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employee retention rate
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Do you serve for a firm that has low employee retention rate? Is employee attrition rate of your company high? If YES, then you have reached the right page. This article talks about some tips to boost employee retention rate.

Every HR team struggles hard to find a suitable candidate for a given position. Along with the financial burden of the recruitment process, the organisation also has to deal with low employee morale. Companies can do many more things to drop the number of employees leaving the organisation.

Reasons for attrition:

  • Inadequate pay
  • Poor work-life balance
  • Lack of professional development
  • Disconnect with team members

If you lack an employee retention strategy, then have one. The tips mentioned below will come to your rescue to increase employee retention rate.

Key Employee Retention Techniques:

  • Healthy internal communication to improve transparency
  • Appreciate employees for their hard work
  • Handhold new joiners through induction
  • Conduct stay interviews periodically
  • Fair performance appraisals
  • Employee friendly work environment
  • Listening to your employees

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The role of HRs in an organisation is pivotal and hence, they are always under the pressure of performing various tasks including payroll, preparing and maintaining employee records, overseeing the hiring procedure and updating human resource policies and so on.

Companies and HR should put in extra efforts to understand the reason behind an employee’s decision to leave/quit. This is where an HR software comes into the picture, allowing for greater flexibility and mobility. It provides support with core HR administrative tasks managing database, attendance tracking, etc. By selecting HRMS software that works well with any industry, your organisation can drive more productivity and keep employees happy.

Remember dedicated employees are the pillar of any organization! Take care of them, they’ll take care of your business! Implement these tips to increase employee retention rate and retain your best people!

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