Pocket HRMS integrates Whatsapp for Employees to Mark Contactless Attendance

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Contactless Attendance
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Pocket HRMS has always working towards bringing technology and convenience together to serve the users with all processes on one platform for their HR requirements. Pocket HRMS has always been searching ways to evolve and integrate the latest technologies in its product and as a result of the same; Pocket HRMS takes great pride to integrate our cloud based HR software with WhatsApp for employees to mark contactless attendance.

WhatsApp is the most installed and used messaging app on smartphones, used by all age groups and is easy to use and operate. Pocket HRMS integrates with WhatsApp in an attempt to mark employee attendance and connect workplaces.

Pocket HRMS strengthens the use of messaging app in the HR world and helps HR professionals to enhance productivity and employee engagement. The latest update of Pocket HRMS allows employees to mark their attendance. It serves as a contactless non-biometric attendance system which saves the company from expensive attendance machine costs.


The use of this app in HRMS enables companies to have a smart contactless biometric attendance system in place for workforce operating from home and office. Companies can achieve infection-free urban office lifestyle with this non-biometric attendance system.

This makes smart attendance management more accessible to HRs and remote working employees alike. These features provide organizations with a biometric attendance system without any dedicated face detection hardware.

Today, organizations must understand how workplaces get infected by the spread of viruses and to mitigate the spread in offices, we need to make the workplace more hygienic for employees. COVID-19 spreads from touching the surface, so companies need to find some other smart solution for employees to mark contactless attendance.

Considering the current scenario, switching to non-biometric attendance system from biometric attendance management system is a smart move. This works aa a ‘precautionary measure’ on account of coronavirus scare. In fact, many companies already switched off biometric attendance systems to keep their employees safe in this pandemic.

Pocket HRMS understands that organizations are in search for the alternative to the biometric attendance systems and hence, we integrate our cloud based HR software with Whatsapp to develop a non-biometric attendance system so that employees can mark contactless attendance.

Key features of our non-biometric attendance system:

  • Selfie-attendance using facial recognition mechanism
  • Geo-fencing to track real-time employee punch location
  • Geo-tagging to track remotely working employees
  • Reliable and more secure
  • Engaged employees

Pocket HRMS is a fully scalable HR solution and aims to bring a change in the working dynamics of the HR department. This HRMS Solution takes HR many steps ahead by introducing revolutionary features like Automated Chatbot, Interactive Dashboards, Mobility, customizable modules, etc.

For more details about our HR software,  send us a mail at sales@pockethrms.com For more HR related tips and information, subscribe to our blog here. You can also reach out to us at various social media platforms, TwitterLinkedInInstagram or Facebook for updates.


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