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Find out how your employees spend time at work

Helps employees to perform better

Accurate tracking of employees working hours results in building trust between managers and staff.

Do overtime calculations like a pro

Time tracking software calculates the exact hours you put in while completing your targets.

Explore new hack to improve work culture

Employees can manage their timely activities by their own instead of superiors checking-in every now and then.

Stress-free work monitoring

Helps to analyse productivity of employees with ease

Efficient Time Tracking System
pocket HRMS

Efficient Time Tracking System

Online time tracking feature helps you utilize your time efficiently thereby improving productivity. The tracker will track employee-working time through your desktop application. You can describe your activity depending upon the type of project. The cloud based tracker will capture and record employee times.

Our cloud based time tracking software tracks employee-working time and improves staff productivity. Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Cloud based time management Software

Employee time tracking is a powerful feature that clarifies where your team is spending time. You can track their in and out time and can estimate the time spent out of the office. Pocket HRMS cloud based online employee timesheet management software eliminates the tedious task of managing the timesheets manually. It empowers your human resource team to manage attendance across multiple locations.

Cloud based time management Software
Biometric attendance tracking easy

Biometric attendance tracking easy

Get rid of payroll inaccuracies and redundancies with biometric attendance system. Save your human resource department from arduous job of timesheet rectifications and sorting employee attendance. With cloud based employee attendance system, you can track your employee’s in-time, out-time and total working hours automatically. This saves your HR personnel from managing attendance and time manually.

Solve overtime management problems

Our cloud based employee time tracking software helps the human resource department for accurate overtime calculations so that employees get what they deserve in terms of pay. Managing overtimes becomes easy by integrating time tracking tool with your existing attendance management system. It brings transparency in a company’s work culture and improve performance of your staff.

Solve overtime management problems
Time attendance software

Best way to increase productivity of employees

Time attendance software for employees is a big relief for organisations especially the human resource team as it tracks every attendance and time-related data of employees. Cloud based employee time tracking software lets your seniors supervise less and/or extra working hours of staff. It adds necessary earnings or deductions automatically in the final salary slip for the payee.

Time Tracking Management System : A Complete Guide

Time tracking manually makes it all the more complicated for human resource professionals and you also miss out on the various advantages that an online time tracking system can serve. Today, the number of remote employees reporting to work from various locations and hence, time tracking becomes essential.

HR people are baffled with the tedious task of time tracking, apart from completing various other HR related activities as well. With the advent of time tracking solution, the whole process can be run automatically and saves money and time of HR personnel. Also, it reduces the admin work of the human resource team to substantial levels. So, get ready for an organised time tracking method.

Now, before we dig deep to understand more about the time tracking management system! Let’s go step by step;

What is time tracking software?

This is the system which generally the human resource department and managers used to track exact working hours of employees for accurate billing or payroll operations. The tool calculates time spent on assigned activities and also give useful insights about which tasks are time consuming to plan project cost.

Now, it’s time to know the need of cloud based time tracking software for your organization. It tracks all unorganized and organized tasks performed by an individual and also help management to;

  • Know the potential of an employee
  • Generate analytical reports
  • Help employees to improve
  • Optimize recruiting cost
  • Meet deadlines on time
  • Get high-performance results
  • Increase productivity

After knowing its importance, you may want to know about what is the best time tracking software! Then, here is the answer!

Pocket HRMS provides one of the best cloud based time tracking management systems that improve productivity and also help businesses to better understand the time spent on assigned tasks. Companies can easily avoid cost overruns for fixed cost projects. Book a free demo of our HR software and know how it can support your various HR functions.

The tool efficiently integrates with your current attendance management software so that you can pay your employees accurately and on time. The system helps in error-free hourly pay computations. It makes time tracking a cakewalk for the human resource department and they can run salary processing seamlessly and accurately.

Our time tracking software is easy-to-use and customizable and supports companies to make their employees more productive. It is an ideal tool to record the exact working hours of employees. This is a simple time tracker solution that integrates well with other human resource systems like payroll software, attendance system, etc.

A smart cloud based time tracking system empowers the HR team in your organization and efficiently manage labor expenses. Getting rid of manual time tracking is an excellent step to promote adherence and compliance to constantly evolving HR policies.

The system is developed to help employers understand that how employees spend their time working on activities and can enhance their productivity. You can track attendance and check who worked on what at a glance. Help your HR team shun the pain of manual time tracking by providing them a cloud based time tracking software and help them process payroll in a faster manner.

