Yes! Employee Turnover Can Be a Leadership Issue

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Employee turnover
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A company’s culture speaks volume about it. How much ever the awards won, records and recognitions achieved, if your work environment is toxic, it undoes everything. When talking about employee turnover, what are things you think would contribute to its increment or decrement?


There exists a lot of catalysts that can affect turnover including the way you handle employee related documentation. Although, many would ascertain the fact that the kind of leadership they experience in their bosses, makes them stay or leave the organization. How do you know to spot a bad leader from your midst?


Lack of Transparency

Employees today want recognition and credit for their work. If they are getting neither, you be sure that they would not last in the company for a long time. There are managers, who not only undermine the work of their subordinates, but also do not hesitate to take credit for their work.


Pay attention during exit interviews, observe how the employee feels about their boss/managers. Ask them about job satisfaction and things they would like to improve in the organization. Asking such questions can get you to your answer even from an evasive employee.


Showing No Interest in Development

There are different kinds of bosses — one who proactively push for growth and challenge in their subordinates and the others, who are happy with the current affairs and are not motivated for change.


Being unclear about their future in the company or the fear of being redundant is a motive enough to quit. Look out for signs in your managers who are rigid, are short-tempered and have a tendency to throw a fit for the smallest mistake. These are the leaders, who do not like their employees to fall out of line, creating a toxic environment for them.



Micromanagement is one of the most experienced yet often ignored subject. Managers who indulge in micromanagement not only invade the personal space of their juniors, but also blatantly let them know that they are not trusted with the work and need constant supervision.


Look out for employees who are edgy and nervous and are constantly frustrated. They would feel that their manager does not support them and does not appreciate the work they do, leading them to quit their job or worse, keep on underperforming.


How Can it be Improved?

One of the least talked about topics is training supervisors and managers to be a better leader. HRs would fear that they could bring a melting pot of egos on their head which would create an irreversible damage.


However, with changing times, you cannot have people who hold tight on their rigid and bygone views. HRs should be the bridging gap between leaders of the past and talents of the future.


Introducing 360-degree review or peer reviews can help even the leaders in check and filter out the bad from good. To make such processes easier, HR can utilize an HR Software that can remove mundane tasks from their plate.


It will also help in many ways such as handling employee related formalities from calling for interviews, onboarding and settling the FNF seamlessly.


If you wish to learn more about how an HRMS software can help your HR create a happy and healthy workplace environment, write to us at

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