at work each day as everyone’s finger print is different. Then, the employee will receive an email or text message about the new log.

Most organizations experience the problem of ‘pseudo punching’; it means employees punch in each other’s entry time because they know each other’s login details. Opting for a biometric attendance software can easily deal with this problem and punching for someone else becomes impossible.

Pocket HRMS, cloud based HR solution, helps companies to manage employee attendance efficiently. It empowers the human resource team to track employees’ working hours and also allow employees to update their attendance details. So, we make attendance tracking a cakewalk to help HR people process salaries accurately. Now, attendance tracking is no more a hassle!

Below are top 8 reasons to opt for Pocket HRMS’s cloud based biometric attendance managements system;

  • Integrates with other HR systems
  • Prevents buddy punching practices
  • Easy to implement and easy to use
  • Eliminates time theft
  • Easy to track exact worked hours
  • Improves the overall employee experience
  • Easy to manage multiple shifts and overtime
  • Reduce risk of human errors

The features of our cloud based bio-metric attendance software alleviate the daunting task of tracking employee attendance seamlessly. Implementing this system in your organization help HR personnel to handle labor expenses efficiently as well as enhance productivity across the human resource team.

It supports seamless integration with other HR systems such as time tracking system, card swipe system, etc. Help your human resource department shun these pains by offering them cloud based biometrics attendance software and help them improve efficiency and process salaries in a quick way.

Making use of biometric attendance system will benefit organizations in the long run and it becomes easy for the human resource team to safeguard a healthy work environment. Hence, take advantage of this technology to ease HR function now!

To learn more about Pocket HRMS’s abilities and cool features, feel free to ask for a demo here. You can also drop a mail to us at sales@sagesoftware.co.in or SMS SAGE to 56767 to get a free consultation. You can also download free HR templates here and to read our HR related tips and blogs, just click here! Feel free to give us a shout out at Twitter, Facebook, LinkeIn or Instagram.

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