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What is Biometric Attendance System?

Biometric Attendance Management System is the attendance system that employs ‘biometrics’ or biometric devices to register employee attendance and make the process of marking attendance as well as generating attendance reports easy.


Modern attendance systems are much more advanced than traditional systems, while also being much more efficient and effective. It also avoids all the pitfalls of earlier systems that were error-prone and hence, unreliable.


Our cloud-based online management system lets your employees and managers tackle leave requests with ease. With the help of this system, your employees will be able to view their leave balance, holiday list and other records anytime from any device with a web browser.


The most important factor here is that our attendance management system does not require any new hardware for implementing it. You need not acquire any special biometric device for using the system.

Our attendance management system uses the biometric sensors on your employees’ smartphones to mark their attendance, which makes it easier to implement as well as use, instead of the costly biometric attendance machine.

Efficient Biometric Attendance

Having online biometric attendance makes the process of marking attendance effortless. It also helps in efficiently updating the daily attendance without the need for any biometric device.

The entire trouble of updating the attendance details as well as record-keeping becomes much easier due to the enhanced security and accessibility provided by the biometric attendance management system.

With the added advantage of being able to access the system via your phone’s browser, our attendance management system also helps the employees view their details directly from their smartphones thus making it much more efficient to track the same from anywhere anytime, which is better than the costlier biometric attendance machine usually implemented.

Efficiency is one of the most important factors in developing an online attendance application and being a cloud-based system, it stays efficient even under load. This kind of system enables your employees to directly access the system easily by remaining efficient all the time.
Efficient Biometric Attendance
Real time Attendance Management

Real-time Attendance Management

Since our attendance management system is online 24/7, you will be able to track and manage the attendance of the employees in real-time. You will also be able to view which employees are working currently using the comprehensive real-time attendance dashboard.

Real-time attendance management also helps in tracking the attendance patterns of your employees and in finding out who is coming on time as well as who are taking unauthorized leaves and take necessary actions.

Since it helps in tracking the details of real-time attendance, it improves the accuracy of time-tracking in general. This kind of tracking not only helps in identifying employee attendance patterns but also maintain fully-staffed work shifts. Having real-time attendance information will help you eliminate the several hours spent immersed in spreadsheets. This improves the employee experience as well as ensures that HR is aware of the employees’ preferences.

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Customized Attendance Module

With Pocket HRMS, you will be able to customize the attendance module to your liking. With advanced options for scheduling shifts 24/7 as well as batch scheduling, our attendance management system would help remove all of your scheduling woes.

Having the option to schedule shifts as per your requirements is one of the primary requirements of a biometric attendance system. Additionally, having a robust attendance system removes any need to reschedule and keep on editing the timesheet.

With the traditional attendance systems employing registers or spreadsheets, manual attendance capture was error-prone too due to the added overhead of verifying the shift details for even minor changes.

Modern biometric attendance systems avoid the aforementioned hassles by automating the entire process of scheduling shifts and holidays. Even in cases where the shift scheduling needs to be performed for entire teams, our attendance systems comes to your rescue by having the ability to schedule shifts in batches.
Customized Attendance Module ​
Geo Tagging and Fencing

Geo-Tagging and Geo-Fencing

Geo-tagging refers to the process of adding the location data as a part of the metadata of a digital file. Pocket HRMS implements geotagging by adding the location data as a part of the attendance related information which is captured whenever an employee marks their attendance.

Geo-fencing refers to the process of adding a geographical perimeter to the location data that has been captured. Pocket HRMS implements geofencing by deploying a virtual perimeter or geofence around the location where the employee is supposed to be while marking their daily attendance.

By employing geofencing and geotagging, our biometric attendance system is able to not only detect the employee’s location but also ensure that they are within the required perimeter. This kind of enhanced location recognition helps the organization keep track of their employee’s whereabouts during working hours.

Facial Recognition Attendance

Facial recognition has become the easiest and most cost-effective form of biometrics, thanks to the advancement in smartphone camera technology. Hence, to keep your costs under check, we have implemented the same in the Pocket HRMS Mobile App as this helps in avoiding the costlier biometric devices.

With the help of facial recognition, one will be able to automate the process of capturing the attendance and since it can be done from the smartphone itself, the employee would be able to perform it easily within a few taps. This implementation helps avoid both the costly biometric devices as well as time-consuming employee training.

