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Effortless employee On-boarding
Pocket HRMS

Effortless employee On-boarding

Pocket HRMS’ cloud based training management system makes the entire process of employee on-boarding and training a piece of cake. Yes, our online training management system allows HR personnel to create learning and training blueprints for employees on the go, create customisable email templates, all from an interactive and friendly dashboard. Track ROI and costs for all the training programs from a unified platform.

Get rid of spreadsheets with our performance appraisal system and motivate your employees by streamlining reimbursements with an expense management software

Online Training software

Training your employees after the on-boarding procedure, could be be the most tedious moment of HR's tenure. Whereas, the employee training management software enables you to create training blueprints on the run, customisable training templates and lot more, all from the single port. Most importantly, cloud based training management software helps you track return on investment for all your training programs at the clicks.

Online Training software
Bird-eye view of Employee Training programs

Bird-eye view of Employee Training programs

Pocket HRMS’ cloud based training management system helps identify skill gaps in employees and offers opportunities for training programs. Create multiple training and exam courses based on project and employee needs. Managers can view and map the effectiveness and performance of training programs for multiple employees at the click of a button.

Streamlined employee training

We at Pocket HRMS know how daunting it is to implement and manage employee training programs. Our cloud based training management system is devised to address this common yet biggest challenge for HR and businesses. Our online training software serves as a perfect sidekick to help create a transparent career and growth pathway for your employees.

Streamlined employee training
Workforce retention

Workforce retention

Better training programs tend to have better chances of building good relations with employees joined. Pocket HRMS with its new-age training platform creates better opportunities of learning and future path for learners. This Pocket HRMS software here saves your time by automating your recruitment management, on-boarding and training procedure. Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

Training Management System Guide

Gone are the days of lengthy PowerPoint presentations to train your staff or new joinees. The reason is that latest online training solutions offer the liberty of training your workforce on the go. In fact, employees can also select the pace of training, when and what they wish to learn. It takes employee training and skill acquisition to a whole new height.

Lack of substandard training is often touted as the most common grievances experienced by workforce all across. Online training management software can address these issues efficiently by providing a unified platform to automate the training process to a certain extent. In fact, it helps you to connect with your new recruits at the click of a button.

Earlier, many employees have to experience the brunt of spending long hours on computers for training purpose. But, today’s HR leaders are shunning this old-age method of training staff and switching to advanced digital ways to make training sessions more interesting.

Nowadays, millennial workforce is so much involved in mobile, technology and apps. Hence, this makes sense to be on the same page with employees. Eureka, millennials also get to choose the pace of training.

With the use of advanced training solutions, broadcasting important training information is a lot easier for companies. Employees can access various training materials such as podcasts, journals, audiobooks, etc. on the go.

What is training management system?

This system is developed to be the central point of the entire training session. It gives the ability to handle each aspect of your business from this system and also you can integrate all other necessary tools with the system. Arranging training becomes just a matter of few clicks!

Advancement in technology has made training a cakewalk for organizations these days. New joinees can access training materials easily available on online portals of organizations. More and more number of companies are replacing traditional training coursework with online training tools that facilitate workforce to learn in a more convenient way.

How to choose a training management system?

Before selecting an ideal online training management tool, understand your company and HR requirements first. Then, it is advisable to check its usability, flexibility, difficulty of implementation and pricing. Consider all these factors while choosing online training system because it will surely help you to make an informed decision.

Now, it’s time to understand the importance of training management software and below is the answer for you. Here is the list of advantages that training management software of pocket HRMS offers to their clients at reasonable costs. Take a look!

Top 10 benefits of training management system of Pocket HRMS:

  • Get complete oversight of the entire training session without having to switch between different systems.
  • Allow you to develop as well as customize training blue prints on the go.
  • Create customizable email templates by using our friendly and interactive platform.
  • Track ROI and costs from a unified dashboard and say goodbye to spreadsheets!
  • Help you to develop multiple training and exam courses depending on employee and project requirements.
  • Offers better learning opportunities for your employees by offering a transparent growth pathway.
  • No need invest money for recruiting new staff for training purpose!
  • One system to manage most of your activities related to training.
  • Integrates well with other HR systems.
  • Easy to implement and easy to use.

In this ‘automation’ era, automating training processes can free your human resource team so that they can focus more on other strategic activities. The system not only frees up your human resource department, but also streamlines the whole training experience for all the new joinees. Give your new hires a fantastic first impression.

Having this system infers that your company is a modern workplace which offers its workforce with next-gen tools that they would need to hone and develop their careers over time. Also, this experience reinforces their decision of joining your company and you can match up with their excitement level.

Implementing this system is a win-win situation for new recruits and HR professionals. It gives new recruits instant access to the following:

  • Read about helpful details
  • Check welcome videos and training videos
  • Check company’s rules and regulations and handbook

And, this is what the management and HR professionals get;

  • Easy to identify employees with lack of required skills
  • Offer details associated with specific procedures, training, etc.
  • Develop training courses based on an employee’s project or designation
  • Check employee’s performance for the training undertaken

Once you have decided to implement the system for training management, then start searching for the best cloud based training management software. Here, it is advisable to evaluate the features thoroughly before selecting the product. Make sure that it fits your business and HR team’s requirements.

Which online training management system is best?

Pocket HRMS understands how cumbersome it is to run training programs and hence, we have designed a system to address these painpoints. Our cloud based training management system helps organizations to empower their staff especially HR people with critical business updates and training insights without the need for any kind of management intervention. Thus, investing in our cloud based training management software makes lives easier for HR professionals and employees. This smart investment can drive your company into the future. Hence, Pocket HRMS is one of the best online training management software.

For more information, write to us at sales@sagesoftware.co.in or just SMS SAGE to 56767 for a free consultation from Pocket HRMS team. Click here to book a free demo of Pocket HRMS, cloud based HR software, that is equipped with excellent automation capabilities and employee self-service app that you can easily trust. Check our pocket-friendly pricing plans here and select the one that fits your business and HR needs.

To know more about how our cloud based HR software can assist your human resource department in various HR functions, check out our blog here. Check out other interesting features of Pocket HRMS. You can download free HR templates here. Also, you can give us a shout-out at various social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Book our 15-day free trial today!

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