This is a great tool to improve your team’s productivity by getting a detailed overview of your staff’s workflow. Hence, it is the need of the hour to implement a time tracking management system for intelligent time tracking. You can check the report on the go and our support team is also available to resolve your technical queries.

Get rid of tedious time reporting activities with this time tracking software. It is a must-have tool for any businesses, including small enterprises to big companies. The system not only empowers your HR team but also your entire staff.

Allow your employees to get engaged with the reliable system of productivity measurement. This is the right time to implement this system and get a bird-eye view of the activities. Get detailed information on working hours with just a few clicks and take control of your team.

The system makes this complicated process hassle-free and you can get accurate details in a seamless way. Till the time you can’t measure employee performance, you are unable to prepare a plan that improves their productivity. And, Pocket HRMS provides you a system that gives accurate data about the productivity of your staff, regardless of their location.

No more assumptions to figure out what employees’ are working on currently. Opt for this stress-free work monitoring tool now!

Features of this system appeal to different types of industries. These features give your sufficient details to know if an employee is engaging in work related or personal content. In simple words, this a great tool to get insight into how staff is progressing.

Performance evaluation is never fun for any businesses, but companies can opt for this system to evaluate staff in an easier and simpler way. If companies still prefer it manually, then get ready to indulge in cumbersome processes to track time, manage and update employees’ time. Failing to do so might result to inaccuracies or delays in payroll, which might lead to demotivated workforce.

On the other hand, tracking time with the help of automated tool streamline the hectic process and thus, is a great boon to the human resource department. Sometimes, employees need time off due to various reasons or they might seat extra hours to finish their tasks. Thereby, it is necessary to keep a record of all the leaves as well as extra worked hours for timely and error-free salary processing.

Pocket HRMS offers one of the best cloud based time tracking system, which is designed to offer businesses and individuals the ability to keep track of the hours at which their employees perform certain activities. It is compatible with all kinds of time tracking devices used in companies these days. The tool doesn’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to efficient time tracking of employees.

Below are the top 4 reasons why cloud based time tracking management system is must for organizations and how it helps your human resource team and employees to keep track of their working hours:

  • Tracks employee working hours accurately and build trust between managers and staff.
  • Automatically calculates the exact working hours an employee put in while completing the task.
  • Employees can easily and quickly manage their timely activities by their own. No need of supervisors to check-in every now and then.
  • Managers can seamlessly analyze the productivity of each employee.

Now, it's time for you to know how time tracking management system of Pocket HRMS works!

  1. An employee just needs to describe his or her activities depending on the project type.
  2. Then, the system will capture and track employee working time via a desktop application.

By using our employee time tracking system, it is easy for managers and the HR team understand where their team is spending time.

Who should invest in cloud based time tracking software?

Pocket HRMS provides the easiest path for companies to understand the productivity of employees as it automatically counts the total working hours as well as time spent on each activity. The tool is developed in such a way that it is suitable for any type of industry and also fits any size of the employee base.

Its user-friendly dashboard helps managers to make sure that they effectively measure time spent on creating business value and manage workforce in an efficient way. Companies that have freelancers and consultants on their payroll must implement this system to achieve enhanced efficiency, transparency and quality.

So, instead of putting lot of time and effort in managing workforce, just invest in this cloud based time tracking management system and make this tedious task easier and quick. Ensure that you and your team always working on what matters most to your business. This way, the human resource team also has more time to focus on training the personnel, which results to the success of the organization.

With this smart HR solution, managers can plan their project based activities such as workload planning, resource management in a seamless manner. You can check if your team really productive Moving to new-age technology make your business future ready!

See how you and your staff spend their time on project activities and calculate their costs and gain profits. Now, supervisors don’t have to manage so many spreadsheets to track time of their team’s project work. Just implement the system and store all the project related progress in one place. By using this system, organizations can easily address inefficiency and increase profitability of their project. It’s time to get the most out of your team!

We are well-known to provide integrated HR solutions like employee management, timesheet management, leave management, attendance management, recruitment, cloud-based payroll, and much more. Our holistic and powerful modules of cloud based HR solution address the different pain-points of HR functions in an efficient way, be it for a big or small-sized business. We provide AI-powered HR chatbot and employee self-service portal to empower your workforce.

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