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What is HRMS Software?

What is HRMS Software?

HRMS Software is a new-age HR management solution that inculcates the best practices thus making the HR department efficient for any business. The duties of HR includes employee information management, attendance recording, salary distribution and much more. The HRMS software assists your HR personnel in their daily mundane operations to save time and boost productivity. A good HR system also enhances the user experience by being user-friendly and intuitive.

A cloud-based HRMS solution acts as an efficient point of contact for all of the core HR functionalities. Check out all of these core features of Pocket HRMS.

Reduced Expenditure

Pocket HRMS lets its users schedule interviews, process onboarding, etc. with just a few clicks. It is an end-to-end human capital management system. HR functions like creating job templates, scheduling interview rounds, shortlisting candidates, generating offer letters, storing applicants' and employees' data, performance management, etc. can be handled easily with HRMS solutions, thus making it cost-effective for HR professionals.

Reduce Employee Expense
Staff Management Software

Better Staff Management

Pocket HRMS is a set of tools developed to manage everything related to HR functions, including payroll automation, recruitment management, employee management, support, etc. Basically, our human resources software solution assists HR in critical HR processes from the hire to retire. Pocket HRMS is an intelligent cloud-based human capital management solution that helps bring down unwanted costs involved in workforce management by automating most of the HR processes.

Timely Updates & Reminders

Our cloud-based human resources management system helps generate and run insightful charts at the dashboard itself displaying preset reminders along with new updates and releases. Such informative charts support you in keeping informed of any important decisions to be made. It also makes sure that the HR teams get timely reminders for any important tasks like tax follow-ups, meetings, conference calls, etc. thus ensuring follow-ups are no more a challenge.

Updates and Reminders
Intelligent Reporting

Intelligent Reporting

Create intelligent HR MIS reports at the click of a button - this is something that makes Pocket HRMS one of the best HRMS systems in India! The drag and drop feature makes it easy to get customized reports on the go. It lets you generate reports of various kinds including attendance reports, leave reports, salary reports, bank statements, separated staff reports, etc.

Interactive Interface

Our personalized AI-powered HR assistant i.e. smHRty is revolutionizing HR management. Almost all questions are attended by the bot itself, keeping your HRs clear for other prime duties and saving their precious time. Mundane queries which include questions associated with payslips, leaves, manager details, PF account, other employment details, support, etc. are no more a hurdle for any HR. Since the integration of the AI chatbot, smHRty, a much better user experience has been observed.

Our HRM software acts as a single point of contact to get all your key HR reports and processes, thus making it the best HR software in India!

Interactive Interface

Human Resource Management System in 2021

HR management system automates all the repetitive tasks of HR. This helps in making HR and payroll distribution easier, error-free and less time-consuming. The time saved here could rather be put into practising better strategies for business concerns like retention, budgeting, performance, HR operations, customer support, etc. In addition, HR payroll software helps you keep errors at bay as it automates most of the HR duties.

History and evolution of HRMS Software

As of today, HRMS systems are considered one of the most basic and important requirements of the HR department of any company as it helps in managing and storing employee information. Human resource information management system could be seen dominating almost every HR-related department at workplaces which includes recruitment, on-boarding, salary, records, full and final, customer support, etc. But, what is the history behind it?

In the mid-20th century, the human resources department was only used for recruiting the right talent and paying them based on their work hours, which was calculated and processed on paper documents. The loss of just a single sheet could create disputes and chronic headaches for HR managers due to the lack of a centralized HR platform.

On the way towards the 21st century, the digitization of human capital management systems gave a whole new face to the HR process. Technological developments and the demand for handling a great volume of data led to the HRIS system (HR information system) and HR became more strategic than ever before, eventually evolving into what we see today.

Different modules of Human Resources Management System:

The Human Resources Management System is meant to help and support the different types of HR roles explained as follows:

Recruitment Manager:

Recruitment Manager:

Old-school paper-based recruitment practices make searching for potential candidates and their hiring, a tedious job. On the other hand, a recruitment management solution or an applicant tracking system (ATS) lets you recruit at the speed of light. Preparing job templates, talent management, applicant tracking, etc. are no more pain points for HR folks. Talent acquisition is no more a hurdle with an applicant tracking system!

Training Programs:

Training Programs:

This HRMS Software helps you lower the efforts put into onboarding and training programs. The learning management system helps you prepare learning and training blueprints easily. It also provides the training necessary for an effective and much more engaged workforce while also increasing the efficiency in your training operations and making it better for even small and medium-sized businesses!

Employee Management:

Employee management:

An Employee-centric solution helps HR manage their workers daily. This can include a self-service portal, attendance management, full and final settlement, benefits management, leave approvals, customer support, and much more. The employee management system gives power to HR to have an overview of the workers. It also helps HR be more efficient when it comes to handling the staff as they are the driving force behind your organization's success!

