Toxic Work Culture – The Thing no one Talks About!

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Toxic Work Culture
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What is that? Toxic work culture is a state in which internal conflicts and a negative environment are often or may be frequently observed and felt respectively at the workplace, which later leads to reduced productivity. Possible causes of it can be toxic employers, employees, or even your teammate. Discordance between employees or workers can give birth to toxic work culture.


How to know whether you have been hunted down by a toxic work culture or not? Are you too working for a toxic workplace? A negative workplace with negative people around could make you sick. According to official findings, around 61% of employees have reported being sick due to such instances and 6% had been admitted too.


Therefore, it becomes a compulsion to create awareness of toxicity and its effects at workplaces. No one would never wish for such things to happen at their workplaces. Would you? No! Right?


Here is a list of behaviors that hint at a toxic workplace:


The Boss’s kind-of attitude

Not every person will agree to you and your opinions. That’s fine! Problem arises as soon as you try to enforce your opinions. That brings boss kind-of attitude in front and toxic vibes begin to rise thereafter. You can also work as a team in particular situations by mutual understandings. Sit, listen and bring mutual solutions. It creates a very good environment and communication flow becomes easier delivering better outcomes.


The rotten apple

“One bad apple can spoil the entire bunch” It applies exactly the same way to workplaces. I am talking about those employees who carry very little or no enthusiasm while working in a team. They have a habit of carrying that annoying sad face even during the morning. What if employees sitting to your right and left are of that kind? They have powers to include you too, into the negative circle. Be careful!



This is what comes because of the aforementioned factors and brings in a lot more poisonous vibes into the work culture. People with such unacceptable behaviors leave points behind, which later leads to gossips. An unsaid truth – There are no true friends or companions at the office. Everyone is upto their own business. Therefore, gossips are quite natural. It lowers respect of co-workers and their dignity too. Quite harmful unless it is realised.



Talking about some toxic superiors – Managers often recruit or promote workers (undeserving) due to favoritism, misusing their powers. Attending too much a particular employee or group of employees tends to lower the morale of others and creates a negative impact. E.g. Partial behavior of male boss towards a female employee.


High employee turnover

Employees leave organisations due to a reason. At times, the reason for leaving is not ‘what’s good at the new workplace’ instead; it is ‘what’s bad at current workplace’. Toxic culture may be one of those. You cannot feel toxicity so easily but it ends up lowering chances of employee’s stay. What (therefore) it adds up to? Employee turnover! Therefore, it needs to be caught and cleared ASAP!


What Do We Conclude?

Toxic behaviors, if caught within time, would save your workplace from any serious damage. Solutions, like finding people with the same thoughts or keeping yourself busy, would be helpful. In addition, strategies for lowering your stress can help you.


Therefore, if you feel any of the above factors at your firm, get rid of it. Moreover, if you do not see any, Congratulations! You are working for a very healthy and productive firm.


The human resources department is responsible to look after the work culture, employee attendance, their payroll and many other things that may distract the HR’s attention from their prime goal. A platform like HRMS system lowers the burden on HR and lets them focus on other important activities and aforementioned responsibilities.


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