How Recognition Quotes Can Boost Employee Morale

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How Recognition Quotes can boost employee Morale
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Employee appreciation is important for every organization. The appreciation to the employees for the work they did well, goes long way. The salary that the employee receives is the basic expectation that people have from any job. To keep your employees motivated for the efficiency and the performance that can take your business to new heights appreciation is important.


When people work for money they put the efforts their job description demands. The employees will give you exactly what is expected of them. When the employee receives a praise for the efforts they put they get motivated to put greater efforts in future. It improves the their efficiency and productivity of the company.


Employee appreciation can go beyond mere productivity. When people are recognized for their contribution they feel valued. They develop loyalty towards the company. That results in increased employee retention and engagement in the company. The spiral of these positive effects goes even further, as engaged employees are the happy employees.


When people are satisfied with their work it creates positive work culture that nourishes healthy communication and coordination at work. This way simple employee appreciation has significant positive impact on the the overall productivity of the company by multiple direct and indirect ways.


It is no surprise that the lack of enough appeciation for the work is among the top reasons of why employees leave the company. Most people think that they are underappreciated for the work they do. When they don’t see recognition for to work they won’t they don not feel inspired and as a result won’t do great work. Organizations need an appropriate recognition program. It should have desired impact on the employee recognition. Let’s see how recognition quotes can boost employee morale.


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Verbal recognition

If you want to build a positive work culture you need to ensure that your employees feel appreciated for their hard work. The appreciation and recognition for the staff can be simply done with the verbal and written employee recognition quotes.


When employees put weeks of efforts on a task they want to be appreciated for their efforts. They need to be constantly motivated through a few well-chosen and well-timed sincere words. The verbal appreciation is absolutely free and worth a try. As a colleague, superior or an owner you can utter simple words of appreciation or send them some employee recognition quotes to thank them. They’re absolutely free and can quite substitute for a monet0ry appreciation and reward.


Things to make verbal recognition have greater impact:



a verbal recognition has to be given on the right time. Build a culture where everyone at workplace is used to say a few well-chosen, well-timed sincere words of praise whenever needed. The rewards and recognition should always be given soon after the employee achievement.


Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-selected recognition quotes in form of the written note or constant verbal encouragement to keep morale of employees high.



When you do give verbal appreciation to the employees you should know if they want to be praised in the presence of their peers or in private.


For those who like to be appreciated publically, you can praise them in a presence of their team members, loud and clear enough for people to work they did is noticed by everyone.


The employees who prefer to be praised in private, you are free to send them a personal email with suitable employee recognition quotes for their work. A handwritten note or appreciation in a private one to one meeting can be impactful and worth a fortune for some people.


Avoid negatives

While giving appreciation got to get your positives and appreciation in the spotlight instead of dwelling on the negatives. When you mix the appreciation with the criticism you don’t create a desired impact. Treat your employees with the respect they deserve and keep pessimism out of the way when it is time for appreciation.


So ensure that you choose to communicate another occasion to convey criticism or the scope of improvement for some other time.



You dont need to hold rewards and recognition for an employee to first win in the huge competition. The recognition quotes or verbal recognition can be given as frequently as possible.


Benefits of Employee Recognition quotes

When it comes to a recognition program you do not always need a huge budget. Make a verbal recognition quotes and appreciation a part of the plan. It is inexpensive to give a few words of appreciation or written notes. You can’t use it up or run out of the recognition quotes to raise your employee’s morale.


We are aware that everyone wants their office to be at a great rewarding place. If you appreciate someone and build a great recognition program it can do more than keeping your employees motivated. Following are the few benefits of appreciating an employee that you are likely to miss if you don’t create effective appreciation program.


  • The appreciation keep people more engaged at work when they are praised for the work they do and become motivated to give the best input.
  • The appreciation have a positive impact on the interpersonal relationships of the team. There is better coordination and support. This helps to resolve issues faster and leads to great brainstorming culture.
  • recognised employees are more likely to take initiatives and bring in innovative ideas at work to streamline the processes and increase productivity.
  • Everyone wants to be noticed and get credit for their efforts. Brains like hearts go the top talent like to work at the places where employees get rewards and recognition for their work.
  • The right rewards and recognition program also helps to improve the productivity of the company which can save huge cost in future.


Who can give employee’s recognition?

The employee recognition is a great tool to encourage positive behaviour from the employee. It’s necessary that only the manager should be the one appreciating the work of the staff, the more the merrier. A company should take 360 degree approach for recognition, this also contributes to the positive work culture. Following are the ways for employee recognition.