Performance Monitoring:

Performance Monitoring:

Every organization needs to pay their staff along with other benefits and appraisals to recognize their hard work at the workplace. The performance management software takes care of this. It keeps a regular track of employee's performance throughout the year and provides a bias-free review of their performance, which can also include their colleagues' reviews - an ideal solution to set up a fair appraisal process!

Full and Final Settlement (F&F):

Full and Final Settlement (F&F):

When an employee leaves the organization, it will calculate full and final payable for him in just a few clicks. All the payroll details like gratuity, bonus, insurance, medical, etc. will be available to the HR team in a jiffy. It is a big relief for HR people and employees for a hassle-free exit process. Implementation of this excellent module can ease your full and final settlement process immediately!

Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)

Employee Self Service Portal (ESS):

This module empowers the workforce by providing them with the option to manage their data. Employees' motivation and trust levels increase when they have online access to their payroll data and other details. It can even be implemented via a mobile app to make it easy to access anywhere. Employees can maintain and update their information using ESS (Employee Self Service) Portal without bothering HR. You can easily engage and empower your entire staff with a dedicated ESS Portal!

Time Tracker:

Time Tracker:

A time tracking system saves managers' and employees' time by making it easier to jump through few forgotten entries as well as reminding them about it. It automatically calculates total working hours and helps with HR tasks like calculating and distributing payroll accurately and quickly. The time management system is useful for organizations in monitoring their staff and making them more productive. Managing employees' time has never been easier!

Expense Tracker:

Expense Tracker:

Submitting vouchers and going from one desk to another for reimbursement approval is a tedious job. But, a cloud-based expense management system makes this whole process a cakewalk by managing all your expenses online under one roof. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and manage employees' expenses effectively!

Leave management

Leave management:

Workforce management becomes easy with a leave management system. It eliminates complexities and integrates with traditional payroll seamlessly. It reduces the time the business spends on the time-off process and makes the entire procedure transparent. Your employees, managers and HR personnel can access data from anywhere and at any time. No more spreadsheets, paper forms and emails to manage leaves!

Payroll software

Payroll software:

Payroll processing, tax breakdown, deductions and allowances' accounting is a complex task. Now, it is possible with a few clicks with a cloud-based payroll system! The system does all the calculations error-free and makes payroll accurate and simpler. Take charge of your payroll activities to experience a new level of payroll efficiency!

Timesheet management system

Timesheet management system:

Employees always expect timely and accurate remuneration after a month of hard work. Errors or delays in timesheet generation can disturb the entire cycle of salary processing. Investing in a cloud-based timesheet management system can take away all these worries. The relevant data is stored on the cloud which means instant access to the required information in real-time is possible now. Experience a system that turns the tiresome task of timesheet generation into a cakewalk!

Attendance Capture System:

Attendance Capture System:

Keep a track of approved and unapproved leaves, absenteeism, working hours, sick leaves, etc. at the click of a button with an automated attendance system. Now, HR people don't need to worry about incorrect attendance tracking and miscalculation or salary and eventual delay as the system tracks and stores attendance records for you. Bid goodbye to manual attendance management!

HR Chatbot

HR Chatbot:

Due to technological advancements, a conversational tool like an AI-powered HR chatbot is available to interact with your employees and provide them with all the necessary information. It improves various HR activities by making use of machine intelligence. This interactive tool solves employees' queries related to interview status, payroll information, leave requests, benefits, job application, appraisal status, payroll management, information, etc. Say 'hello' to the future of HR, literally



Basically aimed at bigger enterprises' requirements, this software comprises all tools required by HR management, which includes leave tracking, employee management, compensation management, HR chatbot, training management, time-tracking, payroll management and other features related to HR. Deploy an all-in-one solution and watch your employees evolve into your loyal well-wishers!

HRMS software features:

There are tons of businesses and industries that rely on HR systems for their daily operations from simple functions like leave approval of employees to accounting and maintaining the records. So, which features of a human resource information system make it so important? Let us have a look:

  • Cloud-support
  • Budget friendly
  • Accurate payroll management
  • Workforce management
  • ESS (Employee self service) portal
  • Cloud-integrated 24/7 availability
  • Talent Management
  • Data integration
  • Compliance management
  • Foolproof and info-rich reporting
  • HR chatbot
  • Centralized Employee Database
  • 360 degree Feedback
  • Expense management

HR software market trends

Here's a list of trends that have been around since 2019 and will continue:

Mobile HR is the new normal:

With drastic developments in the market and millennials dominating the job market, businesses had to tilt towards being mobile and promote mobility at their workplace. Having a mobile app lets employees work remotely without any concern about their attendance and time calculation. It also helps in HR tasks by helping in answering repetitive employee queries. Such kind of HRMS software will not only help with employee engagement but also help remotely helping the employee with their daily requests for HR.

