Role of Management Training in Employee Retention

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Management Training in Employee Retention
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Has the thought “What is the correlation between training an employee and their retention” ever crossed your mind? If yes, then keep reading this article to know the importance of employee training management in retaining workers. They say that employees don’t leave the company, they leave their bosses, as no employee wants to work for a business tyrant.


Everyday work situations, like the way a manager or a boss reacts under duress or how they provide feedback to an employee, has its consequences. It can either soar the morale of employees or decrease it, thus hampering their productivity indirectly.


There are no tried and tested methods on how to boost the spirit of your employees and retain them, but there are some sure-shot techniques that you can apply. With the below given simple, yet effective ways, a boss can have a direct and positive impact on overall employee productivity.


Improved Management Training-

The most common mistake that companies make is only training the senior leaders, as they are the ones with great influence. Even though their behavior can have a lasting impact on employees, but the low-level managers work in more proximity to the employees as compared to the seniors.


First-time leaders may most likely make rookie mistakes, when it comes to handling everyday scenarios with employees, like coaching and motivating the team, providing useful feedback, or maintaining discipline among them.


By creating a training management system for the inexperienced leaders or managers, you can increase the stats of overall employee retention, not just the high level. You also set the mark for your future leaders.


Pre-employment Training-

While considering employee retention, an exceptionally effective way is to avoid recruiting people prone to quit the organization within no time. The solution to this is pre-employment training. The prime reason for employees leaving a firm at the beginning itself is the realization that they lack the basic skills which their new position requires.


There is only so much information you can know about an employee during the interview. Pre-employment training will allow you to teach the applicant the skills required in your company, and then you can hire those who were the best of the lot.


Candidates can also leave the company if they feel that the work culture is not keeping in tune with their lifestyle, here too you can the candidates and hire the ones who will fit into your work culture seamlessly.


Mentorship Prioritization-

Coaching and mentoring is an effective way of employee retention. Observe and find the leaders who guide the employees productively, provide them job satisfaction, thereby leading to low turnover. Collaborate them with your future managers, who might have less experience than the present ones, but show the eagerness to handle more responsibility.


Encourage the mentors to introduce new processes, projects, and systems. For instance, a supervisor can teach their protégé on how to review and approve the time cards of the employees. In the first few days, the mentor will show how the process is done, the mentee learns from the mentor and successfully starts applying it soon.


Gradually the mentor should also teach the mentee the talking skills like how to let someone know about their poor performance in a way that they take it encouragingly.


Career Progression Opportunity-

Several employees leave the company when they feel like their work is becoming redundant and they can’t see any progression or advancement to their career. Employees start fearing that their skills and talents are becoming obsolete, and if their bosses don’t give them a chance to pick up something new, the employees will flee to another company where they can take up new challenges and progress their career development.


Most of the employees don’t want their career to be at a halt for years on end. After gaining all the experience in their role and mastering it, the scarcity of new challenges can demotivate them, and to add to that, not getting paid handsomely, can make things even worse.


If they get a thriving offer somewhere else, they will take it up in a heartbeat.


The above-stated issues make the employee training management a stupendous measure, by not only helping the company expand in different directions, but also for increasing employee retention and managing turnover.


An extensive training management system will let your employees know that they are valued and they can soar in their careers by staying in the organization itself.


To improve employee retention, employee training management should be amalgamated with career development opportunities within the company which applies to senior employees as well as new hires. If employees get a chance to progress their careers and are getting a raise by staying in the same company, they will not take the stress of finding a new job.


You can also use a robust e-learning platform by installing employee training software that can help you in employee retention as your business expands. It’s an amazing measure that comes with everything you will need to construct, utilize, and direct your corporate training.


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