The Checklist for Buying Workforce Management Software

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For any organization, the HR department can be known as their frontline members. The productivity of human resource department can directly affect business performance.


How? Quality hiring. Talent hiring is very important and one of the prime objectives of HR to manage workforce and staffing. This is why companies invest in tools like workforce management software.


Today, in this blog, we will be sharing a few tips for buying workforce management software, straight from the experts. Let us start with its definition-


What is workforce management software?

Workforce management software helps businesses automatically collect employee time, attendance, and many more.


It can be defined as any program that can help with automated HR operations. workforce manager software involves automating tedious and time-consuming tasks for the HR department. Activities like attending leave requests from each employee, employee report making, payroll, etc. are error-prone and demand huge HR hours.


This could rather be assisted by a WFM tool AKA workforce management software. An online workforce management software develops a good talent base at the workplace maintaining productivity. The software allows HR to track employee data from anywhere and promotes flexible HR at the organization.


Checklist for buying a workforce software

Here is the list of parameters to look for in a workforce management software:

  • Automated reporting
  • Payroll management
  • Attendance & shift management
  • Cloud support
  • Employee portal
  • Ask for a FREE trial


Automated reporting

One-click reporting through workforce software saves hours and efforts of any human resource professional. The reports needed during payroll or any meeting is crucial and may include errors if prepared manually.


Look for software, which can generate customized reports for employee parameters like attendance, tax, etc. with accuracy.


Payroll management

The software must have a payroll solution that can perform monthly employee payroll without any hassle or miscalculation. Online availability makes payroll flexible and HR can perform payoff anytime and from anywhere.


Attendance & shift management

The system must be capable of tracking employee hours and overtime every day. This ensures accurate payroll calculation. For committing a foolproof payroll make sure the software you choose provides shift scheduling and effective attendance reading.


Cloud support

In today’s date, the cloud availability of your HR software is the prior requirement. Cloud-based human resource management software brings all your organization data and activity under one platform – may be a mobile app!


Data security and backups are some of the best benefits of cloud WFM software.


Employee portal

For better employee experience and workforce handling, a dedicated employee service portal can help bring employees and HR closer. Leave management and query handing become easy with the employee portal.


Employees can themselves apply for leaves, check payslips, etc. through the portal.


Avail a FREE trial

Once you get convinced with the features and pricing looks ‘ok’, do not forget to avail of your free test ride. Free software trial maybe a week or two could help you pick best. Test and choose the right software for your base.


Last words-

Made up your decision to adopt a workforce management/ HR software? The search ends here.

Pocket HRMS is an online all-in-one HRMS solution capable of improving your business performance and workflows. Look for its intuitive new-age features here.


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