Mobile app integration:

According to a study, more than 80% of millennials have been observed to be leaning towards mobile apps as compared to desktops. Integrating your self-service portal with widely used messaging apps would engage your workforce in a better way. Therefore, you come closer to your internal customers and serve them better. A mobile app also has the advantage of leveraging the hardware and sensors to implement advanced technologies like geo-fencing and biometric attendance easy and accessible even remotely. Similarly, the mobile app also provides the option of providing notifications at any time.

Flexible work hours:

Disown the outdated 9 to 6 working schedule and wake up to flexible working patterns. Tech giants practised fewer working days and hours with flexible working hours and observed improved results and productivity at business revenue. An HRMS, with its capability of employee and time-tracking, calculates accurate working hours promoting flexible employee working hours. A mobile app also helps a lot in this scenario as it can be accessed any time of the day and anywhere.

Artificial intelligence (HR bots):

AI-based chatbots help segregate HR processes efficiently. Some of the basic queries from employees get easily attended by these bots thus, saving your efforts and time. If one can deploy this AI on the cloud and make it accessible via a mobile app, it will greatly influence the workforce. These bots, in near future, can easily mimic HR in their absence with some added personality for employee engagement. A human resource management system along with such HR-based bots would be one of the must-have features shortly!

Wearable in HR:

Wearables - This could give a whole new dimension to HR management! Imagine receiving your leave approval notification on your wrist itself! Wouldn't that be great? Wearables in HR could be the biggest step towards employee engagement and would bring you closer to your employees. Whether they are on-site or in a remote area, communication is no more a concern with wearables.

Benefits of HRMS software

With time being as important as wealth, enterprises have expanded their search for the best available resource to save maximum time at work. An HRMS is the most advantageous element for any SME or startup, as it benefits the hiring process or payroll and helps you boost your overall business productivity and revenue.

Given below are some prime benefits of HRMS Software:

  • Easy KPI monitoring
  • Employee Data Accessibility
  • Keep Employees Engaged
  • Automate Routine Tasks
  • Appraisal Management
  • Easily Track Applicants
  • Accurate Attendance
  • Simplify Recruitment
  • Automate Daily Reports
  • Improve Payroll Processes
  • Reduce Errors
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction
  • Hassle-free Legal Compliance

The need for an HRMS Software

The company management needs to assess the business needs and then select a suitable HRMS for the organization. One should involve the HR team and one representative from each department in a decision-making process to get a clear picture of the long-term and short-term human resource management goals.

Finding and implementing the right human resource software can contribute hugely to the business' growth as it depends upon the required HR features. A cloud HRMS system improves HR functionalities and helps the HR team to act more strategically. Moving towards automation and data analytics is a smart decision for any business and deploying an HR solution helps in making it more efficient.

Below are some quick reasons which explain 'WHY' companies need an HRMS Solution:

  • Its paperless approach to store and manage employee & HR data eliminates the problem of misplaced documents and also drops the cost of investment in space and stationery.
  • HR MIS Report tool allows HRs to generate reports without much effort, so getting a quick view of critical information becomes easier.
  • Employees can access their data through the employee self-service portal which builds trust in the organization.
  • Increase employee engagement and make company staff more productive.
  • Easy to track real-time employee data, including leave balances and attendance.

How to choose the right HRMS software?

While choosing the right HRMS vendor, you must first know about your business insights and HR features. Choosing an HR solution might be the biggest deciding factor for your business's future and it will surely benefit the administration work of the HR team. Not all size fits all; in the same way, no HR software is the same.
There are 2 categories 'Cloud-based' and 'On-premise'. Cloud-based HR software is meant for smaller enterprises and startups. Whereas, an on-premise system is more suitable for larger ones.

Here are few more factors influencing the decision to go on-cloud or on-premise:

  • Budget
  • Security
  • Organization structure
  • Implementation duration.
  • Customer support
  • Remote availability

HRMS software pricing:

There are tons of options available in the market. Different HR systems offer different pricing based on their subscription plans: Standard, professional, premium and FREE trials as well. Each category has its unique set of features, while a free trial ensures that you can get a hands-on before actually settling for a specific HR suite for your business.

Check out what Pocket HRMS offers here! Also, don't forget to ask for a free trial!


When pvt ltd companies take the help of such techniques, then HR professionals can accomplish tasks like never before. They can perform their responsibilities, from recruitment to exit formalities, in a better way. This will lead to better business growth and a happy workplace with satisfied employees.

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