Recruiting Strategy: 5 Revamps to Make a Big Difference

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Recruiting Strategy
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Guide to Recruiting strategy

Ask a hiring manager, how critical and important job it is to recruit effectively. Along with stress hiring also consumes days of HR and hiring manager.


Even after days of rush, you never know how exactly the candidate will be. Many employees, within a couple of months of joining, leave the organization even after so much of hard work. It is clear by now that hard work and time are not the only demands of an effective recruitment management process.


Here comes recruitment strategy! A bad hire or a vacant position for long could be very costly for a business. Want to know how companies build a performing team with an outstanding outcome? You have landed the right page.


This will discuss a few changes in your recruitment strategy to win talent management. Are you up? Let’s begin…


Here are 5 revamps for your current recruitment strategy:


1. Know your requirement

There are many companies that commit mistakes of recruiting before a clear objective and onboarding plan. You need to first make up the reason you are hiring, the duties to be expected out of them, their reporting manager, work structure, etc.


Make it clear what qualifications are required in the job description. This will prevent good candidates from self-disqualifying and help you quickly acquire the best pool of candidates.


Do not forget to give a final check by your team members once you frame the JD. A practical recruitment strategy is crux.


2. Leverage social media

Social media can be a great place to recruit. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any dedicated network like LinkedIn, you can get a good tap on candidates with good information already on their profile. The new generation loves to be on social media. So, why not you get on to social media? Leverage the right social platform and expand your reach.


3. ATS (Applicant tracking system)

With the rise of medium and small businesses, recruitment sport has become too strategic. ATS ( Applicant tracking system) has made its strong stand in candidate hiring strategy. What are its benefits to business hiring?

  • Efficiency: All in one portal
  • Candidate data
  • User experience
  • Manual work reduction


4. Promote your people

This could be a boom to the entire recruitment management process of yours. This is one of the most untapped areas of recruitment. It talks about promoting people at your company instead of hiring new ones. Wouldn’t it be great?


Hiring new people demands extra costs and time into grooming and handovers are not easy. Do a clever move. Reach your current workers, promote them, and build a better short and quality team.


5. Offer letter isn’t the END

As the line says, you should not stop after they join. It’s their first day. There might be plans to switch. The HR and team manager must show why the employees should stay. Show them perks, keep the welcome party, or any effective (interesting) training session.


Effective training management can play a great role in retaining an employee for a long. The hiring strategy needs to be revolving around their needs and comfort.


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