Training Management System for the Modern Employee

What is a Training Management System

What is a Training Management System?

Traditionally, employee training was conducted in the form of apprenticeships since the Middle ages. This was replaced by providing upskilling seminars and physical training sessions during the time of the world war.

Since the introduction of computers into the realm of employee training, it evolved quickly into its modern format. Seminars were replaced by presentations and webinars and the hands-on training was replaced by video tutorials.

However, to gauge the effectiveness of any kind of training, one requires a TMS. It will not only assist you to track your training progress but also provide a platform for coaching sessions and videos.

With a training management system, you can manage and organize training sessions, schedule their delivery, grade the trainees, as well as maintain the scores and records.

Training Management made Effortless

When it comes to traditional forms of training management, HRs fear it more than anything else! This is in part because accurate record-keeping is almost impossible due to the way it is conducted.

Spreadsheets have been implemented in many organizations to keep track of employee training; however, due to human errors and negligence, they soon become error-riddled. Similarly, generating meaningful reports from the coaching sessions becomes a huge hurdle for HR.

With our employee management system, you will not only have the ability to make the process of scheduling the sessions effortless but also track the progress of individual employees as well as deduce meaningful insights from the customizable reports.

Training Management made Effortless
Online Training Software​

Online Training Software

One of the best features of having online training software is that it can be accessed from anywhere using any device with a web browser. Our cloud-based training software simply requires the right credentials and internet connectivity to easily work on any smart hardware.

Since the software is online, you can skimp on installation and maintenance costs easily. Similarly, it will be available for you 24/7 and there will be no downtime due to the advanced backend infrastructure.

All of these features ensure that you stay on top of the employee training. Additionally, our intuitive dashboard helps you gain an overview of all of the different training sessions being conducted in your company, irrespective of the company size.

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Interactive Dashboard

Our interactive dashboard is meant to provide you with a bird’s eye view of the sessions and track the overall employee training. However, you will have the capacity to dig in further in case you require further information about these sessions or track the employees’ progress.

With an interactive dashboard, you will have the ability to gain an overview, which proves useful in cases where you need to provide some data to some other department or the upper management. You will be able to track the ROI and nudge them for more budget for training based on these data.

Having an overview would also help you identify the skill gaps of your employees and develop curated training sessions for them. On the other hand, it would also help in developing and conducting sessions in batches too.
Interactive Dashboard
Remote Training

Remote Training

With modern technology, remote training has become a reality. Using a modern training management system like Pocket HRMS, your employees can access their training anywhere anytime at their leisure.

This kind of remote training ensures that they can complete the sessions even during their free time if they wish so. It also ensures that the scheduled training can be tracked easily. Timely reminders can also be sent to the employees for these sessions, which ensures their completion on time.

Modern training management systems also have the option of hosting training videos online which can be accessed by the trainee irrespective of their physical location. These sessions can also be followed by providing the trainee with an option to clear their doubts online.

Employee Retention & Loyalty

Any company investing in the betterment and upskilling of the employees is ideal for the employees as it is a sign that they are concerned about keeping their employees updated with changing tools and technologies.

Once the employee realizes this fact, it results in improved loyalty for the company. Employee retention is one of the headaches of the HR department and a training management system goes a long way in improving it.

With increased loyalty, your employees would also be more engaged and hence, more productive. This kind of engagement would also result in employee retention as well as increased interest in learning and development.
Employee Retention & Loyalty
Custom Report Generation

Custom Report Generation

With our training management software, you can generate customized reports in a few easy steps. With easy custom training report generation, you can understand which training sessions are working well and which ones you need to improve.

Similarly, you can make n number of deductions from these insightful reports. You can also understand the improvement in productivity brought about by the sessions as well as track the training completion of every employee.

With the help of custom report generation, HR can also provide the exact metrics requested by the upper management. Similarly, they can further improve the training program based on employee feedback.

Streamlined Training Management Software

We, at Pocket HRMS, know how daunting it is to implement and manage employee training programs. Our cloud-based training management system is devised to address this common yet biggest challenge for HR and businesses.

