Pocket HRMS Product Update July 2023

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Pocket HRMS Product Update July 2023
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To deliver the best user experience you need to constantly ensure that your software offers the best. That means continuously improving the features and enable higher convenience and speed. Here is an overview of our July enhancement in Pocket HMRS endeavour to excellence.


Seamless Auto-Login Across Companies

Managers can now auto login to view the candidate shared to them without going in and out of multiple accounts they hold. You can use ‘Merge Account’ feature to allow manager auto login for multiple companies.


For Example:

Consider, a manager is logged into the ‘Company A’ account and someone has shared a candidate with him in the ‘Company B’ account. Manager will get Auto Login into ‘Company B’ account once they click on the shared link.


That eliminates the entire manual process of logging out of ‘Company A’ followed by logging in ‘Company B’ to view the shared candidate information.


Effective Recruiter Allocation by Manager

The final level manager or the last level manager can assign a Recruiter and the new recruiter gets notification for the same. That ensures that the right recruiters with appropriate skills and expertise are handling specific recruitment tasks.


The prompt notification to the newly assigned responsibility allow them to act quickly. It also creates accountability and transparency as everyone involved knows who is responsible for each task


Simplified ESS Update Approvals

If an employee has updated any information in through the ESS portal that particular change will go for approval to HR. This will make update approvals clutter-free for HR as they will only see the fields where the employee has made some changes from the employee profile.


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End-to-End Candidate Overview

We have updated several tracker reports to give you more insights into the valuable information you seek.


➔ Effective Referral Assessment

With this report, you can track the effectiveness of the company’s employee referral program. The report shows an overview of the candidates that were referred by employees, partners and other members of the company’s network. That makes it easier to assess the quality of candidates referred by internal or external sources.


➔ Navigate Candidate Progress

The candidate tracker report provides detailed information on candidates that an organization is considering for various job roles. It helps you to track candidates’ progress through various stages in recruitment. It will help recruiters, managers and other stakeholders to make the hiring process more organized and make informed decisions.


➔ Transparent Candidate Offers

This report provides an overview of job offers extended to the candidates during the recruitment process. This helps HR professionals, hiring managers, and other stakeholders involved in the recruitment process to track and manage candidate offers.


This way it becomes easier to maintain transparency and consistency in the job offers while maintaining compliance with relevant regulations as well as company policies.


Deadline-Oriented Attendance Requests

You can now set a deadline for the number of days within which employees can request Regularization/On duty.


For example, if the limit is set at 5, then an employee can request regularization/on duty within 5 days only and won’t be able to apply for it after that.


Improved Performance Analytics

Now you will get better perspective with our updated appraisal reports as we made it more informative and comprehensive by adding more useful data.


➔ Enhanced Performance Report

Now, you’ll find new columns like Parameter Marks, Marks, Calculated Weightage, and Final Rating (the final rating will appear according to the configuration). These changes are designed to make the appraisal reports much clearer and easier to understand.


➔ In-Depth Performance Review

In the new detailed report – KPI/Questions, weightage, weighted score, Average Manager Rating, Final Rating, Employee Review, Manager Review, Manager Review 2. That gives you more information on the employee performance.


➔ Complete Appraisal Summary

The ‘Overall Manager Rating’ column combines and condenses the individual ratings given by managers for different sections or parameters. This single rating provides a holistic overview of the employee’s performance or other evaluated criteria.


Efficient Overtime Control

The Admin/HR can configure overtime (OT) hours, in the setting for working hours you will see shift timings once you select the shift name. Employees will be eligible for OT once they complete default working hours for selected shifts.


You can set the maximum OT hours allowed in a day. Additionally, you will also get an option to allow a manager to update and approve OT.


Personalize Candidate Data

With our new enhancement HR/Admin now can create custom fields with the ‘Field Creation’ feature. These fields will be reflected in the candidate details page in the ESS once you configure it in the Master field screen.


Personalize Job Data

Thanks to this improvement, HR/Admin now has the ability to generate custom fields through the “Field Creation” feature. These custom fields will seamlessly appear on the Job Details page within the Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal once you configure it in the Master field screen.


This enhancement streamlines the process of adding more information to job-related details for a smoother experience.


Flexi-configuration for Leave Credits

With this enhancement for advanced leave settings, you can set varying frequencies for different leave types. In addition to that you can also set leave credit with constant or varying count. As per the frequency selected the leave types will be created.


Revolutionize Employee Learning

The learning module is a comprehensive training management system designed to facilitate efficient training creation, assignment, session scheduling, self-assignment, and certificate generation for users. It streamlines the training process and enhances the learning experience for both administrators and learners.


Key features of the learning module include:


1. Training Creation

Administrators can easily create new training by defining training topics, objectives, and content. Upload various multimedia materials, such as videos, presentations, and documents, to enrich the learning experience.


Organize training materials into modules and sections for easy navigation and comprehension.


2. Training Assignment

Administrators can assign specific training modules to individual users or groups based on their roles or department.


Track the progress of each assigned training to ensure compliance and completion.


3. Session Scheduling

The instructor-led or live training sessions, administrators can schedule and manage training sessions with date, time, and location information.


Users receive notifications about upcoming sessions, ensuring they are well-prepared and don’t miss the sessions.


4. Self-Assign Training

Users have the flexibility to explore and self-assign training modules based on their interests and career development goals.


This feature empowers users to take ownership of their learning journey and engage in continuous self-improvement.


5. Certificate Generation

Upon successful completion of training, the system automatically generates personalized certificates.


Certificates can be downloaded by learners as proof of their accomplishment, adding value to their professional portfolios.


6. Progress Tracking and Reporting

Both administrators and learners have access to real-time progress tracking and reporting. Administrators can monitor overall training and identify areas for improvement.


Learners can track their individual progress, view completed training, and plan their learning path accordingly.


7. User-Friendly Interface

The learning module boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both administrators and learners to navigate and use effectively.


With the learning module’s comprehensive features organizations can effectively manage their training programs, empower their employees to acquire new skills and foster a culture of continuous learning and development.


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