GPS Attendance System

Attendance and Time Tracking Made Easy with GPS-based Attendance System

Track your Employees' Attendance Accurately with GPS-based Attendance System

Attendance Tracking System that Automates Employee Attendance with Easy-to-use Accurate Employee Tracking

Facial Recognition-based Attendance

Accurate Attendance

Automated attendance capture by the system for enhanced accuracy.

GPS-based Attendance System

Location & GPS tracking using the smartphone’s GPS to provide accurate data.

Facial Recognition-based Attendance

Attendance tracking with facial recognition for foolproof attendance capture.

What is GPS-based Attendance System?

A GPS-based Attendance System is software that helps you track your employees’ daily attendance accurately by utilizing GPS hardware. Being an automated software, it is hard to fool the system, making it highly accurate and secure for the businesses deploying them. By deploying GPS Attendance Systems, you can efficiently manage the attendance and working hours of your remote staff, making it a feasible solution for startups to MNCs. It is highly reliable, cost-effective, and intuitive in nature, thereby eliminating manual error-prone paperwork.


Cloud-based Remote Attendance

Cloud-based mobile app utilizing smartphones’ GPS Sensors for accurate attendance.

Biometrics Integration

Enhanced Integration with existing biometric hardware for ease of usage. Learn more about biometric attendance system.

Hybrid GPS Attendance Tracking

Multiple options to track attendance such as manual, app, and kiosk.

Biometrics Integration​
Ess portal mobile app

Experience the Functioning of the Best GPS-based Attendance Tracking Software in India!

Highly Configurable Custom Workflows with
Rule-based Automation

Shift Customization

Configure custom shifts and week-offs based on company policies.

Customized Approvals

Highly customizable approval workflow for enhanced transparency.

Rule-based Attendance

Create custom rules for late-coming, leaving early, overtime calculations & more.

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Automated Attendance Tracking System with Enhanced Features

Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting

Develop customized reports by selecting each parameter, defining the date range, and selecting the format for periodic reports.

Timely Updates

Timely Updates

On-time notifications help managers approve or reject applications and notify the employees of their request updates.

Advanced Rosters

Advanced Rosters

Create and manage advanced attendance rosters for enhanced efficiency with minimal manual input.

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AI-Based Attendance System Guide and Overview ​

AI based Smart Attendance System

The Revolutionize attendance tracking with Pocket HRMS’ AI-based attendance system. 


There are multiple methods for tracking employee attendance. Some of the most common methods used in companies include manually entering the time into spreadsheets or physical registers, card swiping, and biometric scanners which use either fingerprint, retina or facial recognition or dedicated GPS tracking. Depending on the business and the allocated budget, companies may choose to deploy either one or a combination of these systems.


With the help of modern technology, companies are coming up with innovative systems to track employee attendance, such as scanning them using CCTV cameras to track their attendance in the company as well as utilizing the GPS sensors on their smartphones to track and locate them remotely.

The preliminary GPS attendance and location tracking software used to require the employees to carry GPS-enabled devices. However, with the integration of GPS sensors into modern smartphones, it became much more feasible for companies to manage and track their employees via their smartphone location services, which utilize their phone’s GPS sensor.


The GPS sensor transmits location data, such as latitude and longitude coordinates, to the location tracking system’s central database. The system compares the transmitted time and location data with predefined attendance zones, called ‘geofences’. If the employee’s location and time fall within the geofence and working hours respectively, their attendance is captured in the system. This process is completely automated, ensuring accurate time tracking and attendance without manual intervention.

There are numerous benefits of deploying a GPS attendance management system such as:


1. Improved Accuracy

GPS can be used to locate any individual remotely with an improved level of accuracy. Hence, GPS-based systems improve the accuracy of your employee attendance by multiple times.


2. Enhanced Convenience

Since the system runs on automated rules, you need not repeatedly manually mark employee attendance, as is the norm in the case of manual attendance-capture systems.


3. Real-time Geotracking

With the use of GPS, you can track your employees in real-time using geotracking technology. It will help you track the whereabouts of your remote and on-site staff and ensure adherence.


4. Geofencing Capabilities

GPS attendance systems create geofences, within which your employees can mark their attendance. Additionally, geofences can also be used to refrain anyone from going in and out of your company premises during work hours.


There are numerous disadvantages for your company in using the legacy manual methods of time and attendance capture, such as:


Human Errors

Manual attendance capture relies on the individuals in your field to provide accurate attendance times as well as stay vigilant to avoid inaccurate attendance records. Hence, they are highly susceptible to manual errors.



Since their salaries depend on the attendance of employees, some of them might stoop to malpractices like time theft and buddy-punching to gain unfair advantages.



Manual attendance capture and tracking is a time-consuming process, which results in multiple administrative tasks that could be saved with the help of automated systems.


Paperwork Storage

As manual systems require the use of physical ledgers, it becomes inconvenient to manage them as they consume a lot of space.



Since attendance is correlated to employee salaries, there are multiple compliances which should be considered. There are chances of unintentional omissions in these compliances when using manual methods for attendance capture.

Since the GPS attendance systems track and record the location of the employees whose attendance is being captured, it leads to several privacy concerns. Hence, it is crucial to obtain consent from the staff before commencing this process.


Additionally, companies should clearly communicate the purpose of GPS tracking the location of their staff, how this location data would be used, and stay compliant with any regulations regarding user data.

Additional Features:

•   Attendance Management    •    Biometric Attendance    •    Leave management  

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