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What is HRMS Software?

When it comes to explaining what is HRMS software, in simple words HRMS software is a system that automates mundane tasks for human resource management. It is all in one solution for HR processes like attendance recording, payroll processing, employee information management, talent management, applicant tracking system and human capital management.

The best HR software is there to help you to manage most of the human resource management functions efficiently with accuracy that saves a free productive time slot for your HR person. Being able to find the right HRMS software for your business can be a huge advantage. A lot of HR processes are tedious and consuming and doing all these manually also raise the risk of errors. With human resources management system, you can automate most of the tasks and it does all of the functions without errors.

The HRMS software increases the efficiency and the overall productivity of your business. It is easy to use and more accessible. An HRMS software that provides assistance for an entire human resources management system and also gives data security.


Pocket HRMS system is the top HRMS software for your company. This is a cloud-based HRMS software. It is the right HRMS software that saves many unnecessary costs like installation, updates and maintenance.

There is no need to pay for the entire set of modules. In cloud HRMS systems you can pay only for features that you need. If you want to find the right HRMS for a small budget Pocket HRMS is perfect.

This HR software does focus on important HR processes and the basic ones with efficiency. Human resource management is all in one solution as you can schedule interviews, talent management, onboarding, human capital management and also have an applicant tracking system (ATS).

The HR software automates important HR processes and you can save the cost of the additional workforce. It is there to help you to manage advanced tasks like creating job templates, scheduling interview rounds, shortlisting candidates and generating offer letters.

Step into The Future of HR Management!

Excellent Staff Management

Excellent Staff Management

It is an excellent staff management system for a company. It assists your HR to increase efficiency and productivity in all functions starting from recruitment. All these tasks form the work experience of staff members. Pocket HRMS automate HR management and have a positive impact.

Pocket HRMS makes it easy to use a human resource management system is all in one tool for functions like recruitment management, employee management, talent management, FnF settlement, human capital management and applicant tracking system (ATS). HRMS systems are there to help you to manage it in the appropriate timeframe to ease the staff management. It is easy to use to store the data of applicants and employees in the system. It is also easy to do performance management with Pocket HRMS making it the most value for money HR software. You can get the necessary information is available at your fingertips.

Security of the employee data is important. Some of the important plans depend on information like attendance, working hours and employee performance. The best HRMS software helps to manage all this data. HRMS software stores it on the cloud so the system outage won’t affect it.

Timely Updates and Reminders

Pocket HRMS is human resources management system that generates and run insightful charts at the dashboard. It is all in one display that presets reminders of upcoming events, new updates and releases.

These informative charts keep you informed and remind you to manage important decisions to be made. The human resources department thus do not need a separate system for the reminders. The chart shows it at the right time.

It is useful to the staff with updates. The dashboard shows comprehensive data related to updates related to leaves application and attendance. The charts also show important dates and events. It also decreases the load of your HR employees and get them a free time frame to do productive work.

It also keeps the HR team informed and ease the job of HR with timely reminders of important tasks such as tax follow-ups, meetings and conference calls. This makes it simple to stay tuned with the follow-ups and that makes it easy to use for your HR team
Timely Updates and Reminders
Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive Reports

You can create comprehensive intelligent HR MIS reports. These reports are downloaded with a click of a button with the human resource management system. That makes Pocket HRMS one of the best HRMS software in India!

It is easy to get customised reports anytime, anywhere. The human resource management system can use the drag and drop feature for the customisation of various reports. All the information can be included in the single intelligent report and analysis.

The human resources management system this way can be a source of valuable information. It is there to help people of the human resource department as a tool to manage data in a more systematic way. So they can focus on planning your business goals.

It is software that creates insightful reports such as attendance reports, leaves reports, salary reports, separated staff reports and bank statements. The reports can be used in many data-backed informed strategic decisions.

Interactive Interface

A personalized AI-powered HR assistant i.e. smHRty is revolutionizing the human resources management system. All the common questions are attended by the bot. This feature is capable of giving satisfactory meaningful answers and it is very quick to respond.

