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Time Tracking Software

Efficiently track Employee Time with
Timesheet Summaries

Billable Entries

In-depth Timesheet Entries

Make time entries with automated project and task capture along with a description, associated client name, and more.

Organized Summaries

Dedicated timesheet summaries to provide an organized overview of tasks along with their status and description.

Billable Entries

Mark timesheet entries as billable for billing clients according to staff’s productive hours.

What is Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software records the time taken by employees to complete their tasks. A time tracker app is commonly used to bill clients and track time and employee productivity in companies. It can also be used for tracking project status and allocating budget and resources for you and your team, based on past timelines.

Bulk Approvals

Option to approve timesheet requests in bulk for quicker approvals with enhanced clarity.

Monthly Timesheets

Monthly overview of tasks for gathering in-depth insights on work done during a month and achieving targets.

Multi-level Approvals

Set up multiple managers for timesheet approvals to avoid malpractice and further enhance transparency.

Monthly Timesheets
Ess portal mobile app

Experience the Ease of Automated Time Tracking with Cloud-based HRMS

Benefits of using the Best Time Tracking Software in India

Optimize Time Efficiency

Allocate the right resources with the right amount of time for optimized usage of company assets.

Accurate Time Management

Gather precise time and work data to accurately calculate payroll, incentives, rewards, and more.

Improved Transparency

Avoid conflicts with transparent time data management, making it easier for the staff and the managers to complete tasks.

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Time tracking software tracks your employees’ time spent on tasks, making it easier for your company to understand the productivity and efficiency of your team. Time tracking apps are used by companies to provide accurate billing to their clientele for their budget and calculation of time and resources required by a specific project or task, as well as track the status of work done, as well as understand the overall productivity of its staff members.


Companies use time tracker apps to track time accurately, which also enables real-time data collection. It allows you to track time efficiently and understand how much time each staff member takes to accomplish a certain task. It makes time tracking easy to use, helping you share accurate time frames for the completion of projects with your clientele, making it easier for budgeting too.

Simply put, the time tracking tool provides you with a robust idea about the time taken to complete individual tasks, leading to understanding the productivity rate of your company. This metric is essential for understanding a variety of factors, such as:


  • the time spent on a specific task as well as a project

  • the efficiency levels of your staff

  • the number of employees currently working on a project

  • the billable working hours

  • the productive hours of your staff

  • the slackers and the over-performers

  • the future estimate for a specific project completion, and more.


Having such time tracker data handy lets you and your company make necessary changes to the overall functioning of your organization, keeping in mind the need to improve overall productivity. For example, based on the software’s input, you can reward the over-performers with paid vacations to avoid burnout while providing training to the under-performers to improve their productivity.


Time tracking app also enables enhanced management of your time as well as in undertaking project management for your organization. It helps your management understand where additional resources are required and where resources are being wasted. Since these software provides in-depth analytics per month regarding the usage of time within your organization, it enables you and your team’s members to better distribute the resources.

Many features of time-tracking software make them ideal for all kinds of organizations. These features can be classified into 2 sections as follows:


Essential Features

The essential features ensure that the time-tracking app works as intended by your team’s members. Hence, the essential features of a time tracker include:


1. Tracking Time

It is the most basic functionality of a time-tracking and monitoring app. The HR or administrator can create tasks and projects and track time required to undertake them efficiently with a time-tracking system.


2. Manual Entries

The time tracking app for employees also supports manual time entries to track time data accurately even when there are any contingencies.


3. Reports

The system should also provide various kinds of time reports to enable the management to make informed decisions with real-time tracking.


4. Intuitive Interface

The time tracker should also be easy to use to ensure that all users can use it to track time with minimal training.


5. Data Export

The time tracking app should also provide data export options, which will enable HR to share the time data with other departments for efficient project management, in case the software cannot integrate with them.


6. Data Security

In the connected age, data security is essential for any software including a time management mobile app since various kinds of inferences can be gathered from it.



Additional Features

The additional features ensure that the software can provide many more functionalities than required, improving the ROI of the system. Some of the most common additional features of automatic time-tracking apps are:


1. Integrations

The time tracker should have multiple integration options to ensure the data can move seamlessly with other commonly used software.


2. Customized Reporting

The time tracker provides options to generate reports with specific parameters, which provide added flexibility to HR and management.


3. Location Tracking

Location tracking is usually implemented for mobile staff to ensure that they stay within the geological boundaries defined by the organization.


4. Billing

With billing integration, the company can directly generate invoices using the time provided by the time tracker.


5. AI-based Analytics

Predictive analytics can transform the analytics function of time-tracking software to provide accurate predictions based on trends.


6. Multilingual Support

The time tracking app can also be multilingual to ensure that employees of multinational corporations can easily use it.


7. User Roles

An advanced time tracker mobile app also provides several kinds of user roles for enhanced separation of user types. That is why some of the software vendors provide free trial of their software.

Absolutely! A time tracker software can provide your senior management with enhanced time and productivity tracking mechanisms which ensure that your employees undertake their work on time. It also boosts their productivity as they would be less prone to procrastination once they understand their performance is being continuously monitored using automatic time tracking systems.


On the other hand, the managers gain the ability to understand where their resources are being wasted and reallocate them to ensure their efficient usage. They can also identify opportunities for automation, which will further enhance the productivity of their team.

There are numerous benefits of deploying an automatic time-tracking system in your organization, such as:


➔ Better Time Management

The time-tracking system will allow you to understand where employees spend your time as well as ensure they are allocated an adequate amount of work. It can also be used to identify opportunities for automation.


➔ Increased Focus

The staff can utilize their time better when they realize their performance is being monitored in real-time.


➔ Burnout Avoidance

The software also lets you avoid burnout as the managers can understand who is stressed with their work and who is being laid back about their work commitments.


➔ Better Project Management

The managers can also better prioritize the work based on the productivity metrics provided by the free time tracking system.


➔ Enhanced Accountability

The system will also help the management understand which employee is accountable for a specific task, making it easier to manage their productive time.


➔ Increased Productivity

With increased time monitoring, employees will be more productive since they understand that they are being monitored.

Additional Features:


•   Employee Management   •   Timesheet Management   •   Attendance Management

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