Combining the facial recognition data with the geofencing and geotagging technology mentioned above, you will be able to get infallible attendance data of each employee accurately. With the help of modern technology, this mundane process also becomes much more interactive for the employee too.
Facial Recognition Attendance ​
Facial Recognition Attendance ​
Automated Shift Scheduler
Automated Shift Scheduler

Automated Shift Scheduler

For HR professionals, it is crucial to constantly manage rotational shift policies and the attendance of employees. With the help of our online attendance management system, you can create a system where shifts can be scheduled automatically based on the employee’s role and department.

The automatic scheduler module is a big relief for HR as it helps in rotating shifts periodically and sending prior notifications to employees about the changes. These notifications remind the employees about the variations in the schedule while also helping them keep track of their shifts.

The automated shift scheduler can even be set on repeat in case your organization follows a specific pattern for scheduling your employee shifts. Such kind of set-and-forget method will help you remove all the hassles associated with constant rescheduling and email reminders to the employees about the same.

Access Control Attendance

When it comes to attendance, access control is a must as the attendance data decides the salary that each employee receives. Hence, adequate measures should be put in place to ensure that no one is able to tamper with this data.

In traditional systems using registers, there were cases of malpractices reported in which the employees would try to forge their attendance with cases containing signature forgery as well as proxy attendance.

However, our modern biometric attendance system ensures that there are no unwanted proxies with the help of facial recognition and geofencing. It also ensures that the attendance data is kept safe and secure with the help of strong passwords and military-grade encryption while avoiding the costs associated with costlier biometric devices.
Access Control Attendance ​

Increase Employee Engagement

Although attendance has been a constant part of employment, it has been traditionally boring, to say the least. Earlier, attendance was marked by stamping the workers on their arms, which was replaced by punch cards. Soon, it was replaced by physical registers which were cumbersome to maintain.

On the other hand, a biometric attendance system makes the mundane process of punching attendance interactive and interesting. This increases the employee engagement factor and proves useful in making the employees feel a bit more personal.

Every HR understands the importance of employee engagement and would try their best to improve it as much as they can. Hence, even a minor increase in employee engagement provided by the biometric attendance system goes a long way considering the fact that Pocket HRMS also comes with a robust ESS portal and an intuitive mobile app.
Increase Employee Engagement
Increase Employee Engagement
Purpose of Attendance Monitoring System
Purpose of Attendance Monitoring System

Purpose of Attendance Monitoring System

The main purpose of an attendance management system is to provide an option to the employees to mark their attendance easily as well as provide HR and organizations with robust tools to manage the attendance of their employees accurately.

Hence it is evident that the attendance system of any company should be able to eliminate time thefts and manual errors. Along with it, the system should also be able to provide insightful reports to understand employee leave trends and shift patterns.

Having all of these features in an online attendance system ensures that the attendance is accurate and efficient. It has a huge impact on improving the HR department as well as the payroll department’s performance and efficiency.

Switch to online biometric attendance system and say goodbye to the old and tiresome process of attendance tracking. Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Benefits of Biometric Attendance System

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Since the system works on facial recognition based attendance, the employees can mark their attendance using their mobile phone cameras

Error-free Attendance Tracking

Error-free Attendance Tracking

Attendance reports are stored in secure databases and can be retrieved with the correct credentials, thus ensuring zero errors

Bye-Bye Proxy Punching

Bye-Bye Proxy Punching

The system utilizes a multi-layered secure approach towards attendance by utilizing facial recognition, geo-tagging and geo-fencing

Geo-Tagged Attendance

Geo-Tagged Attendance

User location is captured in the attendance to ensure easy attendance capture even while working remotely

Geo Fencing Security

GeoFencing Security

Mobile or roaming employees can use the geofencing feature to help their company realize that they are within the required boundary

Improved Engagement

Improved Engagement

Our unique solution requires no special hardware and provides a new way of marking attendance, thus making this mundane process interesting


A biometric system provides complete peace of mind when it comes to employee’s attendance since they cannot be used for proxy attendance.

Generating attendance reports and managing attendance regularization becomes very easy with a centralized protected database, thus providing enhanced security.

Although traditional biometric attendance systems require some kind of expensive biometric device for either fingerprint or retina scans, our cloud-based system utilizes the sensors on the employee’s smartphones.

This option greatly reduces the additional cost incurred for biometric hardware and makes it easier for even startups to use our software.

Yes, traditional registers and spreadsheets are always prone to human errors as well as malicious intents such as proxy attendance, late coming skipping, etc.

However, with the additional security layer provided by facial recognition, geo-tagging and geo-fencing, none of the malicious practices can be continued. The additional security provided by a secure database also ensures that there are no errors in the attendance data.

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