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Reward your Performers
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Reward your Performers

Tracking performance of your employees is not an easy task. Leverage our performance management system to track the performance of your employees on a regular basis. Employees have a tendency to stick to the same company when they get rewards for their performances and achievements. Motivate your employees by assessing their skill-sets.

Get rid of spreadsheets with our performance appraisal system and motivate your employees by assessing their skillsets. Check out all the core features of Pocket HRMS.

540-degree Feedback

Our intuitive performance management system ensures the best feedback reaches the system. This tool for management of performance provides options like 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees, and 540 degrees as well. They are used to choose the authorities who will provide feedback to selected employees. This opens the door for holistic feedback for unbiased rewarding and appraisals to your employees.

540-degree Feedback
Goal Setting and Tracking

Goal Setting and Tracking

Encourage your employees to discover hidden talents within them. Managers and leaders always crave to develop potential in their team. Help and guide your team to set individual goals for recognition. Managers and employees can together track the performance of an individual followed by the manager’s review and rating on employee goal progress.

Get the best out of our Talent management software

Our employee performance management system makes the cumbersome and tedious task of employee appraisal efficient and stress-free. Mostly, HR folks and managers are caught up in the employee appraisal process. This is the state where our talent management software appears as a blessing and helps you deliver prompt and spot-on reviews.

Talent management software
employee performance appraisal process

Enact the simplest employee performance appraisal process

Performance appraisals play a major role in shaping business productivity and performance. Better the performance management appraisal system, better the business performance. Pocket HRMS offers an easier way to recognize employee hardships and dedications. The pre-fed grading parameters, questions, and grading base allow us to conclude with the process at the earliest. Our module of performance management motivates the transparent process of performance appraisal and hence our HR solution includes modules like employee expense management, ESS portal and training management, etc. It makes the process of appraisal easy for managers and hr to evaluate the performance of an employee.

Automated Reminders and notifications

Age old traditional performance management system due to lack of new-age features often becomes a good reason for recruits leaving the organization. Pocket HRMS with its intuition to be a genuine fit for today's generation brings in features like reminders and automated notifications as well. It makes sure that you do not miss out any important task amid any appraisal.

Automated Reminders and notifications

Cloud based Performance Management System Guide

‘Yearly appraisal’ or 'performance management' is a basic norm in every company. Employees receive their salary increments based on their performance. This is a crucial period for the human resource team as the appraisal for all the eligible staff needs to be done at once.

If you make use of spreadsheets to perform this draconian task, then it becomes more difficult for the HR department to complete it on time. So, how about processing salary increments online with the use of cloud-based tool of performance management system?

Pocket HRMS offers a useful configurable feature for processing salary increments of the staff called as ‘performance appraisal system’. Users of this performance management software can raise the pay structure depending on the earning components like HRA, fixed basic, transport allowance, etc.

The performance management system gives the feasibility to increase the amount of a certain component while doing the appraisals. This appraisal system is available with a feature specially developed for importing the incremented pay data of all the staff from excel sheet by accessing increment export option. It means the HR team can do appraisals of all staff with just single click instead of doing it manually for every employee.

Performance management system supports HR professionals to do faster operations related to salary increments. Its powerful reporting tool helps HR people to analyze the appraisal information which will help an organization to track and analyze the data and run the company in a streamline manner.

‘Arrear calculations’ is another prominent feature of this online HR software. If the HR has provided an effective date of increment as previous month date while performing the appraisal of an employee and payroll is already done for that particular month, then the software will create the arrear value automatically for the previous month in the current month payroll cycle.

Even if the HR is too busy with some other important tasks, the system can easily generate employee performance report and analyze the data to perform salary increment activities. After all, timely and accurate appraisal means a lot to employees!

Employees feel valued and make the work environment happy and motivated. Promotions and hike in salary show that an organization is appreciating the hard work, dedication and achievements of employees. So, ensure that no mistakes are done with performance tracking and have appraisal software in place to avoid delays and mistakes in the process of salary increments. It is the most beneficial strategy to retain the best talents.

The company management and HR leaders can use this software to identify and distinguish top performers and arrange training programs for under-performers, who are struggling to perform. The performance management system has the potential to be a true companion for HR personnel as it simplifies the process of performance evaluation and appraisal.

Pocket HRMS knows that tracking performance is an important aspect in the process of appraisal, so performance appraisal software track performances of an employee in a more transparent and better way. It not only record employee performance but also gives 360-degree feedback and aligns performance with company goals of employees.

Be it feedback from team leaders, managers and supervisors, the system maintains and organizes all the information for HR to help with seamless appraisals. Now, running appraisal cycle becomes a cakewalk for HR people with our cloud-based performance management system. It saves a huge amount of time and efforts. So, tracking performance and managing increments is no more a tedious task.

Undoubtedly, performance evaluation and appraisal is a core activity of HR people. And, companies have their own set of rules to evaluate performance and do appraisals. Automated performance tracking tool can easily keep a tab on employees’ performance on a regular basis.

In simple words, this performance management system offers all the actionable details to HR personnel to speed up the process of evaluation. It sets up a fair appraisal process for both employees and employers. It makes the life of HR and managers a lot easier by monitoring employee performance on a consistent and real-time basis. So, tracing under-performers in the nick of time is possible now. And, companies can also get a clear picture about who is not a good fit for an organization at an early stage without investing much time and effort. Thanks to performance management software!

We are living in ‘digital era’, so it is important to brace yourself for latest technology trends like performance management system and see how it would shape up the human resource team working style. It would certainly make a big difference in the HR world. In fact, companies that have access to cloud-based HR software are making their businesses and HR people ready for the future.

In fact, today’s employees also prefer a workplace with more transparent and casual atmosphere, especially when it comes to performance review or employee appraisal. No employee likes to sit through hours of grilling session of criticism. They demand a more-conversation-friendly informal performance review meeting. And, it is only possible when your HR department get access to performance management software.

Performance management software is one of the excellent modules of Pocket HRMS which will support small to large-size companies for handling their employee related data and automates automated appraisal process. Investing in this system is a smart move, since it would support the human resource department to give unbiased performance reviews.

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