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Hiring Update Template - Recruiter Email To Hiring Manager | Pocket HRMS
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A hiring manager is in charge of hiring the right candidate for the position vacant in his/her team. They usually define the job role of the required position and create a list of the skills and qualifications needed to fill the position. The hiring manager typically shares this information with the recruiter before the hiring process begins. It is the duty of a recruiter to source the most promising candidates for the next round of interviews.


A recruiter plays a vital role in selecting a good fit for the company and hence this process must be done carefully. Even though the recruiter shortlists good candidates for the job, the hiring manager is the one to select the best candidate for the company. The hiring manager has the ability to evaluate candidates and reject those who look promising on paper but lack the skills required by the company. They also have the ability to inform the recruiters to look for new candidates if the chosen ones do not fit the requirement.


The recruiter sends an email to the hiring manager which includes a summary of the hiring process. Once this is done, the manager interviews the shortlisted candidate and selects the best candidate that fits the role. A hiring update email from the recruiter to the hiring manager is very helpful as it gives the hiring manager an overview of the current status of the hiring process. An email from recruiter to hiring manager contains information like –

  • Number of applications received
  • Number of candidates screened for the interview
  • Number of candidates interviewed
  • Number of candidates selected for next round of interviews
  • Name of the candidates selected.
  • Number of candidates rejected


Importance of a good hiring update email

A recruiter email to a hiring manager is often used to keep the hiring managers in the loop about the recruitment process and help the hiring managers prepare for the upcoming interviews. Some of the uses of sending a hiring update email are as follows:

  • It creates open communication between the recruiter and hiring manager
  • It makes the hiring process transparent
  • It gives the hiring manager an overview of the candidate’s skills and qualifications and helps them to prepare for the interview accordingly.


Interview Assignment Example-Template-Format | Pocket HRMS



How do you write an email to a hiring manager?

A recruiter email to the hiring manager should be kept brief which includes only the important details. It is advisable to use bullet points rather than writing long texts so that the hiring manager can quickly go over your email and save time. You can customise your email and include points like:


Received [X number] of applications and pre-screened [Y number] of candidates
Scheduled [X number] of phone screening calls.
Selected [X number] of candidates to the next round of interviews and Rejected [X number] of candidates


Mentioning the name of the candidates is also important so that it is easy for the manager to converse with them during the interview.


Attach all relevant documents to your email which include the candidate’s resume, extra notes or comments, candidate’s test/assignment result etc. This gives the manager an insight into the hiring process. As a recruiter, you can also include details like the number of screenings or interviews scheduled in the upcoming week. It is also important to offer any help or ask the manager to contact you for any additional information.



Hiring update email template: Recruiter to the hiring manager


Hi [Hiring Manager’s name],

I’m sending you an update on where we stand with the open position for [Job_title]:


●       Number of screening phone calls conducted: [   ]

●       Number of applicants who advanced to the assignment phase: [   ]

●       Number of screening phone calls scheduled for next week: [   ]

●       Deadline for assignment submission: [Date]


Here’s an overview of the qualified candidates we found so far:


●       [Mention the name of candidate 1]: Doesn’t have relevant work experience, but has researched our company well and is genuinely interested in the role. Had a very good discussion and I am looking forwards to viewing the results of the assignment.


●       [Mention the name of candidate 2]: Has two years of work experience in a similar role and has good industry knowledge. The tone of our discussion was very formal.


For more detailed information, feel free to refer to my notes attached to this email.  Please let me know if you need more information. We can schedule a quick or meeting to follow up.



Thank you,

[Your Name]

[Email Signature]



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