Our online training software serves as a perfect sidekick to help create a transparent career and growth pathway for your employees with the help of streamlined training programmes. Such implementation helps the employees gain additional knowledge while making the process efficient for the organization too.

Streamlining the training program will aid you in helping the employees stay up to date with your business trends, the market and the new technologies. It will also ensure that the process of course management is easy for your HR and integrating a CRM with a TMS will ensure that your training program is a success.
Streamlined Training Management Software​
Training Management System (TMS)

Training Management System (TMS) vs Learning Management System (LMS)

The major difference between a training management system (TMS) and a learning management system (LMS) is in their approach towards the training. While a training management system is developed keeping in mind the trainer or the training companies, a learning management system is developed keeping in mind the trainee.

While a training management software helps the company in tracking the employees’ training completion as well as in scheduling the sessions, the learning management software helps the trainee or the learner keep a track of their progress while also having the option to get trained at their leisure.

A TMS typically takes care of back-office processes such as course scheduling, monitoring financials, creating reports, managing budgets as well as handing other training-related administration work. Hence, it is used in back-office work and office training generally. On the other hand, an LMS typically deals with creating courses, updating content, uploading the content to the server, delivering the courses, enrolling the trainees, tracking and assessing trainee performance, etc. Hence, instead of the back office, it is generally used where training and learning are crucial for the organization.

Advantages of our Training Management System

There are several advantages of deploying Pocket HRMS training management software over traditional systems used to schedule and track training. Some of them are:

1. Get complete oversight of the entire training session without switching between systems.
2. Allow you to make as well as customize training blueprints on the go.
3. Create customizable email templates.
4. Friendly, intuitive and interactive platform.
5. Track ROI and costs from a unified dashboard and say goodbye to spreadsheets.
6. Help you to make multiple training and courses depending on project requirements.
7. Offers better training and learning opportunities for your employees.
8. No need to invest money in recruiting new staff for training purposes.
9. One system to manage most of your activities related to training.
10. Integrates well with your other HR systems.
11. Easy to implement and use.
Advantages of our Training Management

Get rid of spreadsheets with performance appraisal system and automate your hiring process with our recruitment management software

Benefits of Training Management System

Organized Training

Organized Training

Organize training by referring to the employee schedules to ensure maximum participation and effective communication

Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Monitor employee performance by collecting their training performance data and making necessary changes to upskill your employees

Reduce Training Costs

Reduce Training Costs

With targeted training and easy scheduling, the overall costs associated with the training is reduced, thus making it lucrative for even upper management

Training Scheduling

Training Scheduling

With a comprehensive system, one can schedule training as and when required, while also helping the employee take their training from anywhere

Valuable Insights

Valuable Insights

Employee training will be incomplete without proper insights and having this information at hand helps in gauging training effectiveness

Bridge Skill Gaps

Bridge Skill Gaps

Once proper data is collected, one can identify the existing skill gaps and work on bridging the same for the overall improvement of the workforce

Frequently asked questions

Training systems help in improving a company’s workforce, which helps in improving the efficiency of the employees as well as achieving success.

A training management system would prove highly useful in retaining employees, getting valuable insights as well as easy distribution of the training material.
Without a training management system, you would be struggling to gain any updates as well as insights from the training currently being conducted. Moreover, human errors might also hinder your ability to conduct this training effectively.

If you are interested in providing career enhancement opportunities to your employees or improving their skills, you should get a training management system to improve your overall training efforts.
Gamification refers to the act of making the training experience rewarding as well as motivating for the employees. Using a training system, this process becomes very easy to implement to make the training experience more engaging for the employee.
The most common training management software features are:
  • Course Management: It deals with creating and deploying courses for the employees.
  • Employee Evaluation: It deals with evaluating the current competencies of the employee undergoing the training.
  • Certification: It deals with providing certificates to employees who have completed training.
  • Reporting: It deals with generating reports to understand the effectiveness of coaching, associated costs, engagement, etc.

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