Employee Appreciation: Here are 6 Definite ways an HR can show!

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Employee Appreciation
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There is nothing much important than a performing team to a business. The success rate of any firm depends on the efficiency of the team. So, why not attend employee recognition?


Given below are six polished ways to appreciate your employees;


1. Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Exactly what is sounds! Let the employees recognize each other for their great work. Make it a habit. This creates a positive and supportive environment increasing employee retention and reducing employee turnover. About 41% companies chose peer-to-peer recognition as the best way to do so and observed improvement in satisfaction figure.


2. Publicising

Go public. Try to make an announcement like recognition in formal meetings, so that the particular performing employee or the team is recognised. You can also leverage your social presence i.e. twitter, Instagram, etc. Informing your followers about this kind behaviour can benefit you as well.


3. Web Banner

Web banner / slider – Also a way to make your nominees for recognitions public. The homepage of your website is the first thing users see. Putting a picture with the name of employee or team can make a huge difference. Make use of every resource you have.


4. One for Lone Wolf

On the other hand, what if the particular nominee is little shy? Just like how lone wolf is! Uploading / broadcasting them in front of hundreds could make them edgy. What we can do here is, gift a handwritten quote from superiors or just a gift card duly signed by his / her teammates is also not a bad idea!


5. Mini Increments

If you were unable to make or choose a good way to appreciate, doing short increments (say about 6%) would also make wonders. Believe me; such things could really work best. Anyways, who would say “no” to money! It is also a good way of making your employees feel that they are being paid well. Therefore, prevent yourself from those 39% males who quit their job because they felt they were underpaid compared to 33% women.


6. Or, Maybe a Treat?

At buffet. Voila! This could be the most amazing and clever idea for showing your appreciation towards them. Employees really enjoy going out and having lunch or dinner with their office crowd. It is a time with teammates apart from work. It does a lot more than strengthening bonds. No stats needed. About 100% of the employees would enjoy such kind of appreciation.


The Lesson

Finding a real talent and that too loyal, takes a much of HR people’s effort with some luck as well. Not an easy job! Whereas, the tips and tricks discussed above, if implemented properly, could improve employee engagement figures. Also, retention is no more an issue.


In addition, it is observed that employers find it very difficult to carry out such activities. Whilst, it is not. Companies with such programmes observe 31% lower voluntary turnover compared to other companies. Make it a point – Employees stay if they feel appreciated; else, you know the consequences!


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