Recognition from the manager.

Team managers closely with their team members and aware of the all efforts that being made. If your are aware your team’s efforts your should make them feel appreciated. Everyone wants to be appreciated for their work and if you appreciate someone you don’t need to go out of the way to do something huge. Sometimes a simple ‘thank you for your hard work’ or a ‘great job’ can be enough too. These well-timed sincere words of praise don’t cost much but can means a lot to your employees.


To get your team motivated you don’t always need some rewards and recognition. As a manager, you are supposed to treat your employees with the respect. Show that you care about their work. Being recognised is crucial for people to work efficiently and always try to give better than their best. So remember to give your team chosen, well timed sincere feedback on their work. Even if it is scope of improvement it makes them seen for their work.


Employee appreciation from the company

Employee recognition from the organization is usually in the form of rewards and recognition but that happen once a year. The recognition has to be given soon after following the performance. So instead of annual award distribution you can give your employees a weekly or monthly appreciation email.


A carefully drafted email with employee recognition quotes else can quite substitute for a few chosen performers as a way to show the gratitude and say thank you. Employee appreciation quotes in the emails are very inexpensive to give to your employees and are likely to be cherished more as they receive it on the right time.


Peer-to-peer recognition

Sometimes as an employee the best compliment that you receive is from your peers. The peer to peer appreciation can be even more than what recognition you receive from the manager and the company. An employee wants to be appreciated by their colleagues as there is a better understanding of their difficulties and effort.


If as an HR you want to have peer to peer appreciation in the company have to create a supportive culture for that. You have to encourage your employees to say thank you and appreciate the direct and indirect help they receive from their colleagues. Give your staff some quotes for thanking and appreciating their peers. A team meeting can also be a greatly rewarding place when it comes to nurturing the culture for recognition.


Occasions for employee recognition

As said before employee recognition can be given as frequently as possible. But you can always make your staff feel special by giving them recognition on the special occasions. Doing recognition on the way by making it periodic and well thought also makes it more memorable and impactful. Following are few occasions where you can appreciate your workforce.



Birthdays are crucial day for most people. Irrespective of the level of attention people prefer to get on this day a short appreciation email with the best suited recognition quotes for them won’t do harm. As most people spend significant hours of their special day at their workplace, you can go a step ahead by giving them a birthday cake or a gift to make them feel valued as a part of the organization.


Work Anniversaries

the work anniversaries are important milestones for people in any organization. Employees contemplate on the time they worked for the company and their journey in general on these days. People are also likely to think about the future opportunities and the career growth they seek on the occasion of their work anniversary.


How you treat your employee on this day matters a lot. Make them feel special by giving them a customised recognition email rather than the general template. Appreciate the work they actually do and mention the events of their significant contribution. If you have a special opportunities for them considering their past performance, it is a good occasion to let them know about it.


Employee Appreciation Day

Employee appreciation day is followed at the semi-formal level by the organizations to make their employees feel appreciated without giving the pressure of appraisal. The low key holiday is observed on the first Friday of March and this practice is initiated by by Bob Nelson. Over the last two decades the practices adopted by many companies around the globe. This day is generally celebrated with fun activities or lunch for the employees.


Special Contribution

when employees have given significant efforts in the completion of particular project or task they need to be appreciated accordingly. When it comes to crucial projects for the companies many times employee put in extra hours and efforts to ensure that it is completed on time.


On such occasion their efforts must be recognised and you should thank them for it. The work your employees but in such business-critical tasks not only gives your the desired output but also guard you from the repercussions of failure.


You can also appreciate your employees for the extra responsibility they undertake on a voluntary or involuntary basis. This can be ensuring that all the responsibilities of the absent team member are fulfilled with.


Many times a team member takes on themselves to lead and keep the team together while you are recruiting for the manager. You may not always able to reward them with the well deserved promotion due to some experience or qualification related policies. But its essential to let them know that you note and value their efforts while you take that responsibility off their shoulders.


Bonuses and reviews

Depending on the type of business and the performance of employees their are different types of bonuses that are given to employees. Sometimes the annual bonuses are the part of the compensation that employees receive. The bonuses are also a way to recognize the efforts of the employees hard work and make them feel valued for their contribution.


The frequent reviews and recognition are very common in the sales job profiles but may not be as effective for other profiles. many companies can not afford the frequent monetary rewards and recognition but you can always rely on the verbal recognition. It is effective and wont cost you much.

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