6 Key Benefits of Automated Interview Scheduling

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Automated Interview Scheduling
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Between sourcing new candidates, setting up phone screens, or finding candidates through a fine interviewing process, time is of the essence for all the recruiters. If an organization’s interview scheduling is inconsistent, chaotic, or requires immense manual work, automated interview scheduling software is the best option to solve this dilemma.


Allow your recruitment team to spend more time on other important tasks by integrating automated interview scheduling. It will free up a lot of time for the HR team to concentrate on important tasks like strategizing to improve the company’s growth and success rate.


With the help of automated interview scheduling, recruitment managers can easily set up a calendar with time slots of when the interviewers are free and accordingly invite candidates via text messages or mass e-mail to self-schedule.


The HR managers can also put a hold on the interviewers’ calendars by the option of video interview or wait for the interviewers to send their schedule through email. Integrating automated interview scheduling help to avoid overlapping of interviews. Let’s see the key benefits of automated interview scheduling:


Safer Step to Hiring Automation

Automated interview scheduling is an entirely different process. The scheduling process has reached new heights, and just like consumers, every candidate is familiar with this process. It ensures that there is no cancellation of interviews or delay of interviews, making the candidate experience better.


Many times, automated interview scheduling improves the recruitment process by making interviews set up quickly, making it more efficient and convenient for the candidates.



Interviewers get the flexibility to schedule the interviews according to the time slot when they are free and similarly block the time-slot of when they are not available. Certain features are available in automated scheduling by which blocking the calendar of the interviewer, and it can only be lifted with the authorization of the recruitment manager.


Automatic reminders

By using an automated interview scheduling, a reminder can be given out to both the interviewer and the candidate before an interview. With the availability of a customize option, you can set personalized reminders according to you.


For example, you can set a frequency in which you want the reminder to be displayed and you can set the day and time of the week as well for individual interviews. Additionally, you can send out the directions to the office, checklist, and the requirements.



With the ever-changing world and technology, it is essential for every organization to be up-to-date with the new world. Adapting the latest technology and trends is very crucial, otherwise, the candidates will feel that your company is very orthodox and this might end up creating a huge dent in the company’s reputation.


If a company has automated interview scheduling, it automatically creates a very positive and lasting first impression. It sends out the message that your company is very organized and professional, thereby attracting more top-skilled and experienced candidates.


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Enhanced candidate experience

The ultimate target of automated interview scheduling is to enhance every candidate’s experience. Many times when the interviews are handled manually by the recruitment managers, there is a possibility they might end up making some error, either in the time or date or the availability of either the interviewer or interviewee.


This really hampers the candidate experience and creates a negative impact on their minds. Automated interview scheduling helps to reduce the stress on the recruiters and makes the interview process smooth and breezy. It also helps to ease the stress from the candidates’ minds about the schedule and date and helps them in focusing more on acing their interview.


Rescheduling flexibility

More than 50 percent of interviews always end up getting rescheduled, either due to the unavailability of the interviewer or the interviewee. Automated interview scheduling helps to pick up a date on short notice and easily rescheduling the interview.



Automated interview scheduling a need for today’s digital and millennial era. It is transforming the role of recruiters in today’s world. With less stress on their shoulders, the HR managers can concentrate on more important tasks such as finding top-skilled candidates for their organization.


They can also spend more time devising strategies of how they can improve their company’s brand name. The change in the recruitment managers’ role from tactical to strategic gives a tremendous opportunity for managers to realign their team members for improved performance on key analysis and metrics.


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