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A hiring manager is in charge of hiring the right candidate for the position vacant in his/her team. They usually define the job role of the required position and create a list of the skills and qualifications needed to fill the position.


The hiring manager typically shares this information with the recruiter before the hiring process begins. It is the duty of a recruiter to source the most promising candidates for the next round of interviews.


A recruiter plays a vital role in selecting a good fit for the company and hence this process must be done carefully. Even though the recruiter shortlists good candidates for the job, the hiring manager is the one to select the best candidate for the company.


The hiring manager has the ability to evaluate candidates and reject those who look promising on paper but lack the skills required by the company. They also have the ability to inform the recruiters to look for new candidates if the chosen ones do not fit the requirement.


The recruiter sends an email to the hiring manager which includes a summary of the hiring process. Once this is done, the manager interviews the shortlisted candidate and selects the best candidate that fits the role.


A hiring update email from the recruiter to the hiring manager is very helpful as it gives the hiring manager an overview of the current status of the hiring process.


An email from recruiter to hiring manager contains information like;

  • Number of applications received
  • Number of candidates screened for the interview
  • Number of candidates interviewed
  • Number of candidates selected for next round of interviews
  • Name of the candidates selected.
  • Number of candidates rejected


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Importance of a Good Hiring Update Email

A recruiter email to a hiring manager is often used to keep the hiring managers in the loop about the recruitment process and help the hiring managers prepare for upcoming interviews. There is a major importance in sending a Good hiring update email.


So, let us take a look at the following uses of sending a hiring update email;


1. Open Communication

The recruiter email to hiring manager creates open communication between both which as a result helps keep away from perplexities, confusion, and complexities regarding the shortlisted candidates.


An organization irrespective of its size has a hiring process on loop at a regular pace in order to fill in the vacancies or new posts to expand in a wider context.


An email to a hiring manager with an adequate briefing about the shortlisted candidates and the hiring process keeps them refurbished about the recruitment and assists them in preparing themselves for further interview procedures.


2. Transparency

A Hiring update email also serves as a juncture between the recruiter and the hiring managers. It gives an insight into the ongoing recruitment process thereby maintaining a transparent and clear process of hiring.


Transparency not only clears the cloud of complexities but also has various advantageous aspects like:

  • Helps in further planning of interview sessions with precision.
  • Help in team-building.
  • Nullifies conflicts
  • smoothen the interview process
  • Beneficial for the shortlisted candidates as the further hiring process is planned with precision and accuracy.
  • Enhances the chances of hiring the right candidates which becomes an asset for the company.
  • Helps maintain harmony and peace in the organization by avoiding conflicts.


Transparency ensures that both recruiters and hiring managers are on the same page regarding the status of open positions, candidate pipelines, and any potential roadblocks.


3. Overview

An update email on the hiring process gives the hiring manager an overview of the candidate’s skills and qualifications along with the details about the opportunity that has been offered to the shortlisted candidates. This helps the hiring manager to prepare for further interviews accordingly.


4. Quality Hiring

Updated email on the hiring process gives an insight into the candidate’s skills as well as keeps transparency between the recruiter as well as the hiring manager.


This, as a result, goes through a double-check procedure before finally hiring a candidate working as a filter to grasp the most eligible and best talents in the organization with the combined preference of both the Hiring manager and recruiter.


In addition, it also saves time by filtering out the non-qualifying prospective candidates and provides time for HR management in accomplishing other prioritized work.


5. Eliminates Miscommunication

Sharing updated emails regarding hiring to a hiring manager helps eliminate miscommunications which are prospective triggers for creating conflicts.


Miscommunications are a major source of conflicts that not only initiates wrong hiring but ultimately ends up degrading the company’s image.


6. Flexibility and Adaptability

Recruitment processes often include multiple alterations with the involvement of multiple associates. This can be subject to changes and adjustments. Hiring update emails enable recruiters to communicate any modifications in requirements, timelines, or interview schedules to hiring managers promptly.


This flexibility ensures that both recruiters and hiring managers can adapt to changing circumstances efficiently without any perplexities or miscommunication.


On the whole, businesses are subject to uncertainties and changes which affects their workforce requirement. So, an updated email gives a clear insight into the opportunity to be offered to the prospective candidates and the number of candidates required along with the defined skill sets for the accomplishment of compulsory requirements of the job role.


7. Nullifies Conflicts

Consistent and informative hiring update emails help build trust between recruiters and hiring managers thereby contributing to team building.


By keeping hiring managers informed about the progress and challenges faced during the recruitment process, recruiters demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling the hiring needs of the organization and keep their distance from miscommunication that would ultimately lead to conflicts.

8. Alignment

Consistent communication through hiring update emails fosters collaboration and alignment between recruiters and hiring managers.


It allows them to discuss candidate profiles, evaluate the suitability of applicants, and align their expectations regarding the desired skills and qualifications for the position.


In addition, both the recruiter and the hiring manager agrees to the decision to hire a candidate or not with written communication in form of email which increases the authenticity of decision made.


How Do You Write an Email to a Hiring Manager?

A recruiter email to the hiring manager should be kept brief which includes only the important details. It is advisable to use bullet points rather than writing long texts so that the hiring manager can quickly go over your email and save time.


You can customise your email and include points like:

  • Received [X number] of applications and pre-screened [Y number] of candidates
  • Scheduled [X number] of phone screening calls.
  • Selected [X number] of candidates to the next round of interviews and Rejected [X number] of candidates


Mentioning the name of the candidates is also important so that it is easy for the manager to converse with them during the interview.


Attach all relevant documents to your email which include the candidate’s resume, extra notes or comments, candidate’s test/assignment result etc. This gives the manager an insight into the hiring process.


As a recruiter, you can also include details like the number of screenings or interviews scheduled in the upcoming week. It is also important to offer any help or ask the manager to contact you for any additional information.



Hiring Update Email Template: Recruiter to the Hiring Manager


Hi [Hiring Manager’s name],


I’m sending you an update on where we stand with the open position for [Job_title]:

  • Number of screening phone calls conducted: [   ]
  • Number of applicants who advanced to the assignment phase: [   ]
  • Number of screening phone calls scheduled for next week: [   ]
  • Deadline for assignment submission: [Date]


Here’s an overview of the qualified candidates we found so far:


[Mention the name of candidate 1]: Doesn’t have relevant work experience, but has researched our company well and is genuinely interested in the role. Had a very good discussion and I am looking forwards to viewing the results of the assignment.


[Mention the name of candidate 2]: Has two years of work experience in a similar role and has good industry knowledge. The tone of our discussion was very formal.


For more detailed information, feel free to reach out or refer to my notes attached to this email.  Please let me know if you need more information. We can schedule a quick meeting or a follow up session. Look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you,

[Your Name]

[Email Signature]


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In The End!

Overall, sending hiring update emails is essential for effective collaboration, transparency, and grasping best talents for the organization. It streamlines the recruitment process, ensures alignment between recruiters and hiring managers, thereby eliminating conflicts and miscommunication and promotes a productive working relationship with adequate hiring that would benefit both the organization as well as its employees.

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