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Efficient Time Tracking System

What is Time Tracking Software?

Using the time tracking software, HR department and managers will have the ability of keeping track of the exact working hours of employees for accurate billing or payroll operations. This tool calculates the time spent on tasks and activities as well as provide useful insights about which tasks are consuming more time to plan the project costs.

Manual time tracking makes it all the more complicated for HR professionals since you miss out on the various advantages that an online time tracker system can serve. Nowadays, the number of remote employees reporting to work from various locations are on the rise and hence, tracking time has become essential.

HR personnel are already overwhelmed with the tedious task of tracking time on top of their existing daily activities. With the advent of time tracker software, the whole process can be run automatically, thus saving time for the organization. It also reduces the administration work of the HR team by a significant amount.

Efficient Time Tracking System

Our online time tracker feature helps you utilize your time efficiently, thereby improving the productivity of your employees. The tracker will track the employees’ working time through the app for desktops.

You can describe your activity depending upon the type of project. The cloud-based tracker will capture and record employee times seamlessly. Such kind of efficient time-tracking becomes vital since the majority of modern office tasks are undertaken with the help of computers.

Additionally, the captured time frame can easily be synced with a central database, thus making the process even more easy to use for both the employees and HRs.

Without a dedicated time tracker software, your HR department would be spending days tallying the employee productivity and client billing based on the working hours. However, with an efficient time tracker app such as Pocket HRMS, this entire process becomes automated, thus freeing the HR from drowning in spreadsheets.
Efficient Time Tracking System
Increase Employee Productivity

Cloud-based Time Management Software

Since the Pocket HRMS app is cloud-based, time tracking becomes easier even if the employee is working offshore or from the client location. Being a cloud-based software, accurate time can easily be tracked with the help of our time-tracking app installed on the employee’s smartphone.

Similarly, with the help of remote access, HR would have the ability to perform all the time managing tasks in a matter of a few clicks. They simply require a web browser (running on Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.) and internet connectivity to perform their duties from anywhere in the world.

With the future of working emphasizing remote working as a major component, it is imperative that your time tracker solution also supports the same.

Pocket HRMS time tracking app also syncs automatically with a central server to keep every one including the employee, HR, management and accounting team on the same page.

Do Time-Tracking With Efficiency & Accuracy

Spend less Time and Efforts on Tracking

Time tracking should not be a chore. It should neither impact the employee negatively, neither impact the performance of HR. Hence, it should be kept as much low-key as possible. Our time tracking solution was built on this philosophy.

With the help of our time tracking app, you can keep track of projects and tasks as well as the daily work of the employees. Since it helps in project management and employee monitoring, the tool serves as an excellent aid for HR to monitor the time frame required by projects and the employees to complete them.
Avoid Time Thefts Forever
Avoid Time Thefts Forever

Avoid Time Thefts Forever

Time thefts are defined as the time abused by the employees in other activities when they are required to fulfil their daily work and responsibilities. It is a serious issue plaguing even multi-million dollar companies.

Our time tracking app helps put a stop to this menace by being able to track the productive hours accurately and with minimal intrusion on their productivity. Since the employees are aware of the tracking software, they will not be performing other actions when they are required to provide their time for the company.

Track Project Hours & Allocate Resources

The best time tracking software comes with the ability to deduce meaningful insights into employee productivity. These kinds of deductions are simply impossible in the absence of any kind of option for tracking time.

You can understand the standard hours required by your team for projects and tasks based on their time tracker data. Hence, you will be in a better position to allocate adequate resources to projects and tasks as per the deadlines.
Track Project Hours & Allocate Resources
Solve Overtime Management Issues

Solve Overtime Management Issues

Our cloud-based employee time tracking app helps the HR department with accurate overtime calculations so that the employees are compensated as per their working hours.

Managing overtime becomes easy by integrating a time tracking tool with your existing  attendance system. It brings transparency to the organization’s work culture and improves the performance of your staff.

The best time tracking apps in the market also provide the option to generate meaningful reports from the data to provide additional data about the same.

Increase Employee Productivity

Project management and time management ceases to be HR headaches with the implementation of an application to track time. You can observe a noticeable improvement in employee productivity with its deployment.

Time attendance software for employees is a big relief for organisations and especially the HR team as it possesses the ability to track time and generate reports. Cloud-based employee time tracking software lets the upper management supervise the working hours of all staff members.
Increase Employee Productivity
Track Project Hours & Allocate Resources

Avoid Employee Burnout

Once you have the ability to quantify the productivity of every employee using their historical productivity data using the best time tracker software, you can use this data to allocate further work to them accordingly.

This kind of work and project allocation helps avoid employee burnout and helps you make the best use of the most valuable resources that you have in your company. With the option of time tracking and report generation, you will also have the ability to understand whether an employee is showing signs of burnout and nip it in the bud.

Avoid Manual Reporting Errors

Since report generation is a crucial aspect of tracking time, it is a must-have feature for any system meant to track time and work hours. Our time tracker allows you to track even your free time, and hence, gauge the effectiveness of employees and their productivity.

With automated report generation, accurate work hours calculation including the free time, your team will be able to understand where exactly they are spending their working hours and deduce meaningful insights, thus making it easy to find any kind of outliers and make necessary amendments.
Solve Overtime Management Issues

Our cloud based time tracking software tracks employee-working time and improves staff productivity. Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Benefits of Time Tracking Apps

Identify Employee Potential

One can easily understand the potential of employees as timesheet management apps automatically counts the time spent on each activity

Easy Analytical Reports Generation

Report generation helps you in understanding where the productive time was utilized and where it was wasted for future reference

Realistic Deadlines Development

Deadlines become more achievable with the help of calculated project completion estimates with the help of a time tracker

Improve Employee Productivity

Since the employees would be aware that the company is keeping track of their productivity, they will be more productive

Track Project Status

Tracking the status of projects becomes easy with the dashboard overview provided by our time tracker software

Accurate Project Estimations

Due to enhanced deadline estimation, one can easily provide accurate project estimations to prospective clients

Frequently asked questions

A good time tracking app like Pocket HRMS will have some great features such as the ability to track time with report generation, as well as:
  • Real-Time Tracking: This option helps in tracking employee productivity in real-time.
  • Edit Tracked Time: Supervisors can manually edit or even add extra time which would help in keeping an accurate record of all-time data.
  • Report Generation: The several datasheets filled with time data would be meaningless without the ability to generate insightful reports.
  • Data Export Option: Similarly, this data needs to be exported in a common format, so that it could be used with other software as well.
Time tracker software helps with the following:
  • Easily track time for billable hours
  • Makes employees more productive
  • Avoids employee burnout Helps in timesheet management
  • Improves workforce automation.
Pocket HRMS provides the easiest path for companies to understand the productivity of employees as it automatically counts the total working hours as well as time spent on each activity.

Hence, instead of wasting time and effort in managing the workforce time, simply invest in our cloud-based time tracker system and make this tedious task easier and quicker. This ensures that you and your team are always working on what matters most to your business.

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