The Future of Remote Working in India

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Remote Working in India
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Before the Pandemic hit us in early 2020, we were not so familiar with social distancing and quarantine. Since then many things around us have changed. But now after all these months here we are, getting used to this new normal. The way we socialise, spend time with family and work has changed drastically. Though many of us are getting used to this new normal and are embracing the future work culture in India with open arms, some of them are still finding it very difficult to adjust to the overnight change in their working pattern. Earlier work from home was a perk or benefit offered by most companies, but now due to the current situation of Covid-19, it has become a necessity.


Remote work or work from home setup wouldn’t have been easy without the help of advanced technology. Teleconferencing and Video conferencing apps have made remote work setup easy for employees as well as employers. These platforms help people to stay connected and also help them to conduct and attend meetings anywhere and anytime. In the past employers were not keen on the idea of remote work as they thought, without their supervision employees would not be able to be as productive as they are present in the office. But now things have changed and employers have realised that they can achieve the same or better productivity by adopting a remote work setup. The future work system in India is going to change significantly as India is going to produce a large number of remote workers by the end of 2022.


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Here are some benefits of remote work for employees as well as employers to know exactly why are more and more companies opting for remote work or work from home systems?


For Employees:


Better work-life balance

The majority of employees are happy with the remote or flexible work system as they are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. A good work-life balance means different for different people. For some, it means spending quality time with friends and family while for some it means concentrating on physical and mental health. As many organizations give the option of flexible work schedules, employees are able to take more control over their lives as they can plan their work as well as personal life.


More freedom and location independence

With the ongoing pandemic, clearly, the future work culture in India is changing as remote and flexible work is becoming the new normal. Employees are enjoying the freedom of remote work as they have the flexibility to manage their work and personal lives. An employee who sets the right time for work and personal life tends to be more productive and stress-free as compared to their counterparts. Another benefit of remote work is location independence as people are not limited to geographic locations and can work from anywhere.


Less Commute

People spend a considerable amount of time commuting and being stuck in traffic. According to a study, more than 30 minutes of daily commute leads to various health issues like increased cholesterol level, stress and anxiety. With remote work, people can skip this part as they no longer have to run to catch a bus or train and do not have to be stuck in traffic jams. The time spent travelling can be utilised in other ways like getting some extra sleep, spending some quality time with family or exercising.


For Employers:


Saves Company Money

Remote work not only benefits the employees but also benefits the employers. Companies can save money as remote work lowers overhead costs and also reduces real estate costs. As they are saving money more and more companies are opting for remote work as a long term solution.


Improved employee productivity

Earlier employers weren’t supportive of the remote work setup as they thought “Are my employees really working without my supervision”? But now with the rise in the use of HR software like Performance management system, Attendance management systems, Timesheet management systems etc. the future HR system is changing drastically. Employers are using this software to monitor their employee’s performance. This helps in improving the overall productivity of the company.


Increase in employee retention

Today employers are more open to remote work and trusting their teams even when they work outside the office. This makes employees happy and more productive. Happy employees who are appreciated for their work and who are trusted by their employers for the work they do, tend to stay. This also creates a positive and happy work culture.


With all these amazing benefits of remote work, there are certain points that employers should keep in mind before changing the company culture. Though the future work culture in India is Remote or Hybrid, businesses should set certain goals before changing their work culture. Some of them include:


  • Companies should conduct online programs to engage remote employees so that they feel included.
  • Managers should have expectations and set goals for their employees so that each employee work towards achieving their goal.
  • Businesses should be well equipped with the latest HR software like attendance management system, leave management system, Performance management system etc. to increase their business productivity.
  • Employees working remotely often feel isolated and disconnected from the social world. This leads to stress and anxiety. Companies should focus on employee well-being. Conducting surveys and ensuring stress-free work culture is the need of the hour. HR’s should also take initiative to conduct proper online training and engaging activities to keep their employees focused.
  • Last but not least, employers must build trust with their employees. Managers should appreciate employees for their good work. At the same time encouraging employees and providing training to employees who need improvement should also be given equal importance. This way employees feel motivated and try to give their best.


As the world is witnessing a radical change in the business world post-covid-19 pandemic, the future of work culture is also changing. The future work system in India is also going to through a big change. Businesses are slowly accepting the fact that Remote work is here to stay and isn’t going anywhere soon. Therefore companies are focusing on adopting new technologies that will help them engage their remote employees and improve their productivity. It is important for businesses to focus on adopting the best tools and technologies for their business to stay ahead of others.


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