Secret Recipe to retaining Employees without spending a Fortune

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Recipe to retaining Employees
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Recruiting the right set of people for your business is only half the battle won. This is because retaining these top talents is equally important as well. Overlooking employee retention is all about driving your business to failure.

For optimum employee retention, you ought to boast a competitive and potent HR department that practices sound and engaging human resource strategies. Of all the expectations that an employee has from his/her company, payroll and benefits top the chart.

In fact, studies suggest that delays in payroll and inferior HR practices are the top reasons for increasing attrition rates among businesses these days especially amidst the start-ups and SMEs.

This article unravels the secret sauce i.e. cloud based HRMS solution for employee retention without spending a fortune. Read on to discover.

Pocket HRMS is a comprehensive online employee management system equipped with detailed modules to address all the core human resource operations right from ‘Hire to Retire’. Here’s how Pocket HRMS can help you keep attrition rate in check:

1. Provides easy access to HR data and MIS reports: The definition of “office culture” and work norms are changing at a drastic pace since the last few years. Today, we have workplace flexibility that preferred by millennials, which are also the most dominating workforce generation. Since most of the employees are always on the move these days or prefer having flexible hours, they expect quick access to data round the clock. Pocket HRMS allows HR personnel to check all the required data and reports from anywhere and anytime.

2. Error-free salary, rewards and benefits calculations: Everyone likes rewards and Pocket HRMS comes with automated employee appraisal module that keeps track of an employee’s performance without the need to manually tracking performance data over time. Further, the performance management software automates the benefits computations by tracking their performances. It keeps the process transparent as well, thus no room for discrepancies. Most importantly, there won’t be any redundancies in salary computations, since Pocket HRMS is an automated cloud based payroll software. Result is happy and contended workforce. Creating and maintaining crucial HR MIS reports is no more a dreadful task for HR. Be it HR MIS reports pertaining to performance, attendance, leave, etc. of an employee, Pocket HRMS makes it a piece of cake facilitating HR managers and leaders to make informed decisions in retaining top talents.

3. Efficient and productive HR department: We all know that HR department is one such department that looks after a number of functions in an organisation. Thus, it is important to make sure that the people who handle these core functions are equipped with the right set of tools for performing at their optimum best. Pocket HRMS makes your HR department go paperless thus, saving time and efforts, which in turns improves productivity. Do more with less. 

 4. Empowers employees: Empowering employees goes a long way when it comes to boasting of a highly engaged and productive workforce. Pocket HRMS offers mobile friendly employee self service app that allows employees to apply for day-offs, download payslips, update their personal details and lot more on the go using their smartphones from anywhere and anytime. They don’t need to dial up HR department for enquiring about their pay details and other queries, as they get it all on their smartphone devices on the go.

So this is how Pocket HRMS, a leading cloud based payroll software helps in employee retention without bombing your budget, since it’s a SaaS based solution offering pocket-friendly subscription solutions that befit start-ups, SMEs as well as bigger corporations. It is scalable and grows with your business.

To know more about how Pocket HRMS can help in improving employee retention and engagement rates, reach us here. You can also drop us a mail at or give us a shout out at Twitter or Facebook.


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