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Employee Offboarding Software

Make Employee Offboarding Quick and Seamless with Offboarding Software

In Depth Insights

Compliant Offboarding Process

Ensure offboarding compliance with statutory laws without repetitive manual policy verifications or human error.

Offboarding Checklist

Handy offboarding checklist for ensuring recovery of all assets, finance calculations, and sending letters.

In-depth Insights

Comprehensive and customizable reporting to gather intel on employee satisfaction, turnover and related statistics.

What is Employee Offboarding Software?

Employee Offboarding Software is a system that automates and streamlines the employee offboarding process for the HR team and other departments that are directly involved in the release of an employee from the company. This software provides various features that automate and enable a seamless and smooth employee offboarding experience for departing employees. Employee Offboarding Software provides various features to enhance and manage the employee experience for both the employer and the departing employees. Some common features include automated FnF and related calculations, exit interviews and surveys, letter templates, insights into employee exit trends, record updates, ensure compliance, enterprise-grade employee data security, automated workflows, paperless offboarding, and more.

Resignation Application

Option to apply for resignation from ESS portal with attachments upload documents, resignation reason and track its status.

Departing Employees' Exit Interviews

Enable exit interviews to gather insights into employee performance management and exit reasons and make necessary changes.

FnF Calculations

Automate FnF calculations with formulae-based computations using leave encashments, other additions, and deductions.

F&F Calculations
Exit Notification Settings

Exit Surveys

Create effective exit surveys to gather the employee leaving trends and understand the required changes to reduce turnover.

Former Employees' Records Update

Automatically updated records ensure up-to-date new employee records without any errors.

Employee Notifications

Employee notifications for onboarding and offboarding updates with intuitive mobile apps and a dedicated ESS Portal.

Ess portal mobile app

Experience Quicker Offboarding Process with Easy Approvals

Understand the Leaving Employee's Pulse with
Offboarding Software

Leave Encashments

Automated leave encashment calculations to ensure error-free full and final disbursals.

Letter Templates

Wide variety of HR letter templates which includes relieving letter, experience letter, and more.

Integrated Processing

Integrated FnF processing which enables shared data with other teams for faster FnF disbursal.

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Quick and Easy Employee Shift Schedules for Engaged Staff

Remote Access

Remote Access

Easy 24/7 secure remote access with a dedicated app for seamless approvals with any connected device.

Data Security

Data Security

Military-grade employee database security with Microsoft Azure Cloud Architecture.

Smooth Offboarding

Smooth Offboarding

Experience seamless offboarding with automated calculations and standard templates.

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What is Employee Exit Management?

Exit Management

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Employee Offboarding Process refers to the steps required to be undertaken by the HR department to provide the employees with a smooth exit from the company. It includes multiple time-consuming steps since the employee is required to terminate all ties amicably and hand over the company assets. Like the employee onboarding process, offboarding requires active input from the HR team to ensure that the employee feels valued even when leaving the organization.



During their course with the company, the employee would have been provided with multiple company resources to carry out their duties. Additionally, they would have learnt a lot during their tenure. Hence, when an employee leaves, they are required to transfer their knowledge and responsibilities to the new hires or their replacement and hand over the company equipment and access codes. These processes are collectively termed ‘Offboarding’ and HR should oversee these proceedings to ensure a smooth exit for former employees.

There are multiple benefits of automating employee offboarding with the help of dedicated software. While it streamlines the offboarding process for both the departing employee and the employer, it is just the beginning. A major benefit of automated notifications is the brownie points the company receives since the leaving employee would feel appreciated due to the smooth nature of the exit formalities.


Another significant benefit is the standardized compliance document trails and other documents, which can be provided with the help of a dedicated system. It can also provide an official checklist and a bird’s eye view of the HR tasks to be undertaken to ensure a smooth exit for the departing employee and a clear understanding. Additionally, offboarding software ensures the termination of any credentials used by the departing employees while they were employed in the organization. As a result, one can avoid any situation of data theft, data leakage and other security risks, during employee departures.


A dedicated system also ensures the transfer of knowledge with automated workflows. Finally, the offboarding software automates numerous calculations related to employee exit such as FnF calculations, arrears, leave encashments, automatic notifications, and more. The software would also provide users and the HR team with handy templates for relieving and experience letters, ensuring a paperless process and further time savings.

Yes, since the best offboarding software often requires the help of multiple departments, employee offboarding software is generally developed in such a manner that it should be integrable with other software being used by the HR teams. For example, the offboarding software should be able to fetch the attendance data of outgoing employees from the attendance management system to understand the leaves taken by the employee and provide accurate leave encashment.


Additionally, with the integration with other systems, the data from the offboarding and onboarding software of new employees can be efficiently used by other software such as payroll, HRIS, etc. to understand the termination of the employee. For example, the payroll software would understand that the employment of a specific employee has been terminated and hence, it will remove that employee from its database of employees whose payroll needs to be processed in the next salary cycle.

The offboarding kit is a kit of essential items which ensures a smooth offboarding for the staff. It includes the emails to be sent, the exit interview queries, automated checklists, the exit survey questions, knowledge transfer processes, and the asset management and recovery options. While this list is not exhaustive, it provides the essentials you need to put together an offboarding kit.


The offboarding kit, along with the offboarding checklist, ensures that all relevant steps are completed while offboarding an employee. It also helps the employee complete their exit formalities smoothly and receive their Full and Final payment on time. It helps leave a lasting impression that the company values their employees even while they are leaving the business, enabling them to become promoters of the employer’s brand.

We can summarize the steps required for employee offboarding workflows into the following necessary steps:


1. Share the employee departure with their teammates


2. Transfer employee knowledge


3. Recover any organizational assets provided by the company


4. Update the records by removing the employee details


5. Disable employee credentials and revoke access


6. Complete the final payment process


7. Undertake exit surveys and exit interviews


8. Share relevant letters such as relieving, experience, etc.


Undertaking these tasks will help former employees to appreciate their company and be a promoter of their employer brand. The smooth exit process, along with the streamlined approach to employee engagement, helps the employee remain associated with the brand even after leaving the company.

Additional Features:


•   Employee Management   •   Shift Management   •   Recruitment Management

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