Your HR does not need to get involved to answer simple questions associated with payslips, leaves, manager details, PF account, other employment details and support. The chatbot, smHRty also helps to improve HR functions using machine intelligence. The interactions with an AI chatbot, smHRty, a much are smooth and productive. This saves a lot of precious time for HR people. The simple queries are instantly solved by the AI chatbot.

The integration of the chatbot has also significantly increased the interactive user experience. The chatbot interacts with employees to help them get valuable information. This way HR can focus on more important jobs at hand.
Interactive Interface
Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

The Employee Self Service (ESS) portal is a mobile app. It is available on both android and ios. Employees get access to their details in it. It is an application that stores the data on the cloud and can be accessed at any time anywhere.

The human resource does not need to maintain it in the manual attendance sheets. The employee can mark their own attendance with time precision. They can also apply for time off from the mobile app. They get informed about the status of the application without going to the seniors. The ESS portal helps to access their own information in the app and edit it when they need to. They do not need to go to HR representatives for the basic information like details in the salary slip. Everything is simple to manage in the portal.

Having easy access to their payroll data can be a motivation factor for the staff. Employees can update and edit their information on their own. This is convenient for HR management as they need not bother with the data entry tasks.

Build Company Reputation

A reputation business can no longer be only focused on profit. To stay and grow in the market a good reputation is important. It helps to get and retain customers. The right HRMS software can be a wise investment to build a positive image of your business.

Along with this human resource management system employees can track their tasks, request leave, check their leave balance, upload documents and check company policies from their mobile phones and laptops. It reduces errors in calculating attendance and leave to avoid incorrect payroll and gain trust from their employees. The training management system helps in employee development and retention.

Reputation says a lot about the products, services and culture of an organization. Having good relation with the employees help an organization to grow and improve in all metrics and helps to boost your business reputation.
Build Company Reputation

A cloud-based HRMS solution acts as an efficient point of contact for all of the core HR functionalities. Check out all of these core features of Pocket HRMS.


Benefits of HRMS Software

pocket hrms Save Time _ Cost

Employee Retention

The processes like recruiting and onboarding form the work experience. The HRMS software streamlines it to ensure employee retention with a superior experience.

pocket hrms Make HR Efficient

Access remotely

As the HRMS is a cloud-based system it can be accessed anywhere. This system focus on getting all the information on the go instantly.

pocket hrms Error-free Payroll

Employee Engagement

It gives power to the employees to access and edit the data. They have access to their data and can speed up the processes improving engagement.

pocket hrms Accurate Attendance

Smooth legal compliance

All the taxation and other compliant can be automated to avoid any errors or delays it also gets auto-updates whenever there are changes in regulations.

pocket hrms Engaging Experience

Accurate Attendance

You track attendance and leaves automatically tracked in the system. This data can be used for precise payroll with ease.

pocket hrms High Portability

Data Security

Your data is stored safely on the cloud with a focus on regular automated updates. It makes sure that you always have the latest security patches and get better safety.

Frequently asked questions

Human capital management transforms traditional human resource tasks like recruitment, payroll and performance management. A HRMS software does focus on bringing in more value from a perspective of managing human capital through talent management, better engagement and higher productivity.
The HR software based on the cloud can be accessed remotely. Got focus on a reduction in the expenses of installation and maintenance. A HRMS system is simple and updates are automated so you do not need extra staff to handle it.
Pocket HRMS for a mobile application is available as an EES portal, it is for employee self-service. It can be used for both android and ios based phones. It helps employees to access information and mark their attendance. The app can also be used to apply for leave. This eliminates the need for face to face interaction and streamlines the process to make it fast and more efficient.
This human resources management system is the right fit for small businesses. Your business can do savings in the cost of installation, maintenance and updates. It can be customised according to business needs and you pay only for the feature that you need. There are no hidden costs.

It is user friendly and uncomplicated and does not need an expert to handle it. The system automates all the basic functions of the HR department thus eliminating the need for extra staff for the routine paperwork. The HR software is flexible and accommodates the growing needs of your business with ease.
Employee performance management has to be a continuous process. Pocket HRMS software helps to track the performance of an employee for an entire year and give a comprehensive report. It is an unbiased report which helps in employee retention. The feedback from the coworkers can also be included